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Saayii Tolof Part 300 EPISODE 24 (Difficult Marriages – Chonor Naahar ak Baneeh (Hellfire then Heavens)


 Shown Choro a picture she cut from a Newspaper she reflected back and got excited. 
“Oh a remember picture grandma show me years back.” She went inside and got it, it was exactly the same as the one grandma shown her and said it was her mother’s picture.”
“Your mother’ picture? That is strange.”
“Believe me grandma say so.”

Granma’ Story
“Your mom ran away with a man from another religion and ethno linguistic origin (tribe) and was disown by your grandfather my husband followed by the rest of the family that’ the reason why your uncles despised you with a passion but how can a mother hate her child to the extent of severing all sorts of relationship with her/him. I refused to cut relationship with my daughter. The man was called Wole his people rejected your mom beat her severely and thrown her away when your dad died. He was an Army Officer who was messing around with your mom and they have travelled all over the country and continent. Both of your parents died of a strange infectious illness.”

   “Grandma you said my parents were messing around am I like my mother?”

    “You are alike in looks but not in behaviour. Your mom was cursed by your grand dad.”

In Maget’ newspaper cutting there was an address of one Daado and her brother Femi who were asking about their missing mother who was pregnant and providing a reward to whosoever who can give them a clue.

At the Kiosk
Choro went to make a call to the number at first it was difficult to get a reply poor network but it later was successful at night when a voice replied back.

“Hello who are you? Can you give me a clue about my mom? I was frustrated for many months now when I did not have a single reply I became very frustrated.”

  She became very excited and answered the question as she understand it;
“Yes ma granny said na me mother but I never know a get sister.”

Became excited and was amused by her innocent voice;
“The line is not very clear but tomorrow morning I’ll call you is this your number?”

“No! No! A no get phone is number for kiosk.”

   “Okay come here at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning I’ll call you and give you more instructions. Good bye dear sister you also have a brother and we are very to receive you very soon.”

“A happy too a know a get brother and sister not alone again bye-bye!” she demonstrate it.

   She became very emotional and felt the bond.
“I am very happy that we have a sister somewhere even though we now know our mom has died.”
Femi came and Daa gave him the news.
“The newspaper cuttings has been responded to by a poor village girl Choro the line was not clear but I promised to talk to her tomorrow at 10 O’clock.” Daa explained
Femi is trickled into laughter;
“A poor village girl eh?”
“Yes a poor village girl who can be well polished to become what we wished her to be I am only happy that mother gave birth to another sister for us she is dead but leave us with a sibling I can’t wait.”

The Accident
Choro boarded a bus to the city while she left baby Gaa with the nanny Wal hired for her after the baby was abducted by his father to be trafficked.

At the Hospital
Choro was among the victims of the accident some died but she suffered leg fracture.

Heard of the accident through the news and rushed to the hospital she asked the nurse and she led him to the ward;
He saw her and asked after her health she cannot explained due to her pain but the nurse explained the accident;
“It was a fatal accident and three people lost their lives but she was lucky to get away with fracture.” “Thank you.”
He asked for the cashier and paid the bill.

Daado and Femi
They are very worried that Choro has still not arrived;
“What’ wrong with her? Why has she still not arrived?”

The news
The duo just heard over the news of the fatal accident and they rushed to the main hospital.

The Meeting with their Sister
They rushed to the main hospital and found the ward their sister was asleep under anesthesia and in deep pain. The scene was emotional as the siblings shed tears;
“She should have stayed at the village and we go and get her but look at what has happened?” Femi said.

   “No grumbling we should be happy that our sister is alive and safe.”
They wanted to pay the bill but they understand that some gentleman has already paid.

Daado and Femi
“But who is this gentleman who has helped our sister so that we can refund or thank him.”

Nurse Joof
“He has gone to pay the bill and will soon be back just wait here for him.”

He came and they thanked him.
“We understand you paid for Choro we are grateful do you need a refund?” the siblings asked.
“Don’t make me angry what is Choro to me? Your grandma was very helpful when my mom was in distress Choro is also my sister just like the two of you.”
“Thank you very much.”

Earlier Meeting
    “Do we met somewhere? Your face is familiar.” The siblings asked.

He remembered;
“Oh it was at the Daily Beast Newspaper with the Editor when I went to ascertain their story about my father.”

   “You are right we too went to ascertain whether the story was published before we got the positive answer.”

She woke up and asked after her son;
“Where is my son?”

The Siblings and Wal
They reassured her;
“Your son is in safe hands with the nanny don’t you worry just take your medicine and eat a balanced diet. We are here to give you full support your suffering is over now you’ll only know peace, love and happiness.”
To be Cont.

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