The Bitter Rivalry
 Alhajj and Laydem went to the direction Wojay showed them and they met the lovers enjoying their romance Alhajj scolded them and pushed Ete away and he fought him bitterly.
“Who are you to part us? What is your own? Are you mad?”

 “Small boy! Am I your match? Here take this token and leave my woman alone.” He took out a heavy bunch of notes and threw it to Ete then he turned and tried to woo Oyof who rebuffed him and continued holding and whispering into Ete’ ear just to frustrate Alhajj who became furious and left but before leaving he warned and threatened Ete.
“Don’t dare a lion and live run fast for your dear life little boy!” He sneered.

He picked the money and mocked at him:
“I’ll take it old fool and the woman cannot marry you she did not love you but me you can go to hell and rot there we shall see!”
The rivals met another time with another confrontation this time around when he threw notes at Ete he took offence and told him off:
“Old fool I don’t need your ritual money keep it to yourself I am contented with what I have.” He threw the bunch back at him and the children around scrambled for it.

A Wicked Conspiracy
Ete went to the stream to catch some fish but some police men came to his home and showed Mayatou search warrant to search the house after asking after Ete.
“Why are you asking after my son? What has he done?”
“We shall all know very soon just give us some time.”
The house was turned upside down and finally the stuff was seen at an unusual place and the officer in charge showed it to Mandu then Ete arrived and was surprised to see officers at their home.
“What is happening here?”
The officer in charge asked whether he is Ete:
“Are you Ete?”
“Yes, I am what is the problem?” He showed him his charge warrant and the stuff then said:
“You are under arrest for being in possession of harmful drugs and you may remain silent because whatever you say can be used against you in a court of law.”
“I am innocent I did not do anything! I am innocent!” Mayatou cried and said:
“I believe you my son this is just a wicked conspiracy and the culprit/s shall not go Scott-free and Allah will curse them.” She sobbed bitterly.
Mandu consoled her:
“Mama my brother is innocent it is just a wicked conspiracy he shall come back in Allah’ name.” She counselled her through sobs.
The officers drove away with Ete.

She suspected Buge and visited her home.
“My son is arrested and I suspected foul play but I know he is innocent he did not do it. Do you know anything about it?”

She took offence.
 “What a stupid question? If you son is engaged in drugs and he is caught what is my business there? He said he want to date my daughter who is not his class and went into drugs to achieve his aim and is caught is better for him, good riddance to bad rubbish!”

   “You are very sure that what you are saying is false, my son is innocent but I know whoever is involved in this conspiracy will be cursed and will die a horrible and painful death.” She took some sand into her hand and swore to Allah to grant her wish then she fell down and fainted before they reached the hospital she died. When she fell at Buge’ backyard she yelled:
“I did not kill her oh! I did not kill her she just fell!” She argued to ease her conscience. The cause of death was confirmed to be heart attack.

   She was shattered as she lost her mom and her brother imprisoned for drug possession.
“What is wrong with our family? My brother imprisoned for drug possession and mom died of heart attack as a result” She yelled.

The Marriage
 All obstacles were pushed away from their path, Papa Baah died and Ete imprisoned she was cajoled and pressurized to marry Alhajj and the wedding became the talk of town for a very long time. Buge was on top of the world praising her stars and her luck:
“We are at last rich and taken out of poverty by marriage.” She counselled her daughter:
“Make hay while the sun shines, you are now married to Alhajj you should keep a secret account where you’ll siphon money so that whatever happens to him tomorrow you’ll not suffer to go back to poverty. Build me a mansion in the village and make my life very comfortable.”

 She became an unhappy wife not interested in Alhajj’s wealth and a prisoner in her home.

The First Night
She refused to consummate the marriage and Alhajj has to force himself into her.
“I’ve spent a fortune over your head and you have to serve my needs.” When she refused he has to force himself into her.
“This is marital rape.” Oyof fought him and caused him some injuries and Alhajj retaliated and beat her blue black.
Oyof cursed her mother;
“Mama I’ll never forgive you, you forced me into this cursed marriage which cannot give birth to anything good, it is Ete I love and I’ll do so as long as I live.” She sobbed bitterly and Alhajj left her there to nurse her wounds.

 He relocated to the city after his friend’ imprisonment he went to prison to visit him.
“You are innocent, I know you did not do it but bear you’ll soon be released.” Ete praised him for being loyal to their friendship.

She visited her brother but refused to tell him that Mayatou is no more;
“How is my mother is she coping?”
“She is okay and sends her prayers and love I now work as a house-help in the neighbouring town to upkeep the family until you are released.”
Ete sobbed bitterly;
“My educated sister who should be in the university working as a house -help? This is degrading.”
“Don’t say that were you not going fishing sell the catches for our upkeep a computer graduate? Dignity of labour is it not better than getting easy money through illegal means?” Mandu charged.
“You are right my sister you are right take good care of Mama for me my prison term will soon be over.”
Mandu wept bitterly knowing fully well that she was not telling him the truth.
To be Cont.


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