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Saayii Tolof – Part 184 EPISODE 14 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Wahtaan Chi Saayii)


At Worsack’ Sitting Room
    Yaaye situated herself ready to go into blows while D.K sat up ready to display. Sack came and gave her the cheque and said,
“Leave now and never to come again, I’ve straightened up and am going to build my family with no distraction from hence forth.”     But Yaaye wrestled it from her and they struggled.
“You are not going to give any cheque to Jezebel! What for?”
D.K mocked at her and took the cheque.
“I beg you Yaaye, let me concentrate to mourn my dear wife, I had a terrible dream last night, have you heard from her? I gave the police my number but I’m yet to hear from them, fate took me to this situation. D10 million is nothing compared to my predicament, Daamel please go away and let me be!”

She stood up with an attitude;
“Here, take your cheque. I don’t trust it, be a man and prove yourself, idiot!”
She marched out, Yaaye hissed and said,
“Evil woman, Jezebel! What God has put together let no man/woman put asunder!” She walked back to her sniffed and left with an attitude as she mocked at Yaaye.

At the Specialist Hospital
Daygou visited the Specialist Hospital and met Dr. Yakarr who thoroughly checked her and all the results showed negative after sending specimen to South Africa for confirmation. She called her into her office and read the results to her, she could not believe it. She stood up and asked,
“Are you sure? Because Dr. Jones confirmed my results and he was the doctor that confirmed my mom’s status and she died, are you sure of the results?”
“Yes my sister I have to confirm by sending it to Prof. my boss in Pretoria, your case was a wrong diagnosis. I am very sorry for it.”
Daygou got up to go but fell down and fainted. Doctor called the nurses to come and resuscitate her.
“Just imagine the long stress and depression for five years, wrong diagnosis!”

Dr. Yakarr
“Your symptoms is similar to leukemia cancer of the white blood cells but it is not it.”

At the Counseling Centre
All women of faith assembled there and prayed for Daygou, and she sang aloud, danced and praised the lord.

At the Resort
Sack visited the Resort and reported the incident to Chokerr.
“D.K. is blackmailing me.”
“What is she saying this time around?”
“She said she is pregnant for me and is asking for D10million or keeping the pregnancy.”
“Is she ready for paternity test?”
“She refused.”
“Then she is not serious, but boyfriend where you not protected in this day and age, the STIs and all that?”
“I got a free kick.”
“But that was very stupid of you. I’ll help as usual, you remember during university days?”
“I dreamt my wife jumping into the river and got drowned immediately. I am very scared.”
“Scared of what? It was only a dream.”
“It was not only a dream but a revelation even though I am not a spiritual person.”

He got his men and went after D.K. He threatened her with abduction and got her to confess that she is not pregnant but fighting Sack for using and dumping her at the 11th hour.
“It is very painful! What was I supposed to do but to get my pound of flesh?”
“You are a beautiful damsel and you have the world in front of you, it is a win or loss game and you cannot win all the time, let him go and make the best of your life.” He asked the abductors to let her go.

Last Meeting with Worsack
D.K. met him at a neutral ground and sincerely asked Sack some vital questions to make a decision.
“What do you want D.K.? Let me rest, I am very tired now thinking about my wife and all that! Give me your account number and I send you the money right away, it is not a joke. I am very sorry for messing you up.”

“I don’t need your money, in my line of business I met many men, old and young, rich and mighty, crooked and straight, but you are special, different, you open your hearted to me; you narrated your problems with your wife and make me love you the more, you have filled the gap in my life whether wrong or right, life is complex.”

“Why did you give up? Did my friend put the fear of God into you or did he flex your muscle?”

    “Worsack! I was a street girl you know and my guys are still in the game; if I wanted I could have fought with your friend bone to bone, muscle to muscle but it is not worth it, we’ve shared something great while it lasted and I cherish it. I am nursing a shattered heart and have called you here just to say I love you even while we part, I want to stay in your life if I can. It is a sudden break and you have shattered my heart.”

   “I also felt it to break someone’s heart but I realised it won’t work, I need space and we should also realise death does not give us notice. I have a sick wife in the wilderness who needs to come back home to be taken care of and I love her in death or alive.”
“Is it love or pity?”
He shook his head.
“I was kidding myself, I never stopped loving her. She is my life and has sacrificed so much for our family. For you it was out of desperation and escapism but I like and respect you.”
D.K. drew near and gave him a passionate kiss.
“Good bye sweet heart, it was nice while it lasted, good bye and good luck in the search of your love.” She drove away while Sack stood and watched her car drove out of sight, out of his life. He became resolved never to play bond again no matter the situation.

At Pastor’ House
She broke the good news to Samacat and Yaaye who stood up danced and praised the lord.
“You gave me back my life by sending me to the Specialist Hospital at your own expense.”
“It is the lord you should thank and give praise to. The Sisterhood is very happy for you.”

A New Day
Samacat gave them a new idea.
“Give him a surprise package to give ecstasy to the new day. It will highlight its significance and I’ll visit at week end after reconciliation and restoration of the family.” It was agreed.
Daygou will sneak in as a surprise to Worsack.
The security guard was put into the plan to ensure that madam comes into the compound go to the guest room without Boss’ knowledge; it was executed and Daygou was sneaked in.
The security man danced and praised the lord.

At Worsack House
Yaaye served breakfast and urged Sack to eat something;
“All hope is not lost still, there can be a miracle.”
“Five days still not a word from my wife, my hope is waning away Yaaye! I’ll do anything to get my life back!”

Make Your Wish
Daygou came out!
“I present Mrs. Daygou Joof to you!”
“What!” He exclaimed and stooped down, Maagal rushed to hug his mom who gracefully walked towards her one and only husband.
He asked for forgiveness, she raised her up.
“Get up! You are a good man 5 years secretiveness, no communication is never good for a marriage, I should have opened up and we share my joy and sorrow together, a problem discussed is half solved. You are a good husband and a good father, I never had any cancer, it was a misdiagnosis.”
Yaaye and Maagal looked on very amused.
“I was also very naïve and simplistic, all that glitters is not gold, flashy women, flashy cars and vanity do not work. I should not have compared you with any other woman, I now know you are special, the mother of our son.’
Maagal expressed himself.
“Don’t forget that I am also part of that future!” The parents laughed and invited him in as he rushed into their grip. Yaaye smile and felt gratified.



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