Mrs. B’ Will
Finally the long awaited Will was read out in front of stakeholders Mrs. B equally shared the assets and liquid cash between Olu and Hope but added a clause if there is divorce everything goes to Hope when it was read everyone present jerked from his/her seat and in shock as they looked at each other with disbelief. It was signed, sealed and published in front of the lawyer and two other witnesses who were present with their signatures.
“This is the last Will and Testimony of Mrs. B in front of us the relatives, Barrister and witnesses.”

Everyone was shock and pitied Olu even Hope was not comfortable she sensed trouble as Mrs. B has gone too far as Olu is her only child.
“It’s a joke when you are serious can you read the real Will?” Olu told Barrister.

Barrister Mahoney
  “But Shola this is the real Will why should I do otherwise, what is my stake in it?”
“You better tell me I am listening.”
Olu was tickled into laughter;
“This is unbelievable! Mom! What have I done to this woman whom I served and followed her whims and caprices up to the grave? She is still controlling my life from there.” His laughter turned into bitter sobs he continued;
“Mom! Why did you hate me this much? What have I ever done to you? I did everything she ever wanted and now this Aunty Bisu?” He turned to the Barrister;
“I am ordering you to change this rubbish with the real Will Benua-Darcosta Conglomerate is mine Shola Oluwole Darcosta Badmus as the only heir to my mom’ property.” He threatened Barrister Mahoney then left in rage Hope was displeased and frightened. The other relatives were dismayed and blamed Mrs. B for ill-treating her only heir up to the grave.

Aunty Mengeh his paternal aunt converted to Islam as she gossiped with a friend who conveyed her and was waiting outside she commented;
“Hope is a deep person this action of Mrs. B is abnormal she has taken her to a good marabou to tied her up if not how can you explain such an awkward behaviour dividing her vase wealth equally between them and adding insult to injury with conditionality that in divorce she doesn’t care from either angle the other half of the property goes to Hope; Olu’ action is justifiable Mrs. B is wicked that’s how she choked my brother to death and denied him enjoyment ensured he does not look on the side of another woman and she was able to only give him ‘one grain pickin’(only child).”

“You are right Aji Mengeh this can only be Marabou work Hope is not beautiful look at her shape.”
Wooing Sabs
‘Old fire wood no hard for cage’ (old fire wood not difficult to light fire) Olu went back to his estranged lover and begged her to take him back.
“I need you now more than ever she got a hold on my mom but not me she would be frustrated out of the marriage I don’t love her and would never be I’ll marry you my sweetie God willing Hope was an arranged marriage forged by my mom and imposed on me I cooperated and look what my mom did to me? She shared the wealth equally between us and to add insult to injury she said in divorce everything goes to Hope but I am contending the Will and I’ll win.” He wanted to kiss her but Sabs turned away her face.

“Are you for real? After your ‘bullshit’ you think you can majestically walk back and I take you back into my life? I’ll be damn to be such a cheap woman! Look at me a whole me I should dine and wine with royals and ‘big shots’ and boy you are not the only ‘big fish’ after Sabina.”

“I was playing according to the rules.”

She became sarcastic;
“You played and what had it won you?” She tried to move away but Olu intercepted and knelt down in front of her she pushed him away went into her house and locked the door after him and left olu stranded. In frustration Olu went home to lash his anger at his culprit.

Her Misery Starts
Late nights she waited for him;
“Welcome!” Hope smiled at him and he rebuffed her;
“Why do you wait for me? I don’t need your welcome let us live apart pretend I do not exist am going to do the same. I’ll show you hell.” He turned and faced mom’ picture with him he put it off the wall and smashed it on the floor;
“Bloody sacrificial lamb!” He yelled.

At the Work Place
   Hope came and found the lovers holding hands and coming out fondling and kissing when they saw her she ignored them and passed on.

At Home
    Hope came home and wept bitterly she went to the cupboard and started to pack out her clothes Olu came in and found her doing that he pretended to ignore but finally asked;
“What are doing? Where are you going?”
“I am going home I don’t want to be here if you don’t want me.”
Olu became rude and insulting;
“I don’t want you to be here you got hold of my mom and she imposed you on me you have stayed for months you better stay on as long as those lawyers take out the mess my mom has created.”
“I am not interested in your money, I don’t want it.”
“It is too bad you’ve already have it you have it all and not until I get everything back you are going nowhere.” He yelled and scattered her clothes;
“Pack it back and now!” He walked out on her.

Hope is Scared
Before leaving he said;
“Don’t let me lose my temper because if I do you’ll be sorry for yourself, I don’t play with money especially money that is my birth right.
To be Cont.

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