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Saayii Tolof – Part 290 EPISODE 23 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Yakarr’ Hope)


She went to the pool and was reading a magazine she then hold her forehead and wined and winched in pain then she threw out violently bloody sputum was spitted out she held her head and coughed persistently Olu came out searching for her and when he spotted her Hope already tumbled into the pool Olu jumped with his executive suit to save the life of his wife he helped her out and administered mouth to mouth resuscitation panting heavily he was scared as he thought of Hope drowning Olu cuddled her tightly.
“What happened sweetie? I’ll never forgive myself losing you! You almost drowned me but I don’t mind going together with you.” He teased and forced a smile on Hope.

In Bed
“I love you Hope I was fighting it but not anymore.” Hope cried bitterly. Olu apologized for maltreating her all this while;
“Baby I love you and what I begged of you is just to give me the chance to be the man you craved for the best man in your life.” Hope continue to weep which surprised Olu all the more;
“Why are you crying when I’ve already shown my sincere love to you? I was ready to drown just because of you and if it is Sabina she was just fun when it lasts life has to be serious not always fun I’ll not mention her again or is it something else?”

The Second Shock of his Life
    “I am dying?” Hope explained with pain.
“What I don’t understand what do you mean I am dying?”

   “I have leukemia (cancer of the white blood cells) you can’t love me I am dying I am sorry.” The duo wept bitterly.

“Is it a curse for me when I am sober and want to follow the right path I lost it? When I understand my mom and what she meant for me I lost her just like that and now when I’ve come to discover my dear wife this? No!” He yelled at the top of his voice;
“No Hope we’ll fight it together and will defeat the leukemia am not ready to lose you medically, spiritually we will fight and promise me that you’ll never give up, we’ll not give in I am here every second of your life you’ve cried before you’ll not cry again!” He expressed with emotion.

Olu encouraged her to do chemo again but Hope was reluctant to go;
“It will be my third time if I do it again, the pain, the anxiety I don’t want to go through it again.” She pleaded with her husband.

    He knelt down and held Hope’ gown;
“Do it for love Baby I am here for you the queen of my heart mom was right let’s fight this together it is our fight.  I’ve just discover you  God brought you into my life made you stay with me despite my brutality Dupe told me bluntly at my face and since she left I was never myself again I was angry with her guts but deep down inside me I know she was right.” He held and squeezed her unto himself.
“Speak to God you are a woman of faith the virtuous woman in the Bible yes he can.”

“Let us live and love ourselves.” She sang a song and called on Olu to dance for their life and their discovery of true love.

She paid her a visit to give her solidarity and to console and counsel her.
“Don’t give up Hope Olu has changed and he is here to fight the ailment with you, leukemia has to be defeated and still there are some options.”

“What options? Drugs? Chemo? The end has already come I believe in God let it be now I am very happy that Olu has come around and I shall live every bit of my life in love and happiness.”

“We need you Hope I disagree with you, you are a good Christian girl you cannot accept sickness like that it has to be fought with all the strength we can muster.”

“I am tired Rugi I want to go home let’s God work be done that’ what I want maybe God’s want me to go ‘home’ early.”

“Tell him you’ll stay you are not going anywhere.”

   “I am really tired girlfriend I am really tired.”
She reflected on the months of drugs and chemo.

“I am an Activist Hope I don’t give up you have to intensify the fight.”

Prayers in their Bedroom
   She knelt down and prayed while Olu stood at the door unnoticed shedding emotional tears to say the least he felt betrayed;
“Is the lord punishing me for my sins? Don’t punish me! Don’t take Hope away from me! I am a changed man please!”
Hope asked him to join her in prayers;
“Don’t blaspheme we are good Christians and should thank God for whatever decision he takes.”

He was enraged as he questioned God;
“Hope look at your eyes and lips eyes sunken and your lips cracked? Tell him to do something!”

“Olu stop pestering God who is always right Jesus died for us.”

  “God hear me Hope Bajan has to live and I’ll see to it to my last breath and butut.”
To be Cont.  

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