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Saayii Tolof- Part 233 EPISODE 18 (Difficult Marriages – Yaaye Ju Buge – The Greedy Mother)


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 As she was crossing the road a transport came and knocked her down breaking her limbs and crushed her sight she fainted an ambulance was called and it took her to Accident and Emergency Ward at the main referral hospital. Oyof was devastated as she took transport and followed her mother.


Oyof rang Alhajj and explained the accident as he rushed straight to the hospital to ascertain what has actually happened to his mother in law. She was a sorry sight as he exclaimed:
“What has happened?”
“As she was crossing the road a hit and run driver knocked her down and quickly disappeared out of sight before we realized what has happened. I am finished! I am finished!”
Alhajj asked for the doctor in charge and paid for the bill in advance as well as the medicine.
He reassured his wife:
“She is a strong woman she will be well again.”
“Both limbs are broken and she has also lost her sight, will she gain normalcy again?” She doubted.

She went back to her home and went straight into the room the Pastor asked her to visit what did she see?
A juju room full of statues and other mystic artifacts she exclaimed:
“Oh my God! That is the house the Pastor described.” She then rushed out into the sitting room then Alhajj came and went straight to the room Oyof had already packed her suitcase after seeing the juju room but as she was about to step out of the house Alhajj came suspiciously she ran out, Alhajj went to the room and upon tuition realized someone has entered the room he ran out to enquire from Oyof who have already went out of the compound he went after her and saw her running with her suitcase and he called her back:
“Come back you traitor! What have I not done for you to stab me at the back? Have I not get you and your family out of poverty you ingrate?” Oyof ran for dear life and he went back into the compound to get his car but through hallucination the apparition he worships appeared and scolded him:
“Why did you allow someone else to see the worship room?”
“I did not allow her I was out when she went into the room by accident I met her in the house enquired from her but before I could catch her she was gone.”
“You have to be punished for disobeying me you should have relocated your wife when you know she is educated and inquisitive this is your punishment!”
He took out his wane and struck him dead right there in the middle of his compound.
The security saw him talking to an unseen figure and then fell upon the floor he ran for dear life shouting “Boss! Boss! Boss!”

She had her turn of troubles first of all the workplace dismissed her from her job and consequently she loss three jobs apart from this one. She came to her brother to explain her predicament Yusuf took loan and opened a confectionary kiosk for her but she lost her money to dupers when they came and convinced her to join into money doubling she was stupid enough to believe them and she was duped when she narrated her story to Yusuf he nearly choked her to death;
“What sort of person are you? How can you be this stupid to waste such a huge sum of money to fraudsters? Have you not gone to school? Have you not already lost three jobs? I am ashamed to be associated with you.”
Her brother’ business also suffer great shock waves and was grounded;
“I was doing well before you came with your troubles; are you not cursed? Who have you offended?” he asked Wojay.

She cried her heart out:
“How can you say such hurtful words to me? Who should I run to when I am aggrieved? Are you not my only brother of the same parents?” This approach softened his heart and he succumbed to her tricks.
“I have no money to give but only for us to pack our belongings and go back to the village where we can farm not pay rent and will do odd jobs for the village elite to survive.”
She refused to take that option;
“I am not going back to that God forsaken village for what now? I have come to enjoy city life and it is here that I’ll stay as for you, you can go back to the village and do farming with crude tools.” she hissed.

 He went back to the village and started to do farming and taking odd jobs from village elites his stopped at Grade 12 with good results but cannot go to university due to poverty. Being a good person he started to give studies to village children as well as the elite children to subsidize for poor students but the other villagers in turn pay him in kind and as a result he never lack food in his store.

She visited the Pastor and thanked her:
“You are right I found the juju room and Alhajj found out and according to the security guard he was seen talking to an unseen figure and he later fell down dead and blood oozing out from all his orifices he was an evil man who has killed all his opponents through poison given by his cult. My greedy mother forced me to marry him and made me dumped the love of my life.
Another problem brought me here my mother’ problem is deteriorating what can you do to help at least alleviate her suffering?”

Pastor Helen
 “Your mother is caught up by the law of Khmer she has to confess in order for God to show her mercy let us go together.”
“Thank you Ma.” The duo left for the hospital.

The Confession
 When they reached the hospital her room was filled with flies as maggots were coming out of her wounds.
They entered and Ma Buge started to cry:
“I want to die! I want to die! What sort of life is this? I am now a living corpse maggots coming out of my wounds I’ve lost my sight and I’ll also lose my limbs.”
Pastor E counseled and consoled her Oyof wept bitterly.
“You have to confess and confess now!”
To be Cont. 


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