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Saayii Tolof – Part 205 EPISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu – Nyeti Xarit)


She visited Mama and told her, her story;
“Mama Bangaly has lost everything he has worked for in a ship wreck, he invested everything in this single business and has mortgaged his most essential properties and now we have transferred from the mansion to a two roomed house with toilet and a small kitchen; what would I now say to my peers in the vanity world? They would look down and laugh at me as being fallen. The parties, vanity fairs, jewelry, expensive cars, extravaganza and all that, Mama I am finished I want to die.”

“Never say such a thing, are you not the daughter of Allah? Have faith where were you from before you meet Alhajj? You were squatting with your two friends who took you in as an unemployed graduate and by chance you met Bangaly and he brought you up to this height. Trust Allah’s will Insha Allah (God’s willing) you’ll climb up again.”
Xalis wept bitterly and Mama consoled and counseled her.

Two Months Later
Mo came out from the clinic with a disfigured face as the doctor told them Buge Val completely changed attitude towards her husband who is no longer interesting to her; she rejected him outright. Mo is worried he felt dejected, he is worried about his health and have realized that his wife has physically rejected him because of his disability. Mo withdrawn into his cocoon.

Leash of Life
Mo came to her office and when she saw him she exclaimed;
“What are you doing here to come and disgrace me in front of my peers?” She scolded him.
“Don’t say that sweetie I just came out of my cocoon and think I should mingle and think less of my predicament while there is life there is hope.” He consoled himself.
“Never come to my office again if you need anything just ring me and I’ll do it for you. Do you understand?”
“Okay baby I am leaving.” He tried to kiss her but she pushed him away very embarrassingly, she is disgusted by his looks.

Just in Time
Kenneth Kenbugul walked in as Mo came out depressed and felt humiliated. He observed him thoroughly as he walked past him then he winked at Buge and gave a sarcastic laughter then he went close to her and said;
“How is life treating you my perfect lady?”
She remained silent and embarrassed.

A Fallen Star
She now walks on foot hiding herself in hijab so that her vanity friends would not recognize and have pity on her. But she couldn’t escape the eagle eye of her Chair lady driving her latest posh car’; she almost past her but she recognized and stopped for her;
“What is this? Why are you shabbily dress? Long time since you join us, are you okay?”
“It is a long story Worsack (Lucky); Alhajj lost everything in a ship wreck and now we have gone back to zero, all luxury gone. I am ashamed to see any of our vanity friends; thank you very much for coming down to my level.”

“I am in vanity but I also will not turn away from a friend in need and when you were up there you’ve contributed handsomely to the club and it is now time to reciprocate your generosity.”
She hugged and kissed her.
“I’ll help you regained your lost status.”
“You’ll help my husband to meet a person who will transformed our life to what it was before?” Worsack nodded her head.
“Thank you very much, I do appreciate.”

At Home
Xalis coaxed her husband to go to the Worsack’ friend who want to help him.
“Which friend na bi dat no go any side, de wait for Allah time the best my people say.”
“You’ll not go anywhere? Is that what you are saying?”
“Yes ma da dat a day say.”
“I’ve seen complacency you are comfortable with poverty, that is not my portion and I reject it in Allah’ name.”

Care free Life
 Buge entertained lovers and went into flirting with men of cash and looks, she does not care about Mo’ welfare instead she hires a maid to take care of the household. She travels widely in and out of the country and enjoyed herself.

Mo’ Award
The fans wanted to honour their heroes and sheroes in the entertainment world and Mo was one of them he told Buge to accompany him receive it and he has been echoing it into her ears for days now but she refused to respond and Mo was left in limbo; now the day is here he dressed up and came for his wife to accompany him but she again disappoint him;
“You can go I cannot accompany you I am not in the mood.” She sulked.
“But you should have told me I would have made other arrangement like Musu to accompany me.”
“Musu can be called to come and accompany you at the slightest notice but not me.”
“Why not you my wife? Why are you avoiding me since the accident I can now get you it is my fame plus cash and looks? Okay I also cancelled I am not going anywhere to avoid journalists asking questions when all artists and football stars go with their partners.’
She sulked further and went to her room while Mo also retired to his room.

  She came in time and found the couple arguing she went to Mo and requested to go with him;
“I can go with you brother and it will be less stressful.”
“That is not necessary I have already cancelled it is okay thank you for all the efforts you’ve shown to make this marriage work.”
Musu spoke honestly with Buge;
“Are you fair to your husband who was always there for you? He has shown you love, care and lavishly tried to satisfy your vanity; why are you treating him like thrash just because of his unfortunate accident? Remember what goes around, comes around, ‘Adina du chere why denyeco lalo’. Think of what I’ve said it is not a child’s talk. While you live anything can happen to you, remember he was handsome as you described him before he is still rich, famous and alive from the dastardly accident, marriage is for better or for worse.”
“‘Dindingkebba’ (small adult) get out of here, what do you know about marriage? Have you been married before?”
Musu sadly left her and went to her room.
To be Cont.


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