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Saayii Tolof Part 312 EPISODE 26 (Difficult Marriages – Orphan in Marriage ‘Kumba Amut Ndeye’ Baayo)


Episode 26
Papa Gaalandou (George) is a father of two beautiful girls of different mothers first daughter (taaw) is Kendaka (Stephanie) whose mom Mbaachu (Margaret) died when she was three years old Papa Gaa married a second wife Hoyan (Harriet) who gave birth to his second daughter Siga (Singian), how did Hoyan treat her step daughter Kendaka? Did she pass the test of a mother? What happen to the girls after the demise of Harriet when their father propose to Mberry who was the first love of Gaa and has a daughter Njillan for him?

She is the younger sister but very destructive but every time Kendaka (Stephanie) the step sister takes the blame for her. Siga was playing with the T.V. there was thunder and lightning then the set got destroyed and she ran to Stephanie;
“Sister! I am in trouble.”
“What trouble again? You are destructive and always make me take the blame for you.”
“If mom’s find out that she will kill me.”
“She will not find out I’ll take the blame because I don’t want her to be disappointed in her only daughter.” Stephanie reassured her.

Mama Hoyan
She came and wanted to watch the T.V but it couldn’t work she called Ruth the house-help and asked her but she denied knowing anything she then called the girls;
“Ken, Siga who has tampered with the T.V set?”
“Its me.” Singian owned up.
“No its not her it is me.” Stephanie Ken said.
“You are a destructive girl I’ll beat you severely.” The threat was done and Steph was denied food for three days

Madam Hoyan
    “From hence forth you are not to touch anything in the house you are very destructive.” She asked Siga to ensure she has no food. But she went to the wrong person because she hid and gave her food secretly.
“You have taken my blame so I should not let you suffer.”
“Thank you.” Steph said;
“I am the one who should thank you for doing me this great favour.”

At the Kitchen
Siga went to the kitchen to take more food for Steph but Ruth (Matty) caught her and seized the food.
“Do you want to put me into trouble? Your wicked mother will skin me alive.”
“Don’t call my mother wicked because you are just a maid.” Matty slapped her and pushed her away;
“Never come to my kitchen again uninvited.”

    Mama Hoyan called Singian and they prayed together;
“My child may the good Lord protect you for me.”
“But Mom why don’t you pray for Ken Stephanie she is also your daughter.” Singian argued.
“God forbid that nitwit can never be my child her devil late mom gave birth to a monster of a daughter.”
“But she is not a monster mom but a good sister.”
“Go to bed and sleep well.”
“What are you looking at?” Mama Hoyan posited.
“Nothing mom I was just looking.” Singian posited, she was looking at the gold watch Papa Gaa sent to mom.
“Your dad is due for Easter I really miss him.” Mom Hoyan posited.
“We miss him too.” Singian posited.

Ruth (Matty)
   She was singing aloud and dancing Mama Hoyan entered the kitchen and she was not aware of her presence;
She scolded her;
“Your silly noise is disturbing me.”
She spoke Pidgin English and it irritated Mom Hoyan;
“Didn’t I tell you never speak Pidgin English in my house? I’ll deduct D100 from your salary for defying me.”
“But that is not fair how can you deduct D100 from my meagre salary just for speaking Pidgin English are we English or local people?”
“I don’t care just prepare omelet and chips for me and bring it upstairs for me. Also engaged Stephanie to lessen her destruction.”
Ruth Matty gossiped about Madam and called her names and mimicked her behaviour Stephanie was around she laughed heartily as Ruth performed the drama.

Her hands cannot be controlled she meddled with Mom’s gold watch just sent by dad and got it spoilt. She quickly went to Stephanie (Ken) and told her the problem;
“Sister I’ve messed up again I meddled with mom’s gold watch and got it spoilt.”
“As usual I’ll take up the blame but please sis stop being fussy I don’t want your mom to lose faith in her only daughter.” She advised.
“Okay I’ll stop because it is not fair for mom to always blame you for my mess up you also deserved to be loved.”
“It’s okay I am doing it for my sister.”
The sisters ate their breakfast.

Mama Hoyan
   She found out and was furious as she called the girls and scolded them;
“Who among you meddled with my gold watch just sent by my husband?”
Quickly Singian owned up;
“I am the one mom.”
“No! No! She is not telling the truth it is me please forgive me.”
“What forgiveness! Are you the devil sent by your late monster mother? I’ll beat you blue-black just trust me.” She pulled her long hair and dragged her to the bedroom where she beat her severely.
Singian pleaded for her;
“Mom forgive her.”
“Why should I? This girl is deliberately hurting me.”
Ruth (Matty)
   “But why did she always beat her step daughter? Sometimes it is her fussy daughter who does all the destruction but the stupid step daughter owns it up.”

Silas Saanor
   The security guard is sleeping and didn’t take notice that Mom Hoyan want to drive out she got into her car but the gate was not open she came out and found Saanor Silas sleeping she hit him and rudely woke him up;
“Did you want to lose your job?” He nodded his head.
“D300 would be taken out from salary.” Mom Hoyan said.
“D300 how much dey left in salary?”
 “Answer yourself give me your cheap lousy phone that makes you not to take your duties seriously.”
To be Cont.

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