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Saayii Tolof – Part 245 EPISODE 19 (Difficult Marriages – Dusa Nawle – Caste Discrimination in Marriage)


On Reflection
 She reflected upon what her friend told her;
“People also say truth is bitter and falsehood sweet but it is only the fool who hold onto such a belief; all what you said is the truth Yas has betrayed my trust and she and her mother would pay for it I trusted them and they betrayed me.”

Aunty Biola
“Do something about it, is it not you a fighter, an Amazon? Fortify yourself nowadays these young girls are too diabolical for my liking. This is not you don’t allow Yas turned you into a vegetable.” Aunty B advised.
When she left Aunty B said;
“Nyaw! Yas is her match box does she think she can boss over every human being? Look at how she has marginalized Jomme a nice lady very respectful but she despised her because of caste.”

Madame Pure
 She suffered and her son and favourite daughter in law ignored her Yas did what she did deliberately just to spite her mother-in-law and to defy her and show her that she is in control instead of her.

The Surprise From An Unusual End
Jomme sent a package through Commander to Madame Pure who was very surprised to receive an envelope from Jomme.
“What does it entailed?” She asked Commander.

 “Open it, it is yours I don’t know what it contained.”

Madame Pure
    “Wait don’t go it is a bomb?”

She opened it and exclaimed!
“Can you read the cheque?”
Commander read and spoke aloud!
“It is a cheque of D2million; can I read the enclosed note?”
“Go ahead!”
“I was notified by Comma that Yas has refused to give you your allowance but why didn’t you tell me Mama? It is your mother’ right I have enclosed a cheque of D2million take it and utilize it to your satisfaction and from hence forth I’ll ensure your monthly allowance of D1 million as Prof has suggested from our end my husband has agreed to it.”
Madame Pure wept;
“So it is Jomme whom I rejected that has bailed me out and Yas whom I exalted that has now jilted me and drew a wedge between me and my son? Is this not nemesis that has finally caught up with me?” She wept bitterly.
“It is okay too wrongs cannot make a right and Jomme has been exalted herself for being a worthy daughter in law.”

Meeting Jomme
Madame Pure went to visit Jomme at her wing and wept at her feet;
Jomme stooped down at her feet and raised her up;
“Mama get up you are embarrassing me don’t cry if you do I’ll also shed tears.”
“You have shamed me so it is you who have paid me my allowance even though it should have come from Yas as my late husband decreed? Your action of paying good to evil has killed me with shame? Why did I despise you when you’ve never wrong me? You never talked back to me despite all my insults? I am very sorry forgive me my daughter.”

“It is okay Mama I understand you and your prejudices it is not only you but society’ ills after 52 years of nationhood our people are still talking about ethnocentrism (tribe), caste and all other parochial prejudices the Third Republic should embark on civic education to emphasize nationhood, sovereignty and oneness One Gambia, One People and One Destiny for people to know We are Stronger Together and this should be shown in words as well as in deeds that I forgive your ignorance and would ensure you never cry again as long as I live I’ve lost both parents and you have been place in that regard.”
They kissed and hugged each other a new relationship and a new chapter born to cement their relationship.

 Al-Housain continued to live a private life even though he is married he buys expensive items without consulting his wife and Yas protested;
“What is happening Honey? Who owns that expensive posh car?”
“Oh it is my car I bought it don’t you like my taste for good things?”
Yas exploded;
“Why didn’t you consult me before buying such an expensive car? What happens to all these expensive cars around?”
“Why should I consult you in everything? Are you my mother? Even Mama is not consulted in everything then why should I treat you differently?”
“Is that what you are saying? Should you compare me with that busy body old fool? Am I not your wife?”
“What d

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