Sydney Olu
He came in and took the phone from Hope who was trying to explain an issue to Mrs. B; she apologized,
“I’ve not reported you to anybody I was dealing with a situation to save a contract and an account for the company which my intervention did when Mrs. B contacted me…” Before she completed her explanation Olu interrupted her;
“Mrs. B! What hold do you have on my mother? What is your mission in my company? You do tell me you are not needed here.”
“I don’t have any hold on Mrs. B I was just doing my job to help I strongly apologized if you see my intervention otherwise.”
“You are an unscrupulous lady and you need an applause but I am yet to be impressed.” He submitted his request to her as soon as she perused through its contents she immediately rushed to him and he was happy;
“Oh young lady you are apt but am yet to be convinced you have to prove yourself all the more.”
But Hope shock him with her answer;
“Well sir, your request cannot be approved I cannot do it.”
“What idiot! Just turn around and run fast from me before I do something I’ll regret.” He literally pushed her out and yelled at her as she rushed out Hope bumped at Sabina who was coming in that direction.
“What is it young lady? You better take it easy with yourself.” Sabina asked Olu why he was yelling;
“I heard you from my office what is the problem?”
“It is that stupid, useless girl she has to leave and that is now!”
“It is about time.” Sabina responded adding more fuel to the fire.

Confrontation with Mrs. B
    Olu protested;
“Can you imagine how you have undermined my authority? I put my request to Hope and she rejected it who is she to tell me how much I have to be given in my own company? Can you explained that mom the Benua – Darcosta heir being restricted by a no-body from no-where?”

Mrs. B
“There is a period in life when sometimes we are wrong we need somebody to put us in the right direction think of our legacy when am gone?”
“Mom! you are not going anywhere don’t choke me to death as you have done to my father that girl has to go and I don’t care whether she is daddy’ ‘love child’ or not.”

The Shock –the Bombshell
“I am dying!”
“What?” He went closer to mom.
“What do you say? Is that a joke?”
“Cancer! I have only few months to live and I have to fight to ensure that my company, my father’ company stays on the business map of the country that’s why I struggled with your father the most selfish, self-centred man on earth to ensure it happens and he does not kill my business that girl stays to help you cope when I am gone.”

   He is shattered and overwhelmed;
“When, how and why didn’t you tell me all this while?”
“You were never around especially when you were distracted all the time frolicking with that stupid, wayward girl Sabina!”
“But sometimes doctors are wrong.”
“This time around they are right and their efforts enable me to live a bit longer but I have to be cheerful death is inevitable and would come when it will.”
Olu went to hug his mother,
“Am very sorry mom to have cause you so much headache.”
“It’s okay now you see my foresight why Hope should stay.”
“It is okay mom I understand.”

She went into tantrums and insulted Olu and his mom.
“I cannot believe you your gullibility your mom is a genius she never wanted our relationship and has to go to the extent of fabrication now is death and threatening you to marry a nobody just to spite at me? Ridiculous go ahead marry her to preserve your inheritance.”

   “For the first time in our relationship I disagree with your opinion and I believe mom.”
“Yes believe her and you would believe anything what about our plans, my five good years with you all in vain because of a stupid inheritance?” She slapped Olu who was taken aback. Sabina went into queer laughter and clapping her hands.
“Why are you laughing? What is funny? What’s wrong with you? Are you okay?” Olu asked repeated questions.
“Your mother is intelligent she is a genius.”

Change of Attitude
   Olu became more accommodating to Hope which surprised her especially when he asked her for lunch.
“Can we have lunch?”
“Lunch! What is happening here? I am okay.”
“Don’t be surprise it is done all the time it is a company policy for juniors and seniors to know each other for better working relationship call it business lunch. Don’t be too tedious.”
Olu called a junior to go to the Chinese restaurant and bring a Takeaway for two.

At Hope’ Office
The duo have lunch at Hope’ office and they have fun.
Olu now is comfortable hovering around Hope to know her all the more and he found her quite interesting.

  As she moves around with her staff she saw the duo together as she left her staff went to Olu and literally dragged him to his office and started playing romance with him until he was aroused then she went back to her office.

Mrs. B
    She too played her part in battling for the heart of her son she invited Hope for lunch and made the bond tighter she was very happy that her match make was intact. Mrs. B encouraged Hope to cook and serve dinner and told her Olu’ favourite which she cooked very well.
As they enjoyed their meal she announced to Olu;
“Do you enjoy the meal?”
“Of course mom this is my favourite who is the cook?” Mrs. B looked at Hope and it said it all.
“Congratulations I enjoy it, it is just like my mom’ cooking.”
“Thank you.” Hope laughed as she headed for home Olu offered to convey her but she declined;
“I would join you later.” Olu said as Mrs. B enjoyed the fun.
To be Cont.



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