Thursday, October 17, 2019

Saayii Tolof – Part 277 EPISODE 22 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Am Ndaa touch Ndaa’ Flirtuous Relationship)


At Home
 Melody insisted on Divorce and Mike wanted normalization.
“I’ve already signed my part of the process just go and finish your part I am quitting this marriage.”

In a cool voice he replied;
“Why do you want to throw away the baby with the birth water? Why do you want to end our marriage? I’ve own up to my mistake and foolishness it would never happen again I’ve learn my lesson and from henceforth would become a better husband and father, who is deceiving you? Don’t throw away what we have Sunshine I would never be this foolish again.”

She broke down and cried bitterly as she narrated her past experience with Mike;
“How can I believe you again when you goofed and pierced my heart over and over again; I gave you my blood, money, my life but what did you do went flirting with one stupid girl; I cannot trust you again I am afraid of you, you have shattered my trust in you I mistrust you as a husband and for the first time in our marriage I feel insecurity; since I married you I’ve not known any other man but you but our marriage is over.” She yelled.

He is very worried;
“Melody is changed she was never like this someone somewhere is deceiving her but I’ll not give up especially when I’ve just discovered her.”
He went to seek for help; whom did he brought to help him?

The Surprise
The door opened and who came in?
“You brought in your solicitor to come and solicit for you both of you have failed and would be disappointed because I am up to here and would not listen to anyone.” Melody barked.

Mama Melo
“My daughter! Is that how you address your mother you have not seen for months as we always talk over the phone and have not seen each other face to face? Am I unwelcome in my daughter’s house?”

Mama begging tone softened her heart and she apologized.
“Am sorry mom don’t mind me.” She stooped to take her luggage from her.
“Men are all the same forgive don’t crucify him.” She asked Mama to follow her to the guest room as she frown at Mike who was amused and happy that Mama came from the village to appeal on his behalf. He is happy as he went to his room.

Melody explained her nasty experience and cried bitterly;
“This man here you call my husband humiliated and agonized me he gets a stupid girl somewhere and molested me since then until now that he claimed to get back to his senses but how can I believe him? I distrust Mike and has given up about him, this marriage is over and no one can make me take him back. Mike slapped me in front of our daughter who is now very distance from her father who alienated himself from us by the maltreatment of his family.”

Mama Melo
   She consoled her daughter;
“I know and I can feel you my daughter I went through what you went through but forgive him all immature men tend to behave as such but we cannot throw the birth water together with the baby? Now he has come back to his senses and I believe him he has changed and you would be surprise to see a better husband and father please give him a second chance as everyone deserves one.”

“How am I sure he would not do it again, what is the guarantee?”
“I am sure my daughter he would not do it again he has changed through experience I’ve seen it in his voice and his eyes.”
“I am tired Mama! I am tired! I am out of this relationship.”

   She came in and apologized;
“I was caught in the traffic I am very sorry that I came late.” Mama understand and replied;
“It is okay.” But Mike is very worried.



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