She consoled her mom and silently blamed her dad for maltreating her mother.

Another Day
Melody took her daughter to school and on her way out she found Mike drinking coke and eating bread then she commented;   “Baby! Why are you eating empty bread and coke when your rich breakfast is on the dining?”
“What stupid question is that?” He hissed,
“Am sorry!”
“Sorry for yourself!”
Then she turned to Daado;
“Greet your dad and bid him good bye.”
Daado refused and ran away.

Melody House
Anita visited her and enquired about the situation.
“How is it?”

“The situation is getting worse he does not eat my food, he stays out for days without coming home and he does not take my calls, he nags on everything I say or does, last night he raised his hand on me.”
“Did he beat you?”
“He almost did if it was not for my daughter’ intervention.” She covered up.
“But this is getting serious but just take it easy everything would get back to normal.”

In Bed
    Melody woke Mike up;
“Let us talk.”
“Talk about what? Can’t it not wait for the morrow?”
“No it cannot wait I was thinking hard and has come to the conclusion that since your mind is no longer here I’ve agreed for the divorce to take place but with one condition.”
“What condition?”
“That my daughter be raised at her dad’ house.”
“Agreed as I’ve said I’ll take care of my daughter.”
“Don’t patronize us I would take care of my daughter.”
“All the same my property would be equally divided between us.”

In the Morning
Melody went to Mike and said;
“Let us discuss.”
“Discuss about what again?”
“I want the divorce now.”
“Not now it has to wait until my Shootings is over in two weeks’ time.”
“I cannot wait it is risky I want it done now it is over between us and two weeks is a long time for me.”
“I am master of the house and was the one who initiated it and as I’ve said in two weeks’ time nothing more and nothing less period!”
“There is no competition here whether you were the one who initiated it or not is irrelevant let us end it now I am in a hurry.”

She Comes Back
Melody came from Night Vigil and Mike questioned her;
“Where have you been? Where is my breakfast?”
“What stupid question is that? How many times have you refused my food?” She hissed then she said;
“Ah ha! I am just from our lawyer I’ve signed my part of the divorce process and she has asked me to inform you to go and sign your part.” Then she went into her room.

Deep Reflection
“Why the change? She is no longer submissive something must be responsible.” He said in his mind.

At the Bedroom
   As soon as Mike entered the room Melody left for the Guest Room. Mike confirmed his fears;
“My wife has been radicalized and she is seeing a guy.” He soliloqued.

In Bed
Mike was still in bed in the morning Melody came with an envelope;
“This is your letter.” She told him and left.
Mike opened it and found two rings that he gave her wedding and engagement rings then he stared and reflected deeply
“She means business let us see how it works!”

Melody with Anita
“My mind is made up! I have received much humiliation from him the Lord would see me through with my daughter it would be fine.”

“Are you sure that you don’t want to keep your marriage?” Melody nodded her head.
“Okay! Let the good lord be with you through your hard times count me as a sister and friend I would give you maximum support.”
Melody got up and hugged her;
“Thank you my good sister a friend in need is a friend indeed!”

The lovers met at the Bar and Restaurant to celebrate their success.
“To our everlasting union and love! Let us toast!”
Peggy was taken of guard;
“What are we celebrating?”
He showed her the two rings;
“Melody has agreed to divorce me I’ve brought the two rings just to show and confirm to you that we would soon become man and wife as soon as the divorce proceedings is over that’s why I brought you here for us to toast and drink red wine.”
Peggy became agitated when she drank the red wine then she called the bar man to bring two bottles of beer but Mike alerted her;
“Peggy! Why should you call for beer bottles after drinking the red wine?”
“Aren’t we celebrating? The old hag is going out and I would be coming in this calls for great celebration!” Mike subdued but is not happy with Peggy’ attitude.

The Surprise
  Peggy ordered lots of beer bottles and Mike tried to intervene and scolded the bar attender;
“Don’t come here again with any beer bottle and he tried to wrestled the one Peggy was holding but she pushed him down the chair and drank the bottle by this time around she became stupor drunk to Mike’ horror and disgust.

Back to the Hotel
Peggy was dead drunk to stupor when the couple reached the hotel. She fell upon the floor vomited alcohol and messed up the whole place. Mike abandoned her upon the floor and got to bed quite disgusted and humiliated.

Deep Reflection
   He cannot sleep as deep memories filtered into his mind he remembered the date of his proposal to marry Melody.

At the Beach Bar
He ordered for red wine bottle with two glasses he served wine to his fiancée Melody but she rejected it. He was surprised and he enquired;
“But why this is a special date for us it is our informal engagement before we let it known to our two families we are celebrating.”
“I know but give me water I want to be a good wife and a good mother I don’t want to be used to alcohol get drunk mess myself in front of my husband and child, no way!”
He insists;
“This would not get you drunk it is only for a toast to mark the landmark in our relationship.” But Melody insisted that it is only water she wants and nothing else.
To be Cont.

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