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Saayii Tolof – Part 294 EPISODE 24 (Difficult Marriages – Chonor – Naahar ak Baneeh (Hellfire Heaven)


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Tragedy At Home
Choro came and found their compound full to the brim with grin faces then she enquired;
“What is happening? Where is Grandma?” She asked. Sympathizers shook their head and she got the message and fainted as people rushed to resuscitate her back to life.    “I am finished! I am finished! My guidance angel is gone who will look after my back again? I want to die to accompany Grandma!” She yelled.

Uncle Mawdor
He came and found the compound full to the brim;
“What is happening here?” He enquired.
“Where is my mother?” Mourners looked at each other and cried. He turned and saw his niece on the ground and he accused her;
“She is the one responsible she killed my mother why did she left her alone in the compound?”

“I did not kill Grandma I left her here with you went to sell vegetables for family welfare how could I have kill her?”

His mind went back to the scene before he left to answer to a call from the neighbourhood. He has washed his teeth and left the well uncovered and as Grandma wandered around she heard the bleat of the goats and she shouted Choro’ name no answer then she called Mawdor to take care of the goats but on second thought she wandered to see what she can do in the meantime then she fell and her cane rolled away as she tried to pick it up she tumbled over and fell into the uncovered well she cried but everyone was gone no help in sight and she drown and died. But he did not want to take the blame but took his niece as the scapegoat.
“Go in pack your things and leave aren’t you a bad luck child? Your mother an easy virtue woman went with a man and made her father a village respected elder died of heart break the man she ran after died of a strange illness ejected by the man’s family she came back and also died of the same strange illness that killed her lover and here your carelessness led to your grandma’ accident you have to leave.”

He spoke his mind;
“Leave the poor child alone she was not here when the accident occurred where were you? Choro left you at home why didn’t you take care of Mama when she needed help? Didn’t you see the uncovered well before you left please let Choro be leave her to mourn her grandma, this is a great loss we were never for her and would never be.”
The elders concurred and Choro was spared the ejection and the rod.

“Then let her swear an oath to prove her innocence.”

“If she has to swear then she will not be alone let the two of you swear as to who was responsible for the accident.” He kicked against it and it died a natural death.

Hungry days
     Hunger besieged the house and there was no food to eat and Uncle Mawdor refused her to go to school Uncle Chernor encouraged her to learn skills and become self-employed. How was she to get the funds was not discussed it was just a wishful thinking.

   He was a building supervisor living from hand to mouth he would get some labourers whom he would hire then cut from their daily wage to supplement what he is being paid. Choro goes to the site to sell home- made bread and fruits in season Housainou is her good customer but he also lust over her and would be sexually harassing her by touching her breast and buttocks Choro fell uncomfortable but was liberal about it.

She was working on family garden when her friend Maget came to explain;
“Your uncle Maw came to ask for my hand in marriage what is your advice?”

“You are very desperate to get married but please not to my uncle Maw, he is terrible and definitely not the kind of husband I would want for my best friend, he is a none starter, parasitic, arrogant and a human sucker he would suck your youth and leave you to suffer and above all he is a broker and womanizer.”

She was not pleased with what she heard;
“I know you will never say good things about your uncle I should not have ask for your opinion.”

“It is not late follow your heart but don’t say I did not warn you.”

City Family
A brother and sister Sajuka and Daado live in a mansion left to them by their parents the siblings are managing their daddy’ company but their life is incomplete because their mom left home when she was pregnant with a child and they were very young 2 and 5 years respectively; now they are not sure whether she is alive or dead and her child did she gave birth to it or did the child died? Daado was very protective of her brother Sajuka (Femi) even though he is the elder of the two she acts as his mother.

The Shock
She went straight to the bedroom and what did she see? There was Femi sleeping with her married friend Alima and she was mad at them hurling insults at the secret lovers.

He is very ashamed for his younger sibling to meet him in such a manner.
“I am very sorry forgive my transgression.”

“For how long has this being going on? Idiot! Where is your ring? Didn’t you tell my brother that you are married?”

   He was surprised as he pushed her away;
“Are you married? But you told me you were single; where is your ring you cheater of a wife?” Daado sprang at Alima and beat her blue/black.
“You have ceased being my friend how could you do this to me? Your husband and his people will blame me for arranging an amorous meeting with my brother. Let me never see your evil face in my premises again.”
To be Cont.

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