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Saayii Tolof Part 298 EPISODE 24 (Difficult Marriages –Chonor ak Naahar (Hellfire then Heavens)



Choro sluggishly walked to the farm and collapsed on her way and a good Samaritan took her to hospital and she gave birth.


He stayed at home worrying and contemplating.

Choro did not arrived home then Maajor paid Housainou a visit and asked after his wife;

“What is bothering you? Where is your wife?” Maajor asked his friend.

“Where you the one who married her for me? Did I send her price bride through you? She is gone she is not here is what I can tell you.” He said with sarcasm.

“Gone to where? Are you hiding her?” Maajor rushed into the house searched and Choro was no- where to be seen.

“But this is serious remember that Choro is heavily pregnant and you should be concern where she might be.”


She appeared with her baby and the two friends ran away and she walked towards them and said;

“Housainou thought I was dead that’s why he ran away when I collapsed at the street but thank God a good Samaritan helped me to hospital paid my bills and left some little money to bring me home when I put to bed.”

Housainou is still not sure he pick some sand and threw it at Choro;

“Are you sure you are not a ghost?”

“What is your problem? Why are you behaving strange?” Choro chided him.

“Do you think I would die at the hospital that why you ran away from me? My Cod is great I would not die I am a survivor.” Choro posited.


He exclaimed,

“Everybody come out to rejoice the Lord had made it for us my wife has given birth to a bouncing baby boy he Is going to be called Housain Junior.” He touched her belly and said;

“Congratulations you have to rest now after dropping this heavy bundle.” He then went to the bar to drink.


She came to congratulate her friend but Choro rebuked her;

“How could you Maget? How could you lie to me about your mother? Aunty Ken saw me at the hospital and expressed surprise that I was pregnant and also staying in concubinage with a man when she is here and could have given me shelter. When I told her what you said she was mad and said you never told her anything about me. How could you be this wicked? What has happened to me would not have happened had I stayed with your mother.”

“Forgive me Choro I was selfish and jealous had I taken you home all praises would have been heaped upon you as mom compare the two of us her lazy daughter and her hardworking industrious friend. Sorry do you forgive me now?”


“I don’t bear you any grudge but you have to change your attitude if not you’ll be a failure in life don’t be a hypocrite and stop negative competition and grudge.”

Wal and His Mother

Mam Mbissine told her story;

“I was a teen working for a rich traditional family the only son of the family put me in the family way and wanted to marry me but his parents would not hear of it as they saw it as lowering of status and asked him to deny me but he was a noble man he scolded his parents;

‘Mbissine is my woman and you have denied me to marry her saying I am of royal blood and she a commoner but I’ll not deny my child and I’ll take him and give him a future.”

But before he could do that I disappeared into the country side with you. My aunt showed me hell and treated me as a wayward child no other man came for me and I continued to work as a maid and took good care of you my last Madam has no child and decided to adopt you as her son whenever she travels to London she brings us many things and did help me build this solid structure in the village for us whenever she comes home she invites me to the city to take good care of her and her mansion.

God is not asleep your dad married a woman from his class but was never blessed with another child your grandparents wanted to make amend to allow their son marry me as a second wife but I refused your dad cried and begged me but my ego would not let me your grand-father died and your dad became the King of his community of late I learnt that your dad also died and his people are searching for you to make you their king.”

She gave her some newspaper cuttings to go and find his roots.


He wept emotionally;

“But why mom why did you deny me the right to know my dad and connect with him, he did nothing wrong society has to be blamed for pride and prejudice, a society of class, ethnicity, caste, sectarian and religion but all the same I shall not rest until I find my roots.”

At Choro’ Home

Housainou came home and asked for his meal Choro went inside to bring it.

“Here is your food.” Then she went inside the house.

Housainou opened it and exclaimed;

“Choro come here what is this?”

“It is food what do you mean?”

“Is this soup no meat, no fish and so watery? Where is the money I gave you?”

“There was no rice and I took some and buy it.”

In anger Housainou threw the hot soup at Choro’ face who yelled and rolled upon the ground;

“My face! My face! The animal has blinded my eyes.”


He came with his car to greet Choro and found the incident;

“What! Who has done this to you?” As he tried to help her Housain came out of house with a machete and ran after Wal who went into his car and brought out a gun Housain saw the danger and ran for dear life.

“You animal just wait for me how can you treat a woman as just? Don’t you have a heart?” He chided him.

Ran a distance stood and talked back;

“leave us alone what is your business in our affair? The other time you came and fight me at the bar I’ll deal with you go and find a woman and leave us alone.”

“Just wait for me am coming after you.” Housain ran away.


“Thank you my guidance angel you are nice, decent and caring.”

“Be careful of Housain he is an animal and if you are not careful he’ll maim you but before then I am going to kill him.”

He took out a bundle and gave it to Choro;

“Meanwhile take this and manage yourself and the baby.”

To be Cont.


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