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Saayii Tolof – Part 262 EPISODE 21 (Difficult Marriages – Saayii Force Forced Marriage ‘Yahoole’ ak ‘Nyahum’)


Saayii Force- Forced Marriage is a fail-fail relationship from the word go the couple never see eye to eye because there was no love Margo Marion set to destroy her husband Papa Sosseph Sanjaly as a result of revenge.
“I don’t love him in fact I hate him I will make him see ‘peppe’!” She vowed.   How did she go about her revenge mission? This is a wake-up call never force your child male or female into a forced marriage!

Late Nights
Late nights were a source of conflict for the couple as Mama Marion makes it a habit to leave early in the morning 7 O’clock to be precise and returns at least after 11 or 12 noon. Papa is voiceless in this marriage equation when he protests it reaches deaf ears with insults and threats of violence.

Papa Sosseph Sanjaly
“What sort of marriage woman behaves as such?” He raised up his head to look at the wall clock,
“It is now going to 12 mid-night and she is yet to arrive home!” He lamented as he lay on the settee and dosed off.

Mama Margo-Marian
She came home and found Papa dosed off at the settee as soon as she came into the house Papa got up looked at the wall clock and protested;
“Look at the clock! What sort of married woman are you? Are you not worse than the married spinsters? Who can respect you with this sort of behaviour? What sort of character are you showing our daughters?” He protested.
“You’ve started again! Are you a man a bread winner? According to the Bible a man who cannot fend for his wife is worse than an infidel! I am working hard to fend for myself since you cannot take care of me. You cannot feed or clothe me and look at the house we are living in? Should I call it a house or a pig pen?”
“Who has set up the shop for you in the first place you shameless pig? I used to shower you with wealth while I was working as a middle level manager working for a company before I lost my job thanks to your excesses you got me into fraud not to my making but due to your dubious activities behind my back. Now that I lost my job and my gratuity you turn coat and started misbehaving but God is watching you, you’ll die a sinful death.” He posited.
“I don’t blame you but I blame my parents who forced me into this god forsaken relationship, I don’t love but hate you I don’t care about you divorce me and let me go if not I’ll show and give you only bitterness.”
“Return the wealth I hover over your poverty ridden family you ingrate!” Papa got up to block her path.
“Get away from my path before I destroy you!” She roared. Papa insisted but she pushed him at the settee and beat him blue black as Papa cried for help the girls were the first to come to the scene protesting;

Marian Malo
The eldest daughter pushed her way through followed by the last born chaat Hotensia Hajum they protested;
“You have started again everything was quiet until you came late and started to beat Papa what sort of mother wife are you? How would the neighbours see us you have turned us into laughing stock I hate your behaviour mom you act as a drunkard what is this?”
She was on top of Papa and hitting him hard Malo’ appeal fell upon deaf ears she shouted for his brother’ Tony’ help.
“Tony! Tony come and help us before Mama kills Papa for us!”

He heard the noise and his name being called for help he woke up his younger brother Maha Moses and they rushed to the sitting room to the scene;
“Mama stop the madness! What sort of mother and wife are you? You kept your late nights and as if that is not enough you come home and molest Papa are you the family head here? Stop the madness or I’ll also show you peppe and more madness!” She continued hitting the old hypertensive man who yelled for help but to no avail.
Tony took the TV set and warned before he commit disaster but to no avail he raised up the TV set and smashed it upon the floor with a crash deafening noise which awoken every one present.
Mama was shock as she came off from Papa’ body frame she just looked at Tony who was happy that he inflicted pain upon Mama.
“Are you not a mad woman? Entertain your madder son!” He mocked at her.
“You see what you have cause? You destroyed my TV set it was mine and not your poverty stricken dad’ I have a set at my shop it is yourself and the rest of you whom you denied TV set.” She posited.

The Boys
“What sort of woman and wife is this? She is trouble does not love or respect dad in fact he loves to always humiliate him in front of people but my take is why dad has condone such madness without any action? If marriage is like this I rather remain a bachelor because I’ll kill someone if I marry such a woman. Be careful my younger brother don’t ever marry such a woman in your entire life.” Tony advised.

Moses Maha
“Dad is a good man but how did he lose his role as the family head?” Moses asked.

“Didn’t you hear dad’ argument during their fiasco he was once a successful man but due to Mama’ reckless behaviour she committed fraud behind his back and make him suffer the consequences he lost his job then his pride after setting up the business she is now boasting of; dad is a good man I would have set the shop on fire and see whether she would use it against her husband again this woman is very silly and evil.” Tony posited.
“Papa is too soft for my liking.” Moses Maha posited.
To be Cont.


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