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Saayii Tolof – Part 235 – EPISODE 18 (Difficult Marriages – Yaaye Ju Buge – The Greedy Mother)


  He went to his shop and found it shut and shield. Yusuf rang his land lord to enquire;
“Boss Land lord! What is happening?
Why is my shop shut and locked?”   “Why is it lock? Did you pay your rent to unlock it? Your goods would not be delivered until you pay your rent and arrears.” He switched off his phone.
Yusuf was devastated then Wojay came with more problems;
“I have been duped again I don’t know how it happened. I am finished! I am finished! My enemies would not see me progress but they would fail.”
“I have nothing to say to you your bad luck has not only stop at you but it also extended to me. Trying to help you out has landed me to this deep pit of hell.” He wailed.
“I have now relocated to the village. I have come to take my goods to the village but the land lord has seized my goods until he is paid.”
Wojay apologized and left.

Free Life Style
 She went into prostitution to make ends meet and lived in a brothel which led to indiscipline and I don’t care life style. To cover up, she told her brother that she is working as a house help for some rich couple.

He came out of a restaurant and saw Yusuf from a distance. She was not sure but still called his name. He turned and could not believe his eyes;
“Ete! Is it you? I learnt you are out of town when did you come?”
“Yes I traveled but came back a year ago. What’s up? What are you doing now?” He asked his best village pal successive questions.

“It is a long story but to cut a long story short, I am besieged with numerous problems and as I am talking to you, my shop is under lock and my goods seized by the land lord because I cannot pay my rent for many months now. I am now relocated to the village doing some odd jobs here and there to keep body and soul together. My useless sister dragged me into the mud otherwise my business was faring just fine until she came and messed me up with her carelessness and recklessness.”

 “Give me your land lord’s phone number.”
“What for? He is rude and difficult what can you do?”
“Just give me the phone number and you’ll see what I can do.”
He gave him the phone number and he dialed the man.
“Who are you?” He asked from the other end.
“I am Yusuf’s friend how much did he owe you?”
“D10, 000 this month arrears included.”
“Give me your account number and it would be posted there.”
Yusuf became flabbergasted.
“Are you paying rent and arrears for me?”
“What are friends for? You could have done the same for me lets go to the restaurant the bill is on me.”
The duo went back into the restaurant ate and chatted on the good old days at the village. Their minds returned to courting of Oyof and how Ma Buge harassed Ete and his family.
“Ma Buge passed on with disability and a horrible death also Alhajj was killed by his cultist master.” Yusuf narrated.
Ete concurred;
“I am aware Mandu told me and said she forgave her but as for me I am yet to be ready to forgive that old beast. I hate her with passion. How can she destroy and put asunder to what Allah has put together?”
“Forgive her she was ignorant and obsessed with wealth but how did she ended up? She caught up with nemesis and the law of Karma judged her harshly. Forgive her but you cannot forget what she did to you and your family; that was the same way how she treated her daughter and her husband. She was just an impossible person and may Allah forgive her transgression.”

Ete whispered into his ears, the friends exchanged phone numbers and parted ways.

The Reconciliation
Mandu invited Oyof to their rented two rooms apartment and she found Ete seated. He got up about to leave as soon as she entered the room; she stooped before him and held his knees;
“Please forgive me. Mama forced me to marry Alhajj there was no one I could run to. I became helpless both you and dad were not there but both of them are dead now. We are free as birds to live and love again. Ete you are the love of my life. If I don’t marry you, I’ll remain single and would never marry again or I’ll relocate to another country away from you.” She sobbed bitterly.
Love is great and unstoppable. His heart melted and he raised Oyof up and Mandu and Yusuf cheered and clapped for them.
“I cannot live without you. Since you left me, I cannot love again but my only problem is that now I am jobless. How can I take care of a sophisticated lady who has tasted Alhajj’s luxurious life?”

She felt offended.
“What is the use of living in luxury you cannot enjoy? When he made love to me, I had to pretend it was you doing it and when I regained consciousness, I repulsed and denied him access but the beast would show his true colours by raping me repeatedly and uttering hurtful words which made my heart boil. I remember him saying, ‘You little pauper! you should be grateful that I married you to take you out of poverty. Your mother is a grabber. Without me, your family would not be known and your mother would not live in a duplet well- furnished and making her a village champion. I bought you and would do you as I like.’
I fought him and it ended up a bitter experience. But thank God it is now over and I would live and love again. Let us live in a hut eating ‘mbahal and chura’ do I care. I have a plan. My company gives out some odd jobs here and there which you can occupy yourself until there is an opening.” Oyof posited.

 “Sunshine! Is that a good idea? Will it not be described as nepotism?”
“Let them talk it is done all the time. It is a temporary measure until there is a job opportunity. We will be searching the internet as well as local papers.”
“Thank you for your understanding. You have surprised me. Why bother with me – an unemployed graduate of village origin?”
 To be Cont.


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