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Saayii Tolof Part 308 EPISODE 25 (Difficult Marriages- ‘Not My Class’ ‘Dusuma Nawle’)



He is in deep pain as he empathized with Halima his wife brought him fruit salad and saw his mood.

“What has happened to you my darling? What is troubling you let us share it please two heads is better than one?”

“It is about Fams he has gone viral and mad I am thinking about his wife Halima.”

“What about Halima? What happens to her?”

“Halima is dying a slow death, this irresponsible man is starving his family bringing concubines, prostitutes into their home and giving her fish money only to entertain such people. I went to his office to confront him and got some sense into him but he shamelessly drove me out and asked me not to meddle into his family affairs. My conscience cannot permit me I am a family friend.”

“From your angle you are correct but from his angle as the head of his family stop meddling into its affairs.” She advised.

“For the sake of poor Halima and her daughter I’ll help them and don’t care whatever Fams think about me.”

“Is it normal? Is Fams under a spell?”

“He is very normal just being randy and promiscuous, he is and was never faithful to her, he said Halima is not his class.”

   “What! Is he that backward? Then why did he impregnate her in the first place and after still she is expecting another child? This man is not serious but just be careful with him.”

At Fams’ House
He brought another concubine home a young lady Emily who acted rudely towards Halima she asked for water and Halima brought her a glass she protested;
“Is that how you bring water to a lady? Go and put it on a tray.” Salma came into the room and took the tray from her mom to help her as she was very tired. Salma brought in the water but Fams sent her away;
“Go and read your books let your mother bring it herself.”
Salma gave it to her mom with tenseness.

At the Kitchen
   Halima was cooking and crying. Salma went to her to assist as she wiped her tears;
“But mom this is not right why should dad bring all sorts of women and ordered you around as a maid to serve them out of your will? I’ll never take such nonsense from anyone.”

   “My daughter don’t see it like that your dad as the head of the family can bring in family friends to be served and as a dutiful wife I have to be a kind, generous host, sometimes guests can be polite or rude.”
Salma bite her lips and swore that she would never allow her husband to treat her as a slave in the name of marriage.

She confronted Emily as her demands became excessive;
“Hi what is it? Am I your maid or slave? If you see the dish faulty why can’t you go into that kitchen and cook something of your taste; look at me heavily pregnant being ordered by a small girl like you I did it to please my husband not you so take care of yourself and don’t ever command me again.”

He is still worried about Halima but his wife warned him to be careful but he think otherwise.
“Never, I’ll continue to help her and God will be with me for doing the right thing.”

At Fams House
ima came to ask about Salma’ school fees;
“It’s time to pay Salma’ school fees and today is the last day.”

   “Are you reminding me of my duties? Whose surname does Salma bears? Go away and mind your business.”
Then he rang Emily and asked her to pass by his office to help settle Salma’ fees and also have her shopping money.
“Do me this favour pay my daughter’s school fees and also take your shopping money.” She was thrilled laughing aloud she exclaimed;
“I’ll be there sharp to the dot.”
Halima was around she wept bitterly.

She visited her mom who observed her but was not pleased with her condition;
“My daughter! Are you eating well? Your face is puffy which is not good for a pregnant woman and your eyes and hands are whitish.”

   She covered up;
“Mama I have no appetite I went to Antenatal and am given some multivites I think I’ll be okay. Next time I’ll bring some provisions it was an impromptu visit am just from the Antenatal Clinic around this area.”

Mama Halima
   “You better eat I don’t want anything to happen to you or my baby.”

She came in with bucket of water so when she saw her sister she poured it into the jar and came running to Halima.
After exchanged greetings she asked Halima to see her privately.

In private
“I hope everything is fine why are you calling me in secret?” Halima asked.

er! How are you? You are not fine I know that by your pale face and skin also from gossips I wanted to come to your home to confront your randy husband to put sense into him why is he treating you as such bringing everything any woman in skirt, wrapper or trousers and you put up with all this nonsense with a smiling face while you are dying is this fair?”

“Did Mama know about it?”

“No she did not.”

“Okay, don’t ever tell her she would be worried if she knows especially given my condition.”

   “I’ll not tell her but you have to struggle to change Fams’ character he is taking you for a ride, for a start don’t entertain his concubines.”

“Every family has its secret and mine is no exception but please keep everything a secret from mama and I don’t want her disturb don’t want to lose her as I’ve lost Papa and also don’t come to my home we can always talk by phone or meet somewhere and also thank you for your concern.”
To be Cont.

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