The Kindred
They assembled to pay condolence to their own Mama was devastated as Madike seek for revenge.
“Where is Mama I would kill her? She killed my Sunshine through her hatred and witchcraft! Why shouldn’t I kill her? Tell me now!” The kindred held him tight as Papa protested;Papa E
“This is too much why should Madike treat my wife his mother with scorn? Is she Allah that has killed his wife? Every living soul will taste death if you do not want to die why should you choose life? Let my wife be your wife’ life was lost because her time was up and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it period!”
“Are you not a shameless being? Do you not connive with your wife to frustrate my Sunshine to death? You never said a word when Mama molests her only hypocrite intervention are you not happy now that she is dead? I’ll kill Mama and dam the consequences.”
Uncle Dam
“You’ll not kill anyone because we would also be dammed to let you foolishly kill yourself and ruin your future.”
He was wrestled down and the machete took out of his hand as he sat down heavily panting.
Mama and Binta
The duo came from the clinic and found the kindred around Madike they rushed towards them but Uncle Dam halted them;
“Take it easy with yourself, Madike vowed to harm you as he accused you of killing his wife through your taunts but we have just restrained him.”
Mama Oulaye
“What! How can I kill my daughter-in-law? I was under a spell of hate but I am now free some person made me hate Kumuna as a cover up a Seer told me time would tell as I leave everything for Allah to judge and he would surely do it for me.” She prayed.
Binta was beside her mom bewildered.
He came out from the house with his suitcase;
“Where are you going with your luggage?” Mama Oulaye asked her son.
“Are you asking me? Don’t you know or are you pretending? You and your husband connived to frustrate my Sunshine to death I am leaving your home for good.” He posited.
Mama fainted in front of him and Madike became panicked.
She fell in front of him;
“Kill me also have you not kill her? She is not Allah to take life Kumuna died naturally Mama did not kill her let our mom be or are you ready to see another death in our house? Any person who lives would surely die that is a fact of life we pity you but cannot kill ourself because Kumuna have died. She would be angry with you Ku would want you to progress and move on with your life; go into the house and start a new page.”
Meanwhile, Mama had been earlier helped and First Aid administered upon her.
As he sat in front of his house he dreamt about his wife Kumuna who was trying to tell him something which was inaudible. But he also played with him and have fun he was so absorbed that he could not speak to his sister who was calling his attention to go inside and have his meal which was his favourite ‘domoda findi’ with bush meat. As Kumuna was trying to tell him something he strained his ear but could only hear ‘he killed me’! “But who killed my Sunshine and I’ll in turn also killed her!
‘Don’t kill anything time will tell sooner than later he would confess for the world to put my case to rest I cannot sleep or rest in perfect peace as my life was cut off before my time but be assured you would never fail because you are a good man.”
He awoke from a deep dream as he alerted to Binta’s tap on his shoulder;
“A bad dream?” He shook his head,
“Take it easy with yourself my dear brother! Kumuna is gone, gone forever what is left as Muslims faithful is to pray for her gentle soul to rest in perfect peace.”
“She was trying to tell me that there is foul play in her demise when I insisted for her to tell me she refused and said the culprit would confess at the right time. But I swear to deal severely with any person who ends my Sunshine’ young and fruitful life and please don’t beg me to forget Kumuna I would surely disappoint you because I can never forget my Sunshine.” He posited. Binta frown and thought her brother has to be counselled before he lost it.
“Madike take it easy with your life we don’t want to lose you, you are our only brother Kumuna is gone and gone forever you would never see her again.” She posited.
He became angry with her;
“Never say such a thing again or else I would disown you don’t let me think you are also part of the enemies.”
He called Kumuna’ names over and over again as he wept bitterly;
“Kumu! Why did you leave me? Where is my son? How can you be this cruel? How could you take my son away? I was about to be a father when everything vanish away? I want to die please come and take me away.” He took a sharp object and wanted to stab himself but the instrument was pulled out from his hand and taken away. Binta wept for his brother and brooded;
“Madike is losing it we have to do something and intervened, this is not my brother the blood brother who was my best friend.” She wept bitterly.
“Don’t cry my sister, it is not easy to forget such a wife who was my everything we did everything together she knows about my life we never hide anything from each other you have to help me cope but don’t ask me to forget my life.”
He pitied his boss when he appeared at the workshop;
“So soon why come work person dey say you kill wife in money ritual you na good person no spoil you name.” He advised.
“I cannot stay at home and brood let them talk I know for certain if anyone knows me cannot come to such a conclusion but all the same the advice can only come from a true friend you are indeed a true friend I come to the workshop to while away my time if I stay at home I kept on hallucinating seeing and talking to her my family deeply believe I am losing it and I tend to agree with them now.’
To be Cont.

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