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Saayii Tolof – Part 236- EPISODE 18 (Difficult Marriages- Yaaye Ju Buge – The Greedy Mother)


She continued her ‘care free life’ very much involved in the game until she met Hamadi Laydem at a restaurant in very compromising clothes which attracted her to him he asked her to come and join his seat.    “You are a very sweet damsel and I like you do you like me?” Laydem asked.
With seductive tongue she said:
“Of course, that’s why I am here to give you what you want.” The duo dined, wined and later went into the hotel room Laydem went inside the toilet came back and found Wojay in bed he off the light and took out a kerchief which he put upon her face and she slept off he held her and came out and put her body inside his boot to take her to the Temple. On the way he stopped and saw an apparition which instructed him and said:
“What sort of sacrifice do you want to take to the Temple? Is she pure?”
“I think so she is a beautiful damsel.”
“But you are very sure because she is not your close relative but a woman of easy virtue you want to cheat the master and have to be punished.” He begged for mercy but there was none to be given as the messenger struck him death with his wane and disappeared.
The gas waned off and Wojay got up opened the boot and saw Laydem death on the ground she reflected and realized that her life is in grave danger she ran fast for her dear life. She forget where she left her bag with her phone but she cared less as she beg lift to her brother’s house but he was not there she went to the shop he was not there but a bystander told her where to find him she followed the instructions and found him at last with Ete, Oyof and Mandu who were surprised to see her in such a sorry sight they exclaimed:
“What has happened to you? Why are you in such a sorry sight?”

The Confession
 “Ete I am very sorry I frame you up.” But before she finished her speech she was interrupted.
“You allowed Buge to use you against me by implanting drugs into my house?”
She was surprised/
“How did you know?”
Oyof answered her;
“My mom confessed before you and exposed the truth of how she used you to do the dirty job.”
She sobbed bitterly;
“I was a whore.”
“What! You told me you were working for some rich couple on the whole you were a prostitute? How could you do such a thing when I did everything to help you no wonder that’s why your moral dirt pulled me down? I questioned the happenings did I not ask you to tell me whom you have offended, this is the root cause of your downfall? How could you do such a thing to an innocent soul? The law of Khmer has struck and you finally met up with nemesis.”
“Now I know but am very sorry I know the end is here forgive me.” She closed her eyes and slept into eternity.
Yakar is embarrassed and he kept apologizing for his sister’s evil act.
Ete patted his back:
“Should you kill yourself for her folly she has got what she deserved.” The corpse was deposited at the mortuary and later taken to the village for burial.

The Surprises
 Ete worked for a year then travelled to the village. One day from work Yakar said;
“My dear sister follow me I have to show you something.” She followed him and they drove into her former house then she asked:
“What is happening this is Alhajj’ former mansion, what are we doing here?”
Before he could answer her Ete came out from one of the inner rooms.
“What is happening did you say you have gone to the village working on a project? What are you doing in Alhajj’ mansion?”

The Revelation
 “Too many questions let me try to answer it one by one; this is one of my many houses in town but I specially give you this one as a pre-wedding gift ‘meygujayka’.” Oyof became flabbergasted.
“Ete! Am I in a dream? What is happening here? Where did you get such wealth to buy Alhajj’ mansion and you said you have many other compounds? Are you into drugs or other illicit trade? I am very afraid. You were unemployed until I found you some odd jobs here and there where did you get this new found wealth?”
“I lied when I was discharged from prison I met an Indian business man who came to my workshop he became impressed and took me to India to work for his company I accumulated and came back to set my conglomerate I was determined to work hard and make it to prove Ma Buge wrong and to make Mayatou proud of his son when I came out I was devastated to realize Mayatou died because of my incarceration and also Ma Buge sold you to that cultist. I was very hurt and angry for you to break our oath I vow never to marry from this country again but to marry an outsider but I tried but could not take you out of my life the harder I tried with denial the stubborn love waxed further that was realized when Mandu saw you and narrated to me that you are now single and counseled me to forgive you and what you told her about me my resistance melted and this was confirmed when I set my eyes upon you again. I pretended to be sure whether it is Ete the man you love or Ete the wealthy man but I am now very sure of what we shared that neither Ma Buge nor Alhajj can break it. I bought you the house as a pre-wedding gift I went to the village to visit your uncles and a date for the ‘basang wedding has been set after which we will do a legal wedding to solemnize it.” He stooped before her:
“Would you marry me and be the mother of my unborn kids the love of my life?” She shed emotional tears and thought she was in wonder land then she came back to her senses and said aloud:
“Yes! I would marry you and spend the rest of my life with you without you there is no one else.” Mandu and Yakar clapped for the duo.

Another Announcement
 “More surprises spit it out!”
Yakar stooped before Mandu and said:
“Sweet heart! Would you mind a double wedding celebration?”
Mandu was shocked with disbelieve and was short of breath and words Yakar panicked thinking the free thinker woman will reject him but to his surprise she answered:
“No I wouldn’t mind yes I would marry you.” Yakar swept her off the ground and whirled around with her.

Emotional Tears
 The double wedding celebration took place at the village before the ceremony the weds visited Mayatou’ grave and said:
“Mama wherever you are you are seeing us and we need your continuous guidance we have made it we are no longer poor and we did hope you would have been here to enjoy it with us but God knows best and we praise him.”
The weds continued to Ma Buge’ grave and Oyof said:
“Wherever you are you are now convinced that ‘muuchataku’  how it ends is what matters the poor man has become rich and the rich man perished in cultism. You have been proven wrong by providence.”
The weds later visited Papa’ grave and praised his foresight:
“Thank you Papa for advising us to be steadfast you prayed and said ‘if he is your husband nothing can stop it that it can tarry home but would finally reach the destination, dad rest in perfect peace for possessing a golden heart.”
The newlyweds enjoyed their honeymoon abroad later came back and lived happily ever after.
End of EPISODE 18

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