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Saayii Tolof – Part 247 EPISODE 19 (Difficult Marriages – Dusa Nawle – Caste Discrimination In Marriage)


She went to a secret place where her friend Baani found for her away from the world and contemplating on what to do next. She thanked her.

Al Housainou
 He became worried that his wife literally disappeared from sight he sent some private detectives to smoke her out.
“Where has she gone, I hope she is just fine?” Madame became worried that her son has been greatly affected.

Madame Pure
 “Have you get any clue where she could be?”
“I have sent around some detectives but still there is no breakthrough.” He lamented as her mom openly consoled him even though she loath Yas.

When Al-Housain thought everything was lost one of the detectives gave him some clue and asked him to follow him to Yas hideout they waited until she came out and Al – Housain confronted her;
“I am very sorry why are you doing this to us? Our people say ‘the teeth and tongue’ habited the same mouth even though they can bite each other from time to time; come back home ask for any gift and it is yours!” He knelt down in front of her;
“Please!” She was pressurized she wanted it hesitated then she raised him from the ground and the magnet between them became reactivated they embraced and enjoyed a deep kiss she consented to pack her things and followed her husband home.

In Soliloquy
At least she got her niche through her own way;
“Now I’ve got his ‘soft spot’ and I would utilize it to the hilt!” Yas opined.

She Comes Bouncing Back
 She became more diplomatic but still maintained her stance and lived a private life even though part of a whole family Madame kept a distance she did not want people to accuse her again for being responsible for Yas’ woes.

He also continued his private life living an extravagant lifestyle buying expensive gifts for Yas which she detested but has to take so as not to hurt her arrogant husband and cause a row.

“Why should I bother, isn’t he an adult this is his lifestyle let me also ‘do my thing’?” She created a secret account and divert funds into it. She bought a house in an expensive area of New York State, another in Wales in the U.K then trouble set in.

The Accountant
She queried and alerted Ai- Housain;
“The withdrawals are enormous and the Company Accounts has gone red something has to be done to avoid bankruptcy.” She warned.

She came with her own interpretation;
“The Parent Company is far better than the Oil and Gas Prof was wise to give it to you as the elder sibling we have to get it back!” She started her campaign she won her husband to her side and urged him to get his brother onto the idea.

Al- Housain
   “It’s going to be very hard to convince my brother after all the fuss I’ve made for him to hand me Oil and Gas how can I go about the reverse?” He asked not convince of the move he was about to make.

 “But the Oil and Gas proved not to be profitable that’s why Prof gave you the Parent Company as the elder sibling, get back your inheritance did you not see how profitable your brother’ company is? Get back your inheritance!” She ordered.

The Twins
 Al- Housain confronted his brother and protested;
“Our dad was right to give me the Parent Company as the elder sibling it is my inheritance and I want it back! The Oil and Gas Company is a slump it is not profitable you have to take it back!” He opined.

Al- Hassan
 He is a calm, cool and collected person he laughed heartily;
“Bro! Are you kidding me? Are you the one arguing now after all the fuss you made for me to hand you the Oil and Gas Company? When you were doing it didn’t you realize that you floated dad’s judgment? Who are you to change decisions unilaterally without considering the other party? Are you not being very selfish? Moreover, your argument is nonsense and rubbish the Oil and Gas Company when I handed it was a very healthy account in fact, a bonus; your extravagant lifestyle led it to bankruptcy live with it the Parent Company has been put back to shape and would never be handed over to you it is now own by me go anywhere I would meet you goodbye chapter closed.” He laughed at him.

He fumed with anger as he rushed to Madame.

Madame Pure
 She was very angry with her son;
“Who do you think you are floating other people’ feelings and interests? The alteration of the Will caused a great row in the family everyone rejected it except you and we all know the state of the Company when it was handed over to you with healthy reserves why the bankruptcy now? Did you find out? Stop disturbing your younger sibling whose Company is just doing fine.”

“But dad was wise when he made his Will I want my inheritance back and now!”
 “You are a joke and I would never again be a party of your folly!” She remarked.

He discussed his brother’ request;
“What did you tell him?” Jomme asked.
“I refused of course! Who does he think he is? He fussed until the Will was changed he messed up I rebuilt the Parent Company and he wants it back I’ll never and don’t try talking me out of it because this time around I would not succumb.”

 Who is heavily pregnant with their first child consoled her husband;
“Sunshine you are right I am one hundred percent with you I talked you out of your position that time just to maintain the peace and also with the knowledge that the Parent Company can be upgraded to first class company with hard work. But now it is no longer getting funny we would not give him our company let him go with his mess he cannot have his cake and eat it.” She hugged her husband and gave him courage and strength.
To be Cont.

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