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Saayii Tolof – Part 288 EPISODE 23 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Yakarr’ Hope)


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    Her friend Horejah from the U.K also came for holidays absent from home for the past ten years but has agreed to meet her friend at home in the country and has fulfilled her promise; the girls were thrilled and excited to meet each other for so long a time. Dupe took out soft drinks and they toast to each other.
“How is Oreme (Modou)? And what about your ‘tying the knot’ ceremony, how far?” Hor asked.
“It has been put to a halt my reason for visiting home Modoupe is choking me to death he is a baby the other day few days when I arrived he rang only to tell me he was charged with affray as he fought at a pub and was awaiting for his uncle to come and bail him he had the daring guts to ask me to come back as quickly as possible you know what I did? I just hung up at his ears; what a cheek! We arranged to come back home to inform our folks and seek their blessing but he belittle it and said it was bullshit and he was not coming and in fact tried to persuade me that it was not necessary. Hor I am no longer sure whether I want to spend the rest of my precious life with that naughty baby with no home training, selfish, vulgar, conceited and vain. I don’t want to commit murder oooo!”

“You took the right decision we should not marry for marriage sake the result is regret and had I known many sisters are in horrible situations but just hang on to fake society as for me I took my time to marry my type so far so good but I’ll not sit on my laurels I have my career and in the house we support each other we should have come together but he has a good contract which I don’t want him to lose next time God’s willing we’ll visit together as for the start of family we are planning it to start next year his people are pressuring him saying all sort of nonsense some accusing me of aborting all the eggs in my womb do I care the two people involve are acquainted with everything we are both healthy, hearty and sound ‘kongosa’ let dem talk na so den tan’.”

“That’s my friend I like your being focus with self-esteem and self-confidence the take here is a mature guy who understand and support you Sajuka is a gentleman I always favour him even when you conflict with him.”

Olu entered with a frown, tattered and torn face unapproachable and mean but Dupe said,
“You are home early today.” Then she introduced him to Hor;
“Hor this is my brother-in-law Hope’ husband.” Then she turned to Olu,
“This is Hor my best pal.”
His cold reception said it all silent as death he walked past us with a hiss turned back check us head to foot and turned away.

She was shocked and felt snubbed but she giggled and made fun of him as she mimicked his mannerism;
“Girl-friend ‘dis na waa oo! Who does he think he is God? Let him take it easy we have dated Princes and sons of Presidents, business moguls let him come down I am married and not interested in him and you are not as well.”
Olu was eavesdropping and heard everything and came back and met the girls talking, laughing and yelling at the top of their voices just to irritate him.

“Hello babes this is not a hotel but a residence lower your voices or see the door never to come back again I heard your gossip but I don’t blame you but the person who allow you to be here anyway, birds of the same feathers flock together.”

She is ‘panka’ before Dupe could answer him she did;
“Who are you? Who are you eh? Do I know you? Don’t you have etiquette manners? How does African tradition entertain guests especially our country the ‘smiling coast’ even under difficulties? I have relatives here and I can also go to a hotel/motel what about that?”

“Hor take it easy with yourself ignore him he is nothing but a kid husband very unsure of himself hiding under the cover of arrogance.”

“Is that what you have to say? Coming into my house being sheltered, eating my food and using my utilities? You are leaving my house when your useless sister comes.”

“Hope is your better self too noble for you if it was me you would have been very sober by now.”
They sipped their drink, chatted just to frustrate Olu who finally went back to his room.

At the Living Room
   Olu sat down reading newspapers and Dupe was packing out;
“I am leaving unapproachable host all the saying goes whatever shows up would surely show out it was holidays I don’t mean to stay for life I have my fiancé and business to run in the States.”

“What do you expect from me to throw a ‘send-off’ party for you?” He hissed.

    “You are selfish and petty naughty man you are a fool who has married a very good woman like Hope the ‘virtuous woman’ describe in the Holy Bible and you treat her like thrash.” Dupe went close to his ear and whispered,
“Oluwole a lucky guy had you get married to me I would have taught you the lesson of your life mammy would have been happy in her grave because you would have been a changed man by now you would either change for good or I kill you.” Olu jerked from his seat with a frightened face who is this daring girl who challenge him right in front of his face she did not mince her words;
“I would have cut you into tiny, tiny pieces scattered all over the place.” Dupe demonstrated her action you are lucky to have married Hope a kind woman with a large heart!” She then pointed her head at his forehead and pushed it as Olu gaped looking at the mad girl;
“People like Hope once appear in a life time the moment they are gone,” she clapped her hands,
“they are gone forever!”
Then she saw Hope coming down then she laughed and tapped Olu on the shoulder;
“My in-law good bye o and treat yourself very, very well and bye-bye.” She left the advice with Olu as Hope sees her off.
To be Cont.

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