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Saayii Tolof – Part 281 EPISODE 23 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Yakarr’ Hope)


A rich widow Lady Benua or Lady Ben has an only son Olu who is a dandy boy whose philosophy is eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you will die and lady B’ aim in life is to make him responsible as the only heir to a conglomerate left to her by her father. She is very worried that if she should die now Olu will destroy her legacy. She scolds him all the time;   “Oluwa! When are you going to be serious for once? Do you want to be like your useless late father egocentric, selfish, mean and all that? If I were not iron willed my father’ legacy would have been erased from the business map of the country but I restrained him and what makes you think I’ll not do the same to you? My worry is that you are unfortunate unlike your dad who had me you have fallen to the trap of a riff-raff woman who is your twin partner in crime but I’ll be damned to allow that happen!”
Did Lady Ben succeed? Read to find out.

He went out partying all through the night with his girl-friend Sabina (Sabs) who Lady Ben hates with a passion before the end of the night he fought and was slightly bruised he came home dead drunk and laid flat on the settee.

In the Morning
  Lady B got up very early did her routine and was off to the office then she was mad when she saw Olu laid flat on the couch snoring and smelling alcohol ‘lahal’ as it is called locally. She yelled and woke him up as she looked at her time.
“Sharp eight and you are still laid in bed snoring and smelling alcohol Oluwa? When would you reach the office in this traffic jamb and is that how you want to effectively run the conglomerate? Are you not a joke?”

A Newspaper Report
She showed him the heading ‘Oluwa Benua the heir to Ben’ Conglomerates fights in the night club with another guy and sustained some bruises’,
“What is this Olu? Throwing our family name into the mud? When would you grow up and free yourself from scandals?”

   “Mom this is nothing only sensational reporting it happens all the time they always blow things out of proportion especially with children of the rich and mighty in society but should have better things to report such as mismanaging of public funds and bad governance.”

Lady Ben
   “No remorse, no sense of decency you want to go the same way as your late father; I restrain him if not I’ll not be here you cannot do the same I’ll not allow you.”

   He showed frustration;
“Mom here you go again go ahead with your usual lectures always nagging your speech giving day with threats of always ejecting me out of the business empire I am a man please treat me as one!”
She scolded him;
“Prove yourself in deeds and not in words, I’ll kill you if you mess me up and follow your father’ foot -steps!” She scuffled him.
“Your meeting is two o’clock and you are still here? When will you go to the airport?”

  “Meeting! When, where?” He asked in desperation.
“You better figure it out while you get ready.” Lady Ben left her son gapping and rushing to honour his appointment in the neighbouring state.

Another Occasion
    Olu fondling, kissing Sabs at the foyer Lady B came and found them in that compromising position she hummed and the lovers disentangled then she asked his son about his trip;
“How was your trip next door I hope the project was intact?”
“Not really but some sort of it would be okay but they have to work on my terms.”
“Is it a joke or what are you kidding me?” She walked fast as Olu ran after her.

Notice Something Strange
Olu became alarmed;
“Mom don’t give me that look! I don’t like it!”

She came out and greeted Lady Ben but she just murmured in response but Olu asked her to wait but she walked away and he shouted;
“I’ll join you later.” Then he concentrated on his mom;
“Yes the project mom they have to work on my schedule.”
Mom is drowsy and dizzy she wanted to fall but Olu held her;
“Are you okay mom? You overwork yourself would you take a break what are you doing here at this late hour?’
“You are irresponsible that’s why if you were responsible I would have been fast asleep by now in my bed. Be responsible for once and you’ll earn my respect and confidence.”
Lady Ben criticized Sabina and called her stupid and irresponsible.
“Your stupid girl-friend does not help instead she is your distraction.” Olu frown he is not happy with mom’ attitude towards Sabina.

Launching the Benua Cancer Foundation
Lady Ben invited friends, associates, and relatives to grace the occasion as it dilates on the three common cancers. Survivors speaks out;

Madame Aminata
A cancer conqueror
“I noticed a lump at my left breast I visited my doctor and my worst fears were confirmed I was diagnosed with cancer of the breast my husband left me and said my problems were many my only child a daughter is working and resident abroad she has to take her leave and come to give me support before returning she hired me a house-help to free my struggling relatives who have to leave their homes to come and take care of me she gave them some financial help to show her appreciation before returning to her base but Allah be praised it is now two years and my doctor diagnosed me cancer free; what is important in this illness is early diagnosis and family/friend support which was given to me by friends and family before the arrival of my daughter. Thank you.”

Another cancer conqueror narrates her experience;
“I felt sharp pain and numb in my lower abdomen my husband accompanied me to my OBG doctor and she diagnosed me ovarian cancer I panicked and thought that was the end of my world but my husband said no;
“Illness is an enemy you should not give up we have to fight it together and surely we will defeat the monster. We went to the internet to search for information and got it we then shared it with friends and relatives I am here today to share the same information just as the earlier speaker have said what we need is love and care from our loved ones my husband is my rock and he is here today with me. Oluwole get up for the audience to see and appreciate what you have done and have been doing for me.”
Olu stood and was applauded by the audience.
She continued;
“Happy news for two years now I’ve been declared cancer free.” The audience applauded her again.
“Thank you.” She sat down.
To be Cont.

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