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Saayii Tolof – Part 203 EPISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu – Nyeti Xarit)



Mo came to make peace with Val Buge, she bluffed and insulted him;
“Why are you stalking me? What is it, am I the only girl in the universe?”
He followed Val to the Peoples’ Theatre and apologised to her; he held her hand and stooped before Val;
“I am very sorry to have offended you by my harsh tone, I was pissed off and could not control my temper. Complete me Val as I kneel before you.”
He showed her the diamond coated ring sparkling right in front of her eyes.
“Would you marry me?” She was stunned and had to shed emotional tears.
“This is the youth way but my people would officially come to ask for your hand in marriage.” Val smiled and they kissed each other.

Xalis and Alhajj Bangaly
The duo were officially married according to Muslim rites and Xalis was taken to her husband’s mansion.
Xalis decided to be cooking delicacies for Alhajj just to impress him and he was satisfied with his wife.

Before the Marriage
 An ancient mythical belief existed in Alhajj’s village which was narrated as thus; if a married woman commits adultery she gets mad. Mama and Dada were not pleased with Xalis’ choice of a husband.
“Why were you perplexed when Alhajj told you where he came from? Is there any problem?”
“Not at all my daughter, just a little hitch, it is a mystical belief that any married woman who commits adultery gets mad, that’s all but  we know our daughter is decent and would never have the cause to commit adultery which is not in the lineage of our two families.”
“I don’t care Alhajj is rich and he is the one I want to marry and I am sure of myself. Why should I commit adultery when I have a rich husband who loves, adores and respects me and above all very rich and generous to me and my entire family?”
“It is okay my daughter, we trust you,” Dada and Mama concurred.
When Alhajj came with his people to greet his would be in-laws Xalis impressed upon him to transfer them to a better and more decent abode which he automatically agreed to do.
“I’ll take them to a newly built home and make it their own.” Xalis was overwhelmed as she hugged and kissed Alhajj to the amusement of the people around.
“They are young people, we used to behave as such in our younger days,” Uncle Aziz posited.

Alhajj Mansion
The couple led a successful marriage life Alhajj, drew a cheque for D50,000 for Gibril’s tuition and welfare, he is now attending the university.
The couple chose pet names for each other, Xalis calls Alhajj ‘Bubu’ and he calls Xalis ‘Mamy’.

Life of Vanity
 Xalis is spent thrift and joins a Women Vanity Society where competition was high on the agenda. To travels far and wide, to wears the most expensive jewels, to wears the latest designers’ outfits and drives the poshest cars, to organizes extravaganza social events and spends huge amounts of money was the order of the day and Xalis was on top of this world.

Charlotte (Doilu)
She is still a true friend who advises Xalis who is now blinded by affluence and influence. She hardly visits her but is daily on the phone discussing her excitements which are all associated with vanity.
“I do not support your present lifestyle you should concentrate on home building for the sake of your family nothing is static everything is in motion and your type of friends of late are deceiving you and you’ll surely learn if things were to change, God forbid.”
“But he is not complaining, he has the money to spend, who am I to say no? Girlfriend you are too conservative.” She then changed the topic to Doilu family.
“How is Harry? Has he graduated from stinginess?”
“Point of correction, Harry was never stingy, he has been a responsible spender, I do not need anything from him. Remember I am an only child from a high class family and my parents lavish their wealth on me. Harry was not that fortunate, he is from a struggling family of 10 children but now all that has changed thanks to education, being focused and hard work all his siblings have made it and are in responsible positions.
Harry’s business is thriving and I am 100% supporting him as my husband and my friend. I have been promoted to Senior Branch Manager and have been transferred by my bank and didn’t you notice?” She rubbed her tommy and Xalis understood;
“You didn’t tell me that I’ll soon be an aunty?” She kissed her at the forehead and congratulated her.
“The scan showed twins, a boy and a girl.”
“What! Another big surprise? Harry is a big scorer,” they laughed over it.
“He does everything for me, he has spoilt me ‘pater-pater’, he checks on my diet, exercises and all that. He also explained that his mom had twins twice and he is not surprised that we had twins,” Doi explained with excitement.
“I am also praying for a triplet or twins. I love to nurse them especially when ‘Bubu’ assists in child care,” Xalis posited.
“Who is ‘Bubu’ madam Crazy?”
Xalis laughed heartily;
“’Bubu’ is Alhajj and do you know how he calls me?” Doi nodded her head.
“He calls me ‘Mamy’.”
“That’s great, as for us Harry calls me ‘Sunshine’ and I call him ‘Brown Sugar’.” The friends shared notes as they enjoyed the fun.
“Think of the future and drive safely, I have started my maternity leave and have stopped driving as Harry has decreed that he does not want anything to happen to his ‘Sunshine’ and unborn twins and who am I to resist?” Doi dropped at her aunty’s and Xalis drove away.

Xalis refused to take heed of Doi’s advice to occupy herself with work, trying to do something for herself and not entirely depending on a rich husband. Instead she peruses fashion sites in the internet marking the latest of every expensive item from household gadgets, clothes, jewelry, shoes you name them; Xalis is obsessed with things but Alhajj is out to spend on her to spoil her and encouraged her extravaganza. As Alhajj discusses how to make more money Xalis is always eager to execute how to spend it to show society that she is no longer poor but has a rich supportive husband. His conservativeness and poor Pidgin English does not matter so far as the cash is flowing.
“Mamy my people de say ‘monkey de work babu de eat!”
“Something like that!” Xalis laughed over it.
To be Cont.

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