(Difficult Marriages – Chonor Naahar ak Baneeh (Hellfire then Heavens)

At the Hospital

The siblings met Wal near Choro’ side and they thanked him for his concern as they greeted each other and they showed appreciation and praised God for Choro’ life.


She was happy to see her siblings Daado was excited as she touched her hands;

“Black beauty just like our mom; you are very beautiful with your striking features we’ll polish and brush you up.” Femi also touched her hands and said the same.

“You are in safe hands trust me sister.”

“But you are not supposed to come we should have come for you instead but all the same you’ve come and you are alive and we are very happy to receive you in our midst. You are awesome, beautiful can’t believe it reunion with family.”

Choro shook her head and cried as this is the first time that real love is showed to her apart from grandma in a grand style.

From Hellfire to Heavens

Choro was discharged from hospital to her siblings mansion on a wheelchair she was stunned;

“This na big house o I never see such!” Choro exclaimed.

“All is ours as our ‘chaat’ all your sufferings at the village is over you’ll eat good nutritious food, live in good house, continue your education and enjoy all the goodies of life.” They hugged Choro by turn. The siblings are very happy to receive their sister happy and alive.

Needs Assessment

Through questioning it was learnt that Choro’ education is incomplete.


“Uncle Maw a crook he deny me learning and with wife they make my life very sad and difficult but now all is over am living in mansion from a hut in the village. Let the lord blessed grandma and I cried that she is not here to witness such blessings.  She thought mom has only me because according to her narration she came home with a strange illness which has killed dad earlier when I was nine months.”


She explained to her sister;

“I’ll give you spelling test to see how far you can go. During the test I’ll gauge your level and see how you can be helped.”

Choro took the test and got 16 out of 20 which made Daado very impressed.

“You are very intelligent look at what you have achieved leaving school at Grade Four I’ll enrolled you in skill centre to learn a successful trade Baby Gaa will be taken from the village nanny and brought to the city another nanny will be hire for him. Small sis what sort of skills do you want to learn?”


“Tailoring I used to help Mam Mbissine in hemming her sewn clothes at the village.”


“Very well thank you tomorrow you’ll be enrolled at the sewing centre.”

She asked about her child.

“Arrangements have been made Baby Gaa would soon be here.”

At the Sewing Centre

Choro learnt very fast and within six months she started designing and sewing competitive gowns for the ladies and Daado was very impressed and supported her all the more.

At the Village

Wal went to visit his mother Mam Mbissine and enroute he met Maget who was excited to see him after exchanged greetings, wild thoughts entered her mind making Wal her own in her hallucination and hating Choro who has all his attention then she caught up;

“I learnt Choro has an accident and is now moving around in an armchair; I also understand that such wounds are very difficult to heal and she might never walk again.”


He looked at her with a strange feeling;

“Are you her friend?”

“Yes of course! Why do you ask?” Maget said.

“Do you visit your friend or phone her the least?”


“No I did not do either.”


“Then you are a very bad friend if you don’t visit her, excuse me.”


She became very upset but because of jealousy she refuses to take defeat easily;

“I’ll still take my chance to see that Wal looks my way.”

The Surprise

Wal set up a workshop for Choro unbeknown to her Maget from the village was invited by Choro and she came to live with them at the mansion.


   Congratulated  Choro

“Congratulations for this workshop I am presenting it to you for your perseverance and hard work also take this cheque of D200, 000 to start and by next year this time I expect a turnover of nothing less than a million D.” Wal kissed Choro’ forehead as he stunned everyone.


She forced a plastic smile and was hurting inside her heart.

“Why is the sun rising for Choro and not me?” She clenched her fist.


“I have another package for Choro.”

The Siblings

In unison they shouted!

“What other surprise that will be mightier than this?”


He knelt down in front of Choro and asked for her hand in marriage in the new fashion;

“Will you marry me and be the mother of my unborn children?”


She was on top of world goodies raining which made it too good to be true.

“Yes! Yes! I want to marry you and be the mother of your unborn children.”


She was shattered;

“My last hope is gone to Choro! Choro! Choro! What is this all about?” She grumbled inside jealousy burning her heart but she still pretended and hugged her.

To be Cont.





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