Mama Satang
She accompanied Kumuna to visit Mama Oulaye and laid her daughter’ complaint;
“My daughter complained of being harassed because she is yet to conceive but who are we mere mortals to be the judge of what is not under our purview are we Allah who give children?

As mothers and sisters in law we have to be very careful how we treat our daughters in law some of us do have children who we would want to be treated well do unto others as you would want do to you.” She turned to Papa E;
“My daughter spoke well of you please as head of the family take charge and ensure my daughter live in peace.”

Mama Oulaye
She took offence and said;
“So she came to complain for you to come and prosecute me? Come now judge and jury I am ready for you.” She got up hissed and walked away.

Papa E
“I’ve heard you my in law and I would surely intervened as head of the family to ensure peace reign.”
“Please do my daughter has high regard for you?” Mama Satang left with high hope that Papa would finally take charge.

At the Workshop
Karamba asked him about Kumuna,
“How you ‘wifi’ hope e fine?”

“My wife is not fine Mama is still bothering her.”
“For what now? E say madam no get pickin now e get belly why trouble?”
“It is only Mama who can answer your question I don’t know I don’t know! It is just pure hatred but I don’t care now my wife is pregnant and would soon put to bed and make us proud parents.”

Family Meeting
Papa E called a family meeting;
“our family should be cemented and we should not allow any outsider in to cause confusion we should not wash our dirty linen outside.” He advised.

He got up and questioned;
“What do you mean inviting an outsider into our affairs I don’t understand? Who is the outsider here?”

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