Commander Joof
 He lurked around to wait for Jomme she came out with a worried face and he went to enquire;
“My fair damsel you went to my fair lady with excitement and came out with a morose face what’s happening may I asked?”   She just shook her head and said nothing.
“I’ll not pressurize you as you are a woman with value and valour my advice is don’t be perturbed by any accusation because I know you are innocent a good woman with a golden heart keep on moving and hold onto your principles they are what make human beings different with each other.”
“Thank you!” She said with a broad smile.
“You are a beautiful woman your smile shines the whole Mansion.”
She laughed and went to her part of the Mansion.

The Family and Barrister
 The Family met with Barrister Bidieu and he adjusted the Will and switched ownership between the twins with the new order Al Hassan now owns the Oil and Gas Subsidiary and Al Housain now owns the Parent Company that was being chaired by Prof before his final retirement and subsequent death.
The family praised each order and held a reconciliation party graced by Barrister Bidieu;
“This is a great family never in my practice have I seen a smooth transfer of ownership it is never done keep up the great spirit of togetherness.” He advised.

Prior to the Agreement
   Jomme convinced her husband with facts;
“Your brother is a fool he does not know that it is hard work that can achieve such progress every enterprise depends on your str

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