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Saayii Tolof – Part 262 EPISODE 21 (Difficult Marriages – Forced Marriage – Saayii Force (Yahoole – Nyahum)


(The title for Episode 20 was used instead of Episode 21 in the last edition. The above is the correct title that should have been used since the last edition. We apologise to the readers. – Editor) Marion Malo

   She woke her mother and tried to talk sense into her;
“Mama I woke you up so that we can have a frank talk as mother and child; Mama we are not the only family in this big village why do you want us to wash our dirty linen always in the street? Mama we your children are traumatized our neighbours gossip about us, our colleagues laugh at us and Tony has been a nervous wreck always going into tantrums and fighting, your recklessness is destroying your children do you want a destroyed family? We know you don’t love our dad but do you want it thrown at our face? Please get divorce it is better than living a cat and dog life with our dad. A married woman you always come home very late attracting attention to our family and at the same time ridiculing us. Stop your ways! Are we your children or a mistake?”
Malo stooped upon the floor held her knee and wept.

Mama Margo Marion
    “I’ve heard you get up and go to bed I have heard you. It’s okay.”
Malo got up wiped her tears and went to bed.

Papa Sosseph Sanjaly
    He likes working doing odd jobs to keep body and soul as he describes it. Mama came and jeered at him;
“What is it? Do you call this pittance fish money?”
“This is what I have take it or leave it or better still ask your boyfriend to augment it.”
“This is what you have to say? Okay I don’t need your money as I can take care of myself.” She threw the notes at him and said;
“Add it to your poverty stricken self so that you can look decent.”
Hajum supported her mother and chorused.
Dad stopped his work looked at his wife and shook his head.

Sunday Stew
    Sunday is always a holiday in many Christian family homes after Church the family comes home to enjoy their Sunday Stew. Mama came home with her friend Marian Mossan they gossiped and ate their meal.

Papa Sosseph Sanjaly
He came from Church and walked past the duo Mama Mossan called his name and greeted him he just stared at her sour his face without a word. Mama Mossan is embarrassed;
“What is that all about? What have I done to him? What an embarrassment? I have to stop coming to your home your husband does not want to see me here.” She posited.

Mama Margo Marian
   She hissed;
“Is she a man? Does he have a house/home? Don’t mind him he is not man enough I’ll show him hell just ignore him I invited you come and dine with me are we not bosom friends?”

Marion Malo
She came for the cupboard key;
“Mama give me the key to give Papa his food.”

Mama Margo Marian
    “What food to give Papa? Has he given you fish money? No food for your impoverish Papa let him go to hell.”

    He came and Malo narrated the incident to him and he became mad and decided to break the food cupboard.
“So Mama refused to give dad food? Let us see who rules the waves here.”  He started to break the cupboard.

    She saw them and protested then she went to Mama to report.
“Mama! Tony Totala is breaking your food cupboard I saw him with my naked eyes.”

Mama Margo Marian
“Why should Totala break my food cupboard? What have I done to this stupid irresponsible boy?” She went to confront him accompanied by Mama Mossan.
“Tony why did you break my food cupboard? Did you or your poverty stricken father bought it? Or did you two gave me chop money?”
“If father does not eat here nobody will!” he yelled.

He came into the compound with elder son Moses Maha and found the ‘wahala’ as Totala narrated everything to him;
“Well done Tony thank you for remembering me my son but I have eaten and don’t want her food.”
Mama hissed Tony raised the pot and let it go as the rice and sauce crashed upon the ground the family was bewildered;
“What madness! Why did you destroy the food that both you and your dad cannot provide?” As Maha tried to pick the chicken pieces Totala fought him and scattered the food with his feet to make it inedible. Aunty Mossan and Mama stared in disbelief.
Papa did not utter a word as Tony went after Hajum he got her and wrestled her on the ground and beat her blue black;
“You are the reporter why did you go to Mama to report me Miss Informer?” Hajum cried for help as Mama came out when she heard the cries.

Mama Margo
“Why did you want to kill my daughter for me? Are you mad?”

Papa Sosseph
He came into the compound and praised Tony’s role as the eldest son of the family.
“Hajum is rude beat her blue black to know her size your mother spoil her to eye-fit her elders be very careful if you use free words at me I’ll kill you.”

Mama Margo
“That cannot happen if you kill my daughter both of you will go to jail.”
Tony wanted to stand his mother but dad warned him against that;
“Never lay your hands at your mother and not any woman for that matter.”
“No let him beat me and I’ll curse him for life as his mother who gave birth to him.”

Papa Sosseph
He was going to Aunty Mossan house when he met her enroute she wanted to greet him but he kept it short;
“I was coming to your house but here you here let me make it short and snappy; you are not invited in my home you are poison to my wife encouraging her wayward ways as a bad influence you gossip.”

Mama Mossan
She is a ‘panka’;
“Look kettle dey call coal black! Is your wife a baby? Can I put her hands into fire? Manage your home, fend for your family and stop blaming others for your failure.”
To be Cont.


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