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Saayii Tolof – Part 291 EPISODE 23 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Yakarr’ Hope)


Doctors’ Report
Hope and Olu flew to Germany for treatment the Doctors’ Report was devastating her cancer was at an advance stage but was there a chance for her to live? They advised that the baby’ life was threatened and a decision has to be made.

Doctor Jones
He called the couple and discussed with them;
“Olu your life has to be readjusted and you have to plan ahead without Hope.” Olu was devastated as he left the doctor’ office Hope smiled a woman of faith;
“Doctor you have to talk to convince him let the baby’ life be saved death is a necessary end which will come whatever the circumstances and I am ready for it.”
“You are a brave woman and I applaud your courage and steadfastness I’ll talk to him he loves and adores you and is not ready to face the cruel reality.”

Cousin Rose
    Rose is Olu’ cousin who was sponsored to go to Germany by Mrs. B she welcomed them and was very helpful. She counseled Olu;
“Boy there is no time let the baby be saved if Hope is gone there is a part of her left with you.” Rose counseled.

   He over reacted;
“No Hope is going nowhere she is going to live where is he when he cannot save her loyal, faithful servant? If the baby is taken out she’ll die immediately I cannot do it.”

“But if it is not done she might die along with the baby which is better?”
He shook Rose violently;
“None is an option it is my wife you are talking about here I don’t want to lose Hope if I do I’ll not make it she is an angel I discovered lately why should he take away from me so soon what I’ve just discovered? Does he not have a heart?” Olu yelled.
“Don’t blaspheme it is him you are talking about the Alpha and Omega.””
Hope stood by and felt the pain she came and hugged Olu and there was an outburst of emotional tears.
“I don’t want you to die you’ll not die Hope I’ll spill my last drop of blood to ensure you live.”

Olu believed that a miracle can happen and now he made the Holy Bible his friend reading the Scriptures together with Hope.

The Sad Story
    The sad story was turn into a positive story there was togetherness as the couple flew home in desperation he prayed to the lord to heal his wife and Hope felt the pain Olu was going through for her sake.

  She visited Olu and he gave her cold shoulder she came to seduce him but to no avail this is a totally different Olu who refused to be arouse.
“Olu don’t you miss me?” She asked coyly.

“Sabina there is a time for man to grow and that time has come for me I never stop loving my wife I was just childish and rebellious against what mom did to me but for the first time in my life I’ve come to appreciate her foresight she was right to introduce Hope into my life you were my sweet poison who would have ruined me for life I’ve decided to make it up with Hope she is a virtuous woman despite all my atrocities committed against her with your collaboration she held her ground and shamed me into submission and I’ve now come to appreciate virtue over frivolity. See Christ and change for the better like me; why should I go to other women when my beautiful, loyal and faithful wife have it all? Good bye Sabina life has to go on.”

She decided to mock him;
“Are you serious play boy?” She went to kiss him to test his resolve but he held on to her surprise;
“Okay I’ll be back when I am fully prepared you cannot use me to just dump me in the end you’ll live to regret your action.” She left in rage.

At the Swimming Pool
Hope is relaxing by the pool and managing herself very well.

Sabina came to jeer and confuse Hope she doesn’t want to give up without a fight.
“Do you believe Olu’ gimmicks? I know him for ages before Mrs. B match make you he loves money and his inheritance that’s why he is pretending to love and cherish you I am the one he loves and cherish and when he divorces you he will surely marry me.” She lied but Hope answered her with maturity.

“Olu is my husband whatever he promises you does not matter to me because it cannot happen as long as I am married to him marriage is for better and for worse, in sickness and good health until death do us part and believe me Sabina even if I should die today believe me Olu would never marry you so back off and find something better to do for your advancement instead of trying to put asunder what God has put together. Stay for lunch and be my guest.” Sabina was enraged and she left.

Your Wish
“Sweet Heart make your Wish and I’ll do it.”

“Let me have our baby so that when I am gone a part of me would stay with you; you were confused but nonetheless a very good man and my wish was to marry my friend of a husband and have children with him.”
With wet faces she asked Olu to dance for love they danced solemnly a Gentleman Jim Reeves’ song and have fun;
“Let us enjoy the rest of my life and you’ll forever live to enjoy it.

   The German doctor came to witness the delivery because Hope was heavy and cannot travel in that state he was working here with a partner in a private hospital. Olu asked him again;
“Doctor Jenkins what is the chance of the baby’ survival?”

Doctor Jenkins
“He is 36 weeks and has a good chance of survival.”
With a heavy heart he agreed.
“You can come now and signed the papers.”

“Your wife has given birth to a bouncing baby boy!”

   He shook his head but anxiously asked;
Doctor Jenkins remained mute and Olu shook him;
“Hope! What happened to my dear wife and friend?”
Doctor helped him sit on the settee;
“Am very sorry she cannot make it!” Olu sprang up and scolded doctor;
“Why did you let her die?” He yelled and rushed out of the clinic Rugi following him and disallowed Olu to drive and instead drove him home his pain was unbearable scenes of sweet memories invaded his mind he just want to remember their togetherness when he became a better husband to this gem that he has lost forever.

At the Office
gave himself a mourning period before resuming work his Accountant came to show him some accounts but he refused to look at it but when he insisted he turned around and gave him a nasty slap and went into tantrums cursing and insulting he took the wall clock off and smashed it on the floor. He kept on reflecting on the last days of himself and Hope which kept his body and soul together.

Some Years Back
Olu is playing with Junior a miniature of himself and Hope and he loves him very well;
“Hope was right Olubusuyi Junior is a bit of myself and Hope he gives me life and purpose for living and I’ll not remarry until he grows up, take care of himself because I don’t want any step mother to maltreat him and steal his wealth even if I remarry to have another child he/she will only have a portion of what he wishes to give him/her that is my promise to Hope.”

   Olu hallucinated Hope watching and laughing as she watched them play football.

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