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Saayii Tolof –Part 310 EPISODE 25 (Difficult Marriages- ‘Not My Class’ ‘Dusuma Nawle’)


 “I call you to advise you to change your attitude towards your dad and step mom they are all the time trying to make it up to you. Stop blaming them for your troubles and make peace with

“Are you making our friendship a mockery? Never comment into something that is not your business, understood?” Salma posited.
“Okay! I am very sorry.”

He called Fatoumata and complained about Salma;
“Your friend you are the only one she fondly talk to I mean Salma please advise her to stop tormenting us we love her and want to open up to her she should give us a chance.” He wept.
“My only daughter hates me and I cannot do anything about it.”

“I’ve talked to her just yesterday just give me more time you know she is stubborn.”

“All our hope are in you she believes very much in you.”

Fams and Stephanie
She came in;
“Daughter of the devil!” Both Fams and Stephanie went to talk to her;
“Why are you doing this to us? We love you Fams your dad want you to give him a chance to make you feel wanted and love; why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you destroying yourself?” But Salma was already fast asleep and cannot comprehend anything they said.

Salma continued tormenting Fams and Stephanie and it hurt their heart. She came with her wayward friends smoking and drinking performing weird dancing.

alma went back to the Accountant and frame him up to transfer into her account another D2 million.
“I ordered you to pay D2 million into my account and now!”
“Yes Ma!”

“My dad has not seen anything as yet!”

Business Partner
Salma came home and found Mr. Benjamin her dad’ business partner there and then she seduced him and have fun with Benjie until Fams came and found them red handed.

He was ashamed of himself that Fams will lost faith in him forever.
He went and confided into another business partner Alhajj Yoro.

Alhajj Yoro
“What you’ve done is awful how can you play pranks with your boss’ daughter? It will take time for the wounds to heal.”

She got her D2 million and went fishing and partying with her naughty friends;
“Let’ paint the town blue, red and green!”
She met the Accountant and asked for more money;
“But your dad has instructed me not to give you any more cash without his written consent.”
He slapped Bashiru and left with anger.

More Aggression
She brought in a lover and they have fun at the sitting room her dad and step mom entered and were disgusted;

“What! In my sitting room? What a cheek? Abomination!” The man walked past them as well as Salma Fams raised his staff to hit her but Stephanie held his hand and cautioned him;
“Don’t hit her or else you can commit murder.”
Then Fams summoned Fatoumata in front of him and tell her off;
“Fatouma! Didn’t you see Salma bring a man into my house and desecrated it?”

“What! Where is Salma? Let me get hold of her.” Fams went after her but she ran away.

“Please talk to Salma she is hurting me together with her dad she molests, snubs me.” She became emotional and sobbed bitterly.

“Don’t forced yourself onto her, friendship cannot be forced take it step by step.” She advised.

The Mischievous Girls
That’s the name they gave themselves they came with tales with foolish sugar daddies as they called them who they would seduce to do any foolish thing shower fortunes on them and be their slaves.  The stories were vanity upon vanity.

At Home
Fams was at home with some religious leaders who have come to pray for the family especially the departed souls.

She and her friends became rowdy displaying themselves and trying to seduce the Islamic scholars who were present some of them left seeing it as insult. Again Fams was put to shame.

Step Mother
Stephanie was watching T.V she said she can’t find any interesting programme Salma came and announced
“Madam I have something interesting for you here is a film showing dad having an affair with Ngui my friend.” Salma announced with glee.
“What is she talking about darling? I cannot understand.” Stephanie asked.

“Don’t you know her its her pranks Salma as usual she is no good she is always out to commit mischief she is telling lies.”

Step Mother
“But she has the film what about the film?”

“I don’t know about the film she has but what I know is that this film is one of her pranks. Don’t mind her.”

Step Mother
She watched the film and fainted after resuscitation she threatened to leave Fams.

“Darling this is a frame up Salma is on a revenge mission and can forge anything.”

“That’s your darling husband he fools around with my friends this is the evidence take it or leave it.” She laughed heartily.
Salma called Fatoumata and asked her to give her dad’ laundry and she took it and promised to take care of it.

Salma came to Bashir rudely and demanded another D300, 000
“Give me D300, 000 and now!”

“But Madam! Where is the written note from Boss that is his instruction?”

On rage without thinking she went into tantrums and gave Bas a nasty slap.

Turning Point
Salma has a rude wake up and decided to right her wrongs she started with Bashiru.
She turned and rolled on bed thinking about Bashir and the wrong she did to him she gave him a call;
“Can I see you tomorrow at your office I have something to tell you, what time will be good for you?”

“Any time would do fair lady choose your time and I’ll honour it.”

“Ten O’clock in the morning,”

“It’s a date.”
To be Cont.

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