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Saayii Tolof – Part 221 EPISODE 17 (Difficult Marriages- Doom Ju Gorr – Male Child Factor)


At the Shrine
Comics Contan became very sick and I took him to the shrine the Chief Priest looked at his condition and said;
“Your son is not at his father’ house you have to take him there or he dies.”
I refuted his assertion;   “That is not true he is certainly at his father’ house.”
He became angry and asserted;
“You cheated on your husband to have a male child and now his ancestral spirits are after you for revenge they want to kill all your male issues.”
Sai winked at me to keep quiet and she said;
“Wise one what should we do now?”
“Try and get his biological father to give you his cloth so that he can be wrapped with it at night to wade off the evil spirit after your son, if he dies the twins will follow.”
“Okay it will be done.” Sai said and I concurred.

 She came to Champs and explained her findings to him;
“The Chief Priest said you should give your cloth so that your sick son can be wrapped with it if not the ancestral spirits of Baaba will kill all your male children.”

 He is not convinced;
“What are you saying? How can I give my cloth to what I don’t know about? Are you telling me the truth? Am I safe?”

 “What a stupid question? Do you want your son to die?”
“Then do what you are expected to do.”
Reluctantly he gave his wrapper to Sai who brought it to me at home and met me going out to the market and Baa was not in. She turned me back to the backyard and gave the wrapper to me;
“This is his wrapper wrapped it upon your son at night and he’ll be okay.”
I took it and used it at night on Contan and he became well in the morning.

At Sai’ House
   I went to Sai in the afternoon to give her an update and to thank her. At the door I noticed some male slippers and I stepped back and examined it carefully then I heard groaning, ecstasy, curiosity forced me to spy on what was happening;

The Shock of My Life
I saw interlocked my lover and best pal deep into it groaning and enjoying themselves I stepped out gently and left them to complete their action. They were so engulfed that they forgot to lock the door, Sai came out first and tried to smile but I sternly looked at her then Champs exclaimed;
“You are excellent and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. I have not been treated as such for a long time since your friend.” Then he stopped his expression when he saw me with a guilty look.
“Well done two traitors two of a kind!” I then turned to Champs;
“He –goat! What do you have to say after tasting the two? I regret doing anything with you.” He sighed then left in a hurry.
I then turned to Sai who gave me ‘dry eye’ look.
“Look at the traitor! Are you the one I confide in to solve my problems? How can you stab me at the back Judas Iscariot?” I hissed.
“I owe you no apology at least I am an unmarried widow with no guilt whatsoever, I am not cheating on a husband.”

 “Thank you Sai you always keep reminding me that you are not cheating on a husband and me the loose married woman is cheating on one and also thank you for your good sisterly advice; you got me into the deep shit and you are now chiding me for being unfaithful to a good, loving husband who did everything and protected me from society and his family.” I wept bitterly.

Baaba and Omaru
 Baaba wanted to confide in his best friend Omaru but hesitated instead he spoke in parables.
“All that glitters is not gold Omaru the innocent lady I married sometimes ago is no longer pure in her ways, Nene engages in dubious activities and she is hurting my pride.”
“What do you mean Baaba I think alcohol is consuming your brain as the weather is very hot.” Omaru took the accusation lightly.
“I am speaking the truth Omaru I am sure she is into shady deals, alcohol does not confuse a person all that he/she want to talk about or do is there before the consumption of alcohol I know what I am talking about I just cannot lay hands onto it. It is better unsaid than said I am hurting Omaru! There is more to it than meet the eyes.” He coughed insistently and fell on the ground and asked for water. I heard the fall and came rushing from the kitchen;
“What is it my husband? What is happening to you?” Omaru shouted for me to bring water which I rushed to bring he was given and taken to the sitting room and laid upon the cough and the ceiling fan put on and his shirt loosen for fresh air.”

Open Conflict
 We became bitter enemies as it is always said there are no permanent friends/enemies but permanent interest. My interest was badly hurt and therefore I was now after my pound of flesh. I saw Sai in the street and she greeted me and asked after the children without any remorse and I took offence.
“Leave me and my children alone, avoid my path am done with you and I cannot be a friend to an ingrate, a traitor.”

   “Why are you sounding like this? Are you serious? It is me Saitane your best pal think about it I am still your friend watching your back and can never betray you; don’t take what has happen very seriously it is part of life.” I hissed and left her enraged.
“Look at this shameless animal she thinks she can stab my back and still call me a friend? No way!” I soliloquized.

The conflict in his mind became unbearable his friend Omaru tried to discourage him from accusing his wife vainly but deep down he strongly believe that I was unfaithful to him and that my obsession for male children can lead me into adultery. Therefore his urge to do justice to his family he decided to find out from source and who was a better source than Saitane he called for her.
To be Cont.



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