At the City

    Rokiya (Ruth)

She came to visit her friend Daado, Rokiya Ruth came from the States,

“The U.S has treated you well you are glowing how is Bambi your husband?”

“Bambi is fine and send his greetings to you and Femi.”

At the Village


He is drinking with his two friends Ken and Maajor when Wal came and took a seat opposite them he came alone and drinking to stupor.

Housainou boasted of harbouring Choro Waka;

“She is servicing me very well and she is also a good cook.”

“When are you going to tie the knot?” Maajor asked aloud and Wal heard him and was interested.

“I am saving for it and would do it very soon before some randy man comes along and takes her away from me.” Housainou answered aloud.

At Night

Housainou thought hard,

“I am here Choro only cooks for me and that’s all she never warms my bed but today I am going to demand for my right.”

In bed he tried to rape her but Choro pushed him away and went out of the house.

In the Open

Choro laid on a mat in the open but deep mid night a man came overpowered and rape her.

At the Bar

Wal came back to the bar dead drunk but still ordering for more drinks. Housainou came back with his friend Maajor they also asked for more drinks and also ordered for pepper soup.


“How is your woman Choro and when are you going to marry her?”


“Yester night I wanted us to warm up but she pushed me away and ran out from the house can you imagine after I house and feed her but enough is enough I’ll take what is mine by force call it whatever.”

“But that is wrong it would be rape my friend.”

“Who is she in fact I gave her value that curse of a woman?”

“Don’t tell me you are superstitious.” Maajor teased.

“If she refused again I’ll chase her out or she pays rent the ball is in her court.”

The Surprise

Wal just got up and went straight to hit Housainou;

“You are a beast if you rape her I’ll kill you Choro is my sister under my guardianship.” He fell Housainou to the ground.


“Look at him fighting me for what? What is your business in my affair with my woman? Did you get us together? Where were you when she came to me to beg for shelter? Am going to kill you today.” Maajor parted them and took his friend away.

Choro Waka

“Death is better than this who am I going to tell I was rape? Never I’ll just keep the secret in my heart.”


She came and found her friend in deep thought and shedding tears.

“Are you okay? Why are you crying again?”

“Nothing just thinking the difficulty of being an orphan all alone in this wide, wide world.”


He gave Maget a letter for Choro and some little money;

“Give it to Choro from me to take care of her little needs. I am travelling to the city.” She took it and refused to give it to Choro Maget loved Wal for herself.

The letter

Wal expressed loved for Choro Maget destroyed the letter and took the money and never said anything to Choro.


“Did you hear the news?”

“What news is that?”

“A girl was raped yester night in the open but it is not known who the girl was as well as the rapist.”


She expressed surprise;

“A girl raped? That is very sad and the rapist is horrible.” She expressed as she cried inside.

At Housainou’ House

Choro came in a morose mood and found Housainou at home;

“Did you hear the news?”

“What news?”

“A girl was raped yester night and I was worried when you ran out of the house and it happened at that time was it you?”


“No it was not me I slept behind your house it was in the morning when my friend Maget told me about it and I sympathized with the girl.”


“I am famished go and prepare my food.’


She hid and wept bitterly;

“Oh God help me tell my story someday.”


During the night she was tired and as she laid on bed Housainou came and went into her with little resistance he was furious and hurled insults at her;

“Where is the ‘sakara’? On the hold you were not a virgin who took your virginity?” Housainou started to hit her then blood started oozing out profusely and Choro wept.

“Am sorry Choro am sorry after all you were a virgin.”

Sleeping and Feverish

All pregnancy signs began to show as Choro became feverish, dizzy and heavier she continued to do domestic chores and going to the farm.

Months later

As her suffering continued unabated she thought of her grandma Hoyan she visited the family grave and prayed over her grave.


She came out and sighted Choro at the grave and raised the alarm;

“Who is the apparition and what is she doing at our home?” She called Uncle Maw who came out hurling insults

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