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Saayii Tolof – Part 258 EPISODE 20 (Difficult Marriages: Nyaka Domm Chi Saaye ‘Jasir’ Bareness)


Mama Oulaye
 She sat discussing with her daughter;
“I dreamt about Kumuna all this while she was trying to tell me something but whenever I strained my ears to understand what she was saying I would wake up what is she trying to tell me is my concern? It is an irony because we were all the time in contradiction perhaps she now realize I was under a spell.”

  “As for me I never dream of her even though we were best of friends and I’ve never offended her.”

Mama Oulaye
   She became defensive;
“Allah is my witness, I did offend her but unknowing it is funny people would never believe that I did it unconsciously I was under hypnosis I knew not what I was doing someone was using me as a cover to do evil to the poor woman but I asked Allah in my prayers to expose that person.”

Strange happenings
A month after Kumuna’ demise Papa E started to manifest some strange behaviour scratching his body and tapping his feet acting like mad the children are worried;
“Mama have your notice dad’ mannerism? Why is he scratching his body and tapping his feet? You should take him to hospital before it goes out of hand.” Madike posited and Binta concurred.

Mama Oulaye
At first she thought Papa E was doing some pranks but not anymore she sat him down and questioned him;
“What is happening to you my husband? Do you have medical problems? Tell me so that we can visit the hospital or a specialist or herbalist.”
He brushed her question aside;
“Nothing is wrong with me it is only my enemies who are after my life.”
“What enemies are you talking about? Enemies I do not know about?”
“Would you know everything about me? All I know is that my enemies would be exposed they cannot harm me I am well fortified.” He bluffed.
Mama Oulaye did not believe him as she summoned the children;
“I’ve asked your father but she would not tell me the truth as he kept on saying that his enemies are after him what enemies is he talking about I do not know? Your father is hiding something which he is not telling me.”

The Children
  “But this is serious what is happening to dad? We should not allow another calamity to befall this family again Kumuna’ sudden death is enough>” Madike posited.

am very worried that something terrible would again happen in our family.”
“God forbid! Nothing would happen your father is hiding something from us let him confess and everything would go back to normal.” Mama posited.

   He is very worried as he pressurized his mom to take dad to hospital for help.
Mama Oulaye urged her husband to go to hospital with her but he refused;
“This is not a hospital thing it is mystic my enemies have launched a spiritual war against me and I would retaliate forcefully.”

Papa E
His situation worsened Mama forced him and accompanied him to hospital he was thoroughly examined but nothing was found wrong with him then he said;
“Am I not being absolved? Nothing is medically wrong with me I am very fine it is only my enemies at work let me fight them spiritually.”

The rest of the Family
They are not convinced;
“You are not fine are your hands clean? Confess and you would be fine.” Mama opined.
“What has he done to suffer such pain and humiliation?” I am confused Binta posited as Madike concurred..

The shrine
Papa E’ family controlled the shrine it is at present head by his first cousin who have not converted to Islam;
Papa Sang
Papa E visited Papa Sang at the shrine and told him his troubles;
“When a man’ house is on fire he does not go out chasing after rats; silence her spirit she is following me everywhere in the streets, bathroom, sitting room, bed room everywhere even at the dining as I ate with my family who now labelled me mad.”

Papa Sang,
“You would pay heavily the dead has nothing to do with the living. Can you bring the items I’ve named? A lioness fresh milk, two tortoise eggs and the tail of a leopard?”
“I cannot named the price.”
“Fifty thousand dalasi and I can find the items.” Papa Sang said.
“I would find the money tomorrow by God’ power.”
He visited Sang’ brother Sang Paul and he gave him the money;
“I need money badly to settle a medical bill.” He lied to him.
“I would pay you at the end of the month I bought land for my in-law and he should give me my percentage.”
“It is not a problem what are brothers for? You would have done the same for me if I was in your position and nonetheless you always pay back when you owe.”
With the money in hand he rushed to the shrine and gave it to the high priest;
“Get to work quickly if not my cover would be blown up Kumuna’ spirit is for revenge very stubborn tied her where she belongs never to torment me again.”
“Go home and relax are you telling me my work?”
“Not at all when should I come back?”
“Two days’ time you would find everything ready your daughter-in-law would return where she belongs to not this world anymore.”
He thanked him and left quite confidante that after Sang’ work things would go back to normal.

   He sat his mom and said;
“Mama Dad is still agitated and ‘kufang’ have you taken him to the hospital? What is the findings?” He asked.

Mama Oulaye
“We went and nothing adverse is seen medically he is okay but spiritually he is not he is hiding something and unless he speaks out his problem would not solve.”
“But what is he hiding? I am confused Mama I am confused.”
“I am equally confused my son.” Mama posited.
“He should also be checked for cerebral malaria to be on the safe side plus what he believe to go mystic. I am afraid for him to go mad and bring us scandal.”

At the shrine again
Papa E met Uncle Sang the Chief Priest;
“The work is done she is now silence forever.”
“If that is done expect more gifts from me.”
To be Cont.


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