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Saayii Tolof – part 181 EPISODE 14 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Wahtaan Chi Saayii)


At the Counseling Centre
Yaaye came crying to Pastor,
“I was trying to help as a mother will do for her daughter but there was misunderstanding and she said I was interfering into her marriage, Samacat tell me did I do anything wrong?”
“But as you’ve explain why didn’t you inform her before undertaking such an action?”
“You know I hold this girl as a daughter I was protecting her marriage and wanted it to come as a surprise. Her husband has changed drastically I knew something has to be done to save her marriage that’s all. Can you talk to her she’ll be open up to you to save her marriage?”
“I’ll do just that.” Pastor promised.

At Daygou’s Bedroom
Yaaye came to greet her then she asked;
“Samacat called me, did you give her my phone number?”
“Yes I gave her especially when there was a misunderstanding between us I want my job I beg don’t sack me my daughter I mean well and try and talk to her I also do not want you to lose your marriage.”
“Yaaye what you did was not right, you expose my marriage secret to a small girl who is yet to get married and appreciate its challenges, you hurt my pride as a wife and a woman, is my husband the only man flirting in town? If I want to catch him I’ll do it myself”
“Forgive me I’ll never do such an act again without consulting you and getting
your approval but if you want to catch him red handed right now I can help you.”
At first she rejected the idea;
“I don’t want to see it what I don’t see cannot hurt me.” As Yaaye started to go out of the room she called her again;
“Okay but I cannot use my car we can hire a taxi.”

At Resort D.K
The lovers were enjoying themselves with fun and dancing together their favourite love song played by her guitarist. Daygou came with Yaaye in a hired taxi she was shocked as she witnessed her husband’s raw romance with his lover she winced her face and felt excruciating pain and agony Yaaye empathized with her. Day satisfied her curiousity and the duo left for home.

At Worsack Home
He played basket with his son Maagal as they enjoyed themselves, Day came out unnoticed clapping, singing and cheering the duo.

The Surprise
Both father and son were surprise.
“Mom! On the hold you were here cheering us? That is very nice of you we do appreciate.”
Wor stopped the game and came to cheer his wife;
“You laugh! You have not done it for ages, you are very beautiful when you laugh, and you should be laughing all the time our home have been turned into a graveyard by your agonized face and statute you were mourning and I don’t know for what?”

“Well done my husband you have done well, who is the other woman? She is pretty you have eyes for good things smart guy!” She mocked her husband who stopped the game despite Maagal’ desire to continue.
She served him food with excitement but in protest he said,
“I’ve lost my appetite!”

At the Bedroom
Sack protested;
“What games are you playing?”
“What do you mean? Who is playing games?”
“What have I done to you? Why are you following me? Do you own me? Divorce me I want to opt out I’ve found another love.”
“I’ll not divorce you instead divorce me.”
He took out his clothes and started to pack his suitcase.
“What are you doing?”
“I am packing out to the guest room until we sort ourselves out I am no longer interested in this marriage.”
“What will we tell our son if he asks?”
“Nothing, if you stop answering he’ll stop asking and moreover he’ll soon return back to boarding school.”
“Baby don’t bring your son to wrath against you I am protecting you from his scorn to see you as a worthless father.”
“Don’t call me baby I am not one your son is not a baby not to talk of me a grown up.” Wor snapped the couple became more estranged.

At the Counseling Centre
 Day reported the incident to Samacat she empathized;
“He is no longer interested in the marriage and is asking for divorce which I don’t want I still love him but we are now practically separated.”
“When did your misery start?” Samacat asked.
“Practically 5 years ago when I started being withdrawn into myself.”
“To be frank with you, you practically threw him away, you pushed him astray, love is like fire which has to be supply with oxygen to glow, like a plant to be nurtured and watered, it should not be taken for granted if not you let it die, you have to be relevant to each other’s life, taking care of yourself, looking good is not vanity.”

Shocking Revelation
 Day released a bombshell breaking news.
“I am very sick and dying slowly inside!”
Both Samacat and Yaaye became alerted.
“I have cancer and doctor said I cannot conceive again after having Maagal.”
“What!” The duo were shock beyond speech.
After the initial shock Yaaye asked,
“Did you share the information with your husband to let him into your life to share your anxiety and pain?”
“No! I do not want to disturb his life and peace, if he knows he’s stopped living and enjoying his life.”
Samacat disagreed;
“That’s where you flawed, you are husband and wife you should share your sorrows and your happiness, it is for better for worse, in sickness and health, for richer and poorer, in happiness and in sorrow. Communication my point of emphasis, the burden was too much for you to shoulder alone.”
Day asked Yaaye for favour,
“Don’t tell my husband, I don’t want to spoil his happiness for a dying spouse, what I need now is solidarity not pity!”
Samacat gave her courage;
“There is no need to be unhappy, pray and leave everything in the hands of the lord.” They sang praises to the God.
To be Cont.    


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