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Saayii Tolof – Part 228 EPISODE 18 (Difficult Marriages – Yaaye Ju Buge- The Greedy Mother)


Papa Baah
He sided with his daughter and encouraged him all the more.
“Don’t mind your greedy mother she is bent on selling you to the highest bidder and if you yield she will get her wish this same woman I call my wife and you your mother is a terrible beast this same woman ruined my life and is now calling me a failure don’t allow her destroy your life my daughter.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life with Ete?”
Oyof answered in the positive;
“Dad I do, he is my perfect man, down to earth, lovely and loving.”
“Follow your heart my daughter, I’ve blessed your courtship and it shall be well with both of you.”
She knelt before her dad and he blessed her.

She was infuriated as she insulted both her husband and daughter.
“Two of a kind! Look at your miserable life, aren’t you curse? A Corporate Manager now turned into a church rat counseling a daughter who has no eye for gentry I’ll be damned to allow you disgrace my family again after your useless father has already done so. I’ll throw acid on him if he should visit our home again.”

Papa Baah
“You are a shameless woman I regretted the day I set my eyes upon you to ruin my life and again want to do the same to our only daughter.” The duo almost went into blows had Papa not restrained himself.

 Where there is a will there is always a way the lovers created a hideout in the bush where they met whenever Oyof goes to the stream to fetch water; Ete will lurked by the nearby bush to help her fetch water and also to have fun and engaged in girlish-boyish games but they promised themselves to keep self for each other when the knot is tied.
After fetching water they would proceed to Ete’ house where Oyof would also helped Mandu with the household chores which gladdened Mayatou’ heart.

“I’ll never drive you as your mother has suggested you are a good, decent girl and I pray you and Ete become man and wife; you don’t look down upon people and I like that about you also you are real and not false. Come closer as well as you Ete let me blessed your friendship/courtship.” The duo came and knelt before her and she blessed their courtship.
“The road will be bumpy and rough but stay steadfast and endure you’ll surely triumph in the end in God’s name.”
“Amen!” The duo said.

Jealousy led her into sarcasm and being sinister and evil she is very angry with the lovers and swore to hurt and harm them whenever possible.
“I’ll deal with them why should he choose her over me?” She stopped visiting Mandu and they met at the stream.

 “Why are you avoiding me and stopped coming to our house?”

 “Why should I come to your home when your family preferred someone else? Oyof is all over the place and I cannot be a second fiddle.”

“Are you serious with Ete? He was just playing calling you his wife he does not mean it please don’t fuss over nothing the duo are head over heels in love and there is nothing you or anybody can do about it you are a beautiful girl your man will come at the right time and that man is certainly not Ete my brother.”

 “So you have taken side? It is your business and you should never call me again, I can also see why you refused my brother Yakar you also look down upon him as Ete look down upon me.”

 “Say whatever you wish love cannot be force it has to be natural get it into your thick skull.” Wojay sulked, hissed and walked away from her friend. Mandu laughed at her and shook her head.

The Rich Suitor
Alhajj Banta Halis
He came to the village to attend a naming ceremony of a distant relative who named his son after him with his friend Hamadi Laydem and the duo saw Oyof coming from the market.
“Look at that mermaid so beautiful without blemish! Who is she is she from the village?”

 “I should think so my mother is from this village let us see which compound she is going to for me to figure out who she is.”
The duo waited until they saw Oyof got into her compound and they decided to follow her in.
“She must be Papa Baah daughter who was attending the university let us go in greet the family and state our intension.”

The Suitor
  The duo entered and saw Papa Baah after exchanged greetings they enquired about Oyof but Buge was not in.
“Welcome to my humble abode can I help you?”

 “Alhajj is my bosom friend, a successful importer/exporter who saw a jewel a ripe beautiful fruit in your compound and we have come to pluck it.”
“What do you mean can you go straight to the point?”
Before Laydem could say anything Buge entered the compound in a rush when she saw the posh car at their gate she became excited;
“Who is this rich guy who visited our home? Has Allah finally answered to my prayers?” She came straight to them and introduced herself;
“Have I missed anything? I am the lady of the house what do you want from our home?”

Papa Baah
 “These are visitors who came to our house and we are here to listen to what they have to say and you are right here on time.”
She greeted them with condescension;
“You are welcome spill the bin.”

 “We have seen a ripe fruit in your compound and we have come to pluck it before another person do so.”
Buge laughed heartily;
“I’ve got you is it concerning our jewel?” They answered in the positive;
“It is okay you’ll pluck it because with the look of things you are very qualified send your people with the appropriate things needed to tie the knot.”

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