The Duo Meet
They both came down for holidays and Madame Pure invited Yassin for lunch and she advised her to address to kill which she did;   “This is the first meeting with your fiancé dress to kill and also use your feminine wane to forever hook him do you understand the woman tricks?”
“Mom I am very romantic you know and I can reassure you that you’ll never found me wanting.”
“That’s my girl!”
Mama prepared the house and decorated it to suit the taste of the duo after confiding with Yas.
She came in and found Gorra at the sitting room he gaped and almost loss his breath;
“Waa! Who is this mermaid majestically entering my room?” He smiled as Yas reciprocated;
“Who is this equally magnificent, handsome guy welcoming a shiny damsel?”
Gorra stretched his hand and Yas received it with warmth;
“I am Al Housain (Gorra) Njie and who are you?”
“I am Yassin (Yas) Deen Haritti Bayam (Her dad’s friend) but I’ll not tell you how my brothers nicknamed me.”
“In due course I’ll find out.” Gorra posited.
“Welcome to our humble abode!”
“Thank you!”

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