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Saayii Tolof – Part 264 EPISODE 21 (Difficult Marriages – Saayii Force, Forced Marriage ‘Yahoole’ ak ‘Nyahum’


He summoned Mama Margo to his house to meet her husband Papa Sosseph in order to reconcile their differences but after hearing him she said;   “I respected you that’s why I’ve come to listen to what you have to say and also our people say if someone calls you it has to be honoured because he/she would either tell you or give you something that’s why I am here.”
“It is about your husband’ complain he said you are making hell out of his life that why I called to see how you can amicably settle your differences without hurting the other tongue and teeth live in the mouth even though they sometimes bite each other.”

Mama Margo
“I’ve heard you but what did the Bible say? You were a Christian before you converted to Islam; did it not say a man who cannot fend for his wife is an infidel? I am tired of fending for myself and my children.”

Papa Sosseph
   “Are you telling the truth? Do you feed our children? Who created the economic venture for you ingrate? I give what I can but you rejected it then augment what I give you from your proceeds from the shop.”
“Are you not the head of the family? Feed your family or shut up.”
Uncle Dave intervened and asked the couple to be civil to each other.
Mama Margo got up hissed and left unceremoniously leaving Uncle Dave in the cold.
“You see my silent suffering this woman takes me for a ride I regretted marrying her she still scorn me and detest my being.” He lamented.

At Home
   The family budget is very tight today as dad went around town to ‘raba-raba’ for few dalasi to keep body and soul together he runs a carpentry shop but business is slow these days. He brought few dalasi and gave it to Malo.
“Go to market my girl and see what you can manage from it.”
“Yes Papa I’ll.”
Malo brought the food home and Maha commented.
“But this food is not enough can it feed us all?”
Malo hissed at him;
“Eat me up I have enough flesh.”

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