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Saayii Tolof – Part 225 EPISODE 17 (Difficult Marriages – Doom Ju Gorr – Male Child Factor)


At the Hotel
Nyaling went home to give Os the papers to sign his part, her arrangement is for them to elope and get married at the U.K she went to her rented house but he was not there but going through his briefcase she saw the address of a motel and she rushed there and what did she see, there was Os interlocked in bed with a ‘Sweet 16’ as he calls her and having fun. Nya went into tantrums and turned the room upside down hauling obscenities at Os and went to attack Rabbiatou whom she later learnt to be Os’ fiancée. Osseh hit her hard and pushed her down as he also hauled insults at her.

“Are you not a fool? In your wildest dream do you think I’ll marry a ‘married whore’? What did Esau Hussein did to you but to love you with a golden heart? How did you pay him in his hour of need? Did you not abandon him in the cold with his family and went after a young blood in me? Am I a fool like him? Not at all as you steal from your poor husband I reaped where I did not sow and better my life out of it; are you not the loser here? Rabi here is my fiancée, my ‘Sweet 16’ God willing I’ll marry her and we will travel abroad I have already made my contacts and thank you very much for your generosity, get out of the room and now!” Osseh pushed her out and shut the door behind her.

She wanted to commit suicide,
“No! This is not me, am I dreaming?” She pinched herself then she yelled and fainted.
The motel staff came and administered First Aid then she sneezed waited for a while the reality struck her again then she realized the gravity of her mistake and sobbed bitterly a lady attending to her asked what the problem was.
“Okay it is alright I can handle it, thank you for your concern.” Then she left for home.

The Disappointment
  Nyaling rushed home to pick up the pieces of her life thinking Esau was still mad at the village; as she approached the house she heard some music some of their favourite;
“Who is in my house? Esau is the only one who has the spare key.” She tried to open but a key was already there. She knocked hard who came to open the door?
There was Esau who proudly looked down at her and yelled at her;
“He is tall, muscular, handsome, fair and regal! How callous I was not to stand for him when he stood for me to marry me against his family’ wish.” I soliloqued.
“What are you doing here ‘married prostitute’? Do you think it was my portion to die a lunatic? Omadi’ wife Ragal Angel went away for a purpose to educate their child; my twin brother Jacob’ wife stood the run and won the race; what about you didn’t you wish me dead went away with a lover squandered our joint savings plan to elope with your young lover, where is he now? Haven’t you meet your nemesis? As you steal from us he too steals from you and invest into their life himself and his fiancée, aren’t you surprise that I am well posted? As soon as I came back regaining my senses and knowing the kind of flirt I’ve married, a leopard can never change its spots, I hired a detective who was following your tracks and feeding me correct information, as you should know I am back to my feet my company was left to safe hands and I’ve lost nothing; get into the house and take everything that belongs to you as I don’t want to be reminded of my past mistake with you. “
He called Essa his security and asked him to help take out Nyaling’ suitcases and other personal things.

 She fell upon the ground and begged for mercy;
“It was the work of the devil I am very sorry.”
“The devil! The devil! Whatever nonsense you do is ascribed to the devil would you have been here had he not dump you? No sensible man will marry you after knowing how you treated me; what have I done to you to deserve such treatment? My family disapproved of you but I went ahead and married you because of my love for you. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Get out of my compound!”
Essa pushed her out and locked the gate after her. She wept bitterly and went back to the ghettos.

He married Rabbi and during the ceremony Nyaling contact told her and she hired some thugs to go and disrupt the activity Osseh knows her and had already taken some precaution by placing detectives at strategic locations the thugs were arrested and their activity lead to Nyaling who was apprehended, taken to court and fined for trespass and bound over the peace. This was a further disgrace after the disappointment she stayed at home and licked her wounds as she became the latest gossip in town for quite a while.
Osseh travelled to the U.K with his new bride Rabbi.

Hussein Esau
 He also marry a childhood sweet heart who was Mama’s favourite but the sisters except Dego stereotyped as a griot and not Esau’s class. She went abroad and came as a barrister dignified and focused. The sisters apologized and supported Esau and finally carried out Mama’ wish.

One of the sisters said,
“Mamma said it ‘wahimag du fanan ala daffa endu’ look at our choice and what she has done to our brother. Have we not learnt our lesson?”
The others concurred as Dego laughed at them.
“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chen’ is what has happened to Nyaling.” Dego posited.

The Three brothers
As Mamma has advised and the Pastor reinforced their union became tighter together helping each other and it was very well demonstrated during Hussein Esau marital crisis up to his resolution.
The sisters were also bonded to each other as Dego was given the lead to guide them always seeking Pastor’ help in their time of need. The family became blessed and whole again as it was prophesized by Baaba.

Ragal Angel
  She came back with Magal and it was an emotional scene when Omadi first set his eyes on them; Magal rushed to daddy when she saw him as Angel hesitated thinking she has offended his husband by walking away at his time of need;
Omadi hugged his daughter with emotions then looked towards his wife who wept bitterly out of guilt he called her by her pet name;
“Sunshine! Come here come to daddy you have done nothing wrong you did as instructed everything for little Magal my predicament should not jeopardize her progress in life and that’s the choice you made for us I would have done the same if I were in your position.”
Ragal rushed and he embrace his family. There was complete family reconciliation as Baaba and Ma Ne Family became blissful and whole again giving out and helping society with what God has given them.



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