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Saayii Tolof – Part 193 EPISODE 15 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Oolu Chi Saayii)


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Barrister Jones
He rang Ngorr,
“Where are you?”
“I am cooking dinner, have you spoken to your friend my husband? What did he say?”
“How do you feel now?”

   “The same as before.”
“Don’t lose hope I have spoken to him and by the grace of the Lord I’ll call you back, thank you, God bless you and good night.”
Ngorr felt it as barrister gave her hope.

Omar with Taha
“I like you sweet lady, what do you say if I propose?” Omar asked.
“Do you want to pull my leg? I would say no.”
“Not even when I am a successful businessman? I would raise your class status and that of your family.”
“I don’t care, all my experiences with men rich/poor/medium is the same and now I’ve come to the conclusion that let me stay single and enjoy my life to the fullest with no strings attached. My heart has been broken to pieces a hundred times.”
“But you are different, most women want to get most from the men they play bond with but wish to marry their choice someday; use their experience and get the most from them and settle down.”
“Not every woman will get married, bear that in mind,” Taha posited.

Barrister Jones
He rang Omar and invited him for a discussion;
“What is the discussion about?”
“About your wife.”
“Which wife are you talking about?”
“What stupid question is that? Ngorr of course!”

At the Bar and Restaurant
Barrister saw him engulfed with Taha and he went straight to him without greeting his companion and called him aside;
“What are you doing here with a prostitute? Are you out of your senses? You should think of bringing back your wife and not playing bond with Tahawalu!”
He burst into tantrums:
“Who are you eh? Are you my monitor?”
“I am your friend and barrister and I mean well for you and your family.”
“Mind your business, am I not paying for your services? My decision is final I’ll go by our registry marriage to disinherit my wife, I worked for my wealth, work on it immediately I’ve already told you what I want.”

At the barrister’s Office
Omar came with his adamant position.
“You are wrong let me educate you on the law of inheritance according to Common Law; your basis for divorce is on incompatibility and distrust, the wealth has to be shared equally.”
Omar refuted it;
“I married her from poverty and she has not contributed to my wealth accumulation and I cannot share it equally with her.”
“The law does not recognize what you are saying because the wealth was made during matrimony, she looked after you and your children to give the stable mind to make wealth, unpaid labour, unrecognized.”
“You have already taken side and I’ll not listen to you,” Omar retorted.

At his House
Tijan (Chahaan) paid him a visit and he told him his position.
“Barrister Jones argued that my wealth has to be shared on equal basis with my wife but I disagreed, never! I married her a pauper and through my wealth her family became elevated. I have to check what I can give her but cannot be forced to give her what I cannot. Is it her wealth?”
“Didn’t I tell you before? Barrister is right, the new law is quite instructive on this, the wealth created during the marriage has to be shared on equal basis so as not to disadvantage the wife in a registry marriage; I told you the whole truth nothing but the truth. Bring your wife home to avoid all the discomfort, you are part of the problem and please do not heap all the fault on her.”
He remained adamant and don’t want to listen to wise counseling.

At the Ngorr’s Village
She waited for a while and still did not hear from Barrister then she decided to call him;
“My family name is being spoilt, my brother is punishing me for the problem. He ordered that I have to go back to my husband without any protocol or face starvation; food is scarce in the house, there is no money and I have to do farm work or do work for other families in the village to survive.”
“I’ve heard you and we will try to send you some fish money while I work on Omar to bring you back to your house.”
“Thank you Barrister I’ll be waiting.”
Ngorr also rang Amadou and reminded him of his responsibility;
“Why are you trying to shy away from your responsibility? Are you not responsible for our old parents who took care of you? Was I not contributing handsomely when I was able to? You cannot take me as a scape goat in shying away or the pretext that you are married or what not.”
Amadou became very rude:
“You have overstayed, can’t you go back to your husband? Go back and take good care of him.” He rang off at her ear.

At the Harjata’ Shop
Her goods arrived and she called friends far and wide to come and patronize her, then the phone rang and it was Ngorr;
“I am not fine and hunger is killing me at the village, can you talk to my husband before you lose me.” Then she sobbed bitterly.
“Stop crying!” Harr counseled her.
“My brother has embarrassed and took opportunity to do it whenever he can and this is unacceptable; hunger is killing me you have to do something before you lose me.”
“Stop crying, I’ll surely do something and will go back to your husband; he has to take his responsibility, what is wrong with this animal, I’ll send you money to take care of your needs until I sort you out, I am very busy but will call you back.”
“Thank you.”

At Omar’ Office
Harr went to Omar and confronted him;
“What are you waiting for to go and bring your faithful wife who bore you two lovely kids? Do you want to be described as mean, heartless to abandon her after everything she did for you? Are you serious?”
He decided to become physical to push Harr out of his office but she stood her ground;
“Come and push me out and I’ll disgrace you for life, here is my take if you don’t get back your wife before the end of the week, I’ll relocate her to the city under my care and you know what that means, useless man.”
‘Do you think I am scared? Get out of my office and now!”
To be Cont.

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