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Saayii Tolof –Part 256 EPISODE 20 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaka Domm Chi Saaye ‘Jasir’ Bareness in marriage)


The Dream
Kumuna dreamt that Papa E chased after her with a machete to cut her up she ran and screamed;
“Please spare my life!” She begged as she woke up in cold sweat. She wept Madike held her arm and asked;
“A nightmare?” She shook her head and explained in tears;
“I dreamt Papa E he ran after me and struck me down as he mercilessly struck me with a machete.”

“Isn’t it strange Papa e was always siding with you against Mama why should he do such a thing in a dream?”
“There are always darker side of human beings which they never show but it is Papa going after me, but why what have I done to him? That why he never stop Mama’ nonsense.”
“Sunshine don’t jump to conclusion Papa is always on your side he constantly asked Mama to let us be and don’t be upset about it as it is only a dream.”
“My dreams are revelation.” Kumuna posited

The Lab Test
   The lab test was negative;
“Didn’t I tell you? The lab test is negative you’ll be okay you worry too much.” He consoled Kumuna.
“Yes the lab test is negative but I am feeling hallow inside.” She professed.
“Sometimes it is psychosomatic you are okay but you still feel sick in your mind.” Madike explained but Kumuna felt that she is very sick.

   She came checked on Kumuna’ belly:
“The baby is kicking he is a footballer and would become the greatest of all footballers.” Kumuna smiled and commented;
“I hope so!”
“I know so!” Binta posited.

At the Workshop
   Madike is very worried and Karamba asked him;
“Why worry not good for health O?”
“Why won’t I be worried? There is my Sunshine at the hospital bed brooding saying that she is very sick when the lab result showed the opposite, she refused to eat that’s what made me worried I am a realist what you eat is what you are and she is not eating anything which can affect the baby and herself.”
“O just coax her to chop it would okay, the worry no good pan you.”

Dad and Mom
    “Have you gone to see your daughter-in-law?” Dad asked.
“Not yet but it would be funny to do that when we don’t see eye to eye what about if I go and anything happen to her? Won’t I be accused of witchcraft?”
“Why did your mind go to that? Are your hands clean?”
“Very clean even though we are constantly in contradiction I do not harm her.”
“I would see her tomorrow.” Dad posited.

At the Hospital
   The dream is still worrisome to Kumuna and she kept repeating it to Madike who defended his dad;
“Sunshine stop accusing an innocent man dad can never harm you.” He became defensive.
“I know it, is it not said that blood is thicker than water? I am the water here even though you claimed I am your sunshine.” She lamented shedding crocodile tears.

Papa E
Nowadays he is always contemplating and thinking deeply he went to the hospital with Binta to see Kumuna.

At the Hospital
Madike was with Kumuna when dad and Binta arrived she became uneasy with him which became quite noticeable and it made both Madike and Papa E uncomfortable Kumuna talked about her dream and dad became ferity and uneasy Madike reflected but rejected the idea;
“How do you feel are you responding to treatment?” He asked to ease the tension eyeing her.
Kumuna turned her face away from dad’ gaze and murmured;
“our people say ‘the witch’ devours you, cries with you, buries you and pays your family condolence. I am dying and someone does it he is rejoicing and pretending but even if I die he would be revealed and he would not know any peace.”

“What is she saying? I hope she is not hallucinating?”

“I am now very worried about my wife is she hallucinating or speaking the truth? Is someone guilty as charged? Please let no one harm my wife O!” He lamented.

“It is only a dream nothing would happen to her she would be well.” Dad prayed.
“A heavy force is on me O a heavy force!” Kumuna lamented.

As Mom and Dad were chatting Binta came rushing from the hospital and went straight to Madike who was polishing his shoes,
“I am just from the hospital it is an emergency O an emergency! Kumuna went into convulsion.” Madike left and rushed followed by dad.
“My wife must deliver my son she must not die if she does I’ll follow her.”
“Allah forbids my son would not die.” Dad prayed.
At home Mama is relaxed as nothing happened.

At the Clinic
At the ward they found an empty bed then the doc arrived and Madike scolded and stared at her;
“Where is my wife?” Doc stammered:
“We tried our best…..” but before she completed her sentence Madike fainted and fell upon the ground.

The Family
Mom and Binta rushed to the clinic in panic they sat by Madike’ sick bed and cried;
“You see what your folly on Kumuna has caused? You hated her with passion what has she done but only to love and treat you as a mother-in-law why did you hate her with passion?” Binta chided her mother.
“I don’t know I think I was being used as a cover someone was hiding behind my image I now feel some pity for her after her death that is not me I am not mean I know not what I was doing but it was abnormal me who used to adore ‘my Kumuna’.” Mama lamented.
“I used to remember when I would teased and asked ‘is Kumuna your only daughter? I’ve seen sense in what you’ve said but who would do such an evil thing? Only time would tell. May Allah expose and make the evil doer confess and be disgraced by the whole world Kumuna was such a nice girl.”

The Kindred
The closest were the first to assemble followed by others.

She was furious as he accused Mama of killing his wife and he is clamouring for revenge;
“Where is my mother? I would kill her and then commit suicide!” He went for a machete but his neighbours, friends and kindred held him tight.”
To be Cont.

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