The Alternative
Gaa visited his first love Tina (Mberry) who bore him his eldest child Mbachu who is now 16 years old and attending High School he was very supportive but he did not marry Tina Mberry but instead married Mbachu his senior wife mother of Steph who is late. That bitterness stayed in Tina’ mind but it was masked.

He visited Tina Mberry and told her his plan;
‘It is better late than never I first had a beautiful girl through you but God did not make it possible for me to marry you then I married late Mbachu Senior and through her I had a girl Steph Ken then I remarried Hoyan and she also gave me a daughter Singian now I am back to you at square one because Hoyan is also late.
My two lovely daughters are being lodged at the hotel I don’t have a place for them then I think of you who is already caring and nurturing my eldest daughter Mbachu who is now a teenager why can’t we now create the family it is now God’ time and it would only be for a while until I sort things out for all of us hopefully our destination would be the U.S.”

Tina Mberry
 “Why me? Why now? I was your first love when Mbachu died why didn’t you think of me? I would have been your second wife.”

 “Forget about everything I am here for you and only you let bygones be bygones I’ll love you so much that you will forget all your worries and woes believe me just promise to love my girls as our own.”

Tina Mberry
 “How can I love them when I don’t know them and moreover, I am not their mother?”

“I am now back and all your wish have been answered we would have a church wedding when I come back accept my angels and also they would be acquainted with their eldest sister Mbachu please do that for me and I’ll owe you my life forever.”

Tina Mberry
 Gaa bought a readymade mansion, a car for the family then he decided to take the children to live with Tina Mberry and their elder sister Mbachu. She decided to be civil especially when Gaa’ generosity have transformed their life for good.

Gaa with the Girls
They came in and Tina pretended to love them;
“Welcome my daughters you are welcome to my humble abode!” She hugged and kissed them warmly.
Gaa hugged and praised her;
“Thank you sweetheart I shall never forget what you have done for me.”

 The girls were very apprehensive as they approached the Aunty Tina’ House;
“Dad take us back to the hotel we want to stay there until you return from the U.S we don’t want another mother because of Steph Ken’ experience my late mother Hoyan showed her hell and treated her as Cinderella’ step mom we don’t want to experience such again; this new mom will pretend to love us and when you are gone she will show us hell as my late mom use to do about Steph when you were here.”

“But what you are asking is impossible I cannot leave you in a hotel that will be irresponsible and unlawful Aunty Tina is my fiancée I met her before all your mothers but it was not possible to marry her due to circumstances beyond my control but it is now God’ time and let us make the best out of the situation. Believe me you’ll learn to love Aunty Tina and your elder sister Mbachu.”

“She appear nice I hope she is not pretending I don’t trust these opportunistic moms.” Singian posited.

Steph Ken
“Let us give her the benefit of the doubt let us pray she becomes a good mother.”

Call to the Dining
  Aunty Tina came for them and escorted them to the Dining;
“Sweeties come to the Dining I have cook a nice dish for you to welcome you.”
“Thank you mom.” Tina kissed them.
They were treated to a delicacy with drinks and ice cream and the children were thrilled and Gaa was very happy as he showered Tina and her girls with many gifts and ensured the store was stuffed with different kinds of foodstuffs.

 She came and was very surprise as she signaled her mom;
“Who are they?”

Aunty Tina
“They are your sisters we will discuss more about them.” She showed surprise then proceeded to her room.

 As soon as Tina entered her room she protested;
“Who are these people? I never know them.”

Aunty Tina
 “They are your sisters from different late mothers they’ve come to stay with us be nice to them so that you can be in your father’s good books.” Tina encouraged and advised her daughter.

 “They are not my sisters I don’t know them they want to come and occupy my space my dad has just come into our lives and they want to share the space with us. I hate them and never refer them as my sisters.”

Aunty Tina
“Naughty girl behave yourself have you not seen how your dad has raised our status? If you estranged his girls he would not favour us and we are bound to lose open up and learn to love your sisters it is a process and if we play it well it will become a win-win.” She bribed her to calm her down to her plan.

At the Breakfast Table
  Dad asked them some questions but Steph Ken was unable to answer them but Singian answered them all.

 “Why is your sister wittier than you when you are a class ahead?”

Before Steph Ken could answer Singian answered it;
“My sister never studied her work she always does my work first my late mother Hoyan treated her like Cinderella.”
Tina was not happy with Singian comment she sees her as naughty, talkative and ‘big-woman’;
“I’ll pluck her feathers let us see.”

 “Those dark days of Steph are over Aunty Tina will treat you well.”
“I hope so!” Singian commented. Aunty Tina was boiling inside but she masked it;
“I hope they will be good girls and everything will be fine.” She gave a lucid smile.
To be Cont.

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