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Saayii Tolof – Part 167 EPISODE 13 (Difficult Marriages – Sins of Our Parents)


Mama D
   She literally broke down and apologized to her son;
“Going back to hindsight I regretted my youthful exuberance against my gentle husband who was a very good man and I took his gentle soul for granted to lash out my

atrocities but my son I am sorry and please don’t throw away the birth water together with the baby, the lord is always forgiving our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Come back and find a wife for yourself I am not going to impose anyone upon you. I know your dad with his positive soul has already forgiven me.”
She wept bitterly and stooped for her son who raised her up and said;
“I’ve forgiven you.”
Mama felt enlivened and excitedly asked;
“Have you?”
Pa Ambruce shook his head and said,
“Yes, but give me time to sort myself out.”
She was a bit satisfied and said,
“Okay I’ll do as you said because our people say half a loaf is better than nothing.”

Meeting the Missing Rib
 Ayoumerou threw a party to revitalize his family business and invites all his old and new friends; Pa Ambruce came with other old and new friends and it was a big family gathering. As the celebrants enjoy themselves Pa Ambruce sat alone at a corner enjoying the ladies trying to woo him and he appeared disconcert and dis interested.
Rugi described self as ‘bad girl’ as she winked at Pa Ambi who smiled back and asked him to the floor but he declined it; Rugi went and spoke into his ear then dragged him to the floor as he accepted reluctantly danced the piece then back to his seat.
Ayou smiled back and urged him to enjoy himself.
“Enjoy yourself ‘boyi’ life is very short.”

She distinguished herself by standing tall amidst her peers she also refused to take to the floor and Pa Ambi noticed and walked to her;
“My fair lady why are you not dancing?”
“Hello! What about yourself? Are you dancing?”
Pb Ambi smiled;
“Wow! That was a good one but that’s why am asking you to dance with me.” He replied.
“Smart guy but I’ll disappoint you; I am here to observe but not to dance with anyone.”
“Not even me the Prince in shining armour?”
“Yes, hard luck Prince!” Then she left unceremoniously.
Pa Ambi is disappointed but was smart and masked it with a smile;
“Proving hard to get eh? But I’ll get her, she is my right type of girl not easily intimidated and full of dignity and self-esteem, I like that challenge!” He whistled.
Ayou took notice and said;
“I was observing from afar and saw your smile, do you love her?”
“There is a strong feeling and I would want to take the challenge!”
“That’s a good start and I’ll be there all along count me as a friend.”
“Thank you.”

The Project
As soon as Njombat left Pa Ambi left and trailed her home.
“Oh she is a rich spoilt girlie I’ve got it very snobbish but I’ll break the ice trust me!” He smiled very determined to take up the challenge.

Mapping Out
  He mapped out her route to work home and made it his route as well he followed her for weeks then one day he found her stood by and waiting for a cab and he stopped;
“What’s wrong with your car, at the mechanic? And for how long have you been waiting for a cab?”
“For a while but its okay.”
“It is not okay, you’ll be late for work hop in and I’ll take you along.”
“It is not necessary I’ll manage.”
“Not any more hop in.” She hopped in and the conversation intensified.
  “Who is your mechanic and if you are dissatisfied I’ll offer you our company’s garage and on my pay roll.”
“Thank you very much but the fact is that my dad seized my car.”
The conversation became more interesting;
“But why should your dad seized the car of a damsel? I cannot get it!”
“It’s a long story which I cannot narrate even to a good Samaritan, am very sorry and you can drop me here.”
“But we are yet to reach your office.”
Njoms was stunned;
“Do you do my office?”
“I do you have been my project for months now.”
  “Project? What do you mean?”
“I love you since I met you at Ayou’s Rekindling Party when you reluctantly danced briefly with me and left unceremoniously, you are beautiful, confident with dignity and self-esteem unlike your friends who were flouting themselves upon the rich guys.”
“How do you know my name?”
“It was my interest and I did a little research about you and was very satisfied with what I found out.”
“This is news to me also give me little time to do research on you before I give you an answer.”
Pa Ambi smiled and said;
“For real but how much time do I give you?”
“A month?”
He reflected and said;
“A month then but let it be positive.”
“All will depend upon the result.”

At Njombat House
First Suitor
 She came from work and found his dad with an old business friend whom she recognized since childhood and he used to attend family house parties with another younger guy who resemble him very well like a son she greeted them and headed for her room when Alhajj called her to come and greet the strangers.
“Baby girl meet Koto Jeng with his son Ndongo from abroad he is on research, a Geologist by profession but Koto is also trying to kill two birds with one stone he wanted him marry a girl from a decent home and also a careerist and he thought it fit to come for my daughter; I know Koto’s family and as our people would say, ‘Kewel dutopp Dommja bota’ it is born me a fever you, give your consent and I’ll immediately bless it.”
“But daddy give me time to reflect, I never befriended him and I cannot successfully marry a stranger; can you give me time?”
Alhajj raised his voice;
“How much time are you asking for?”
“Two months!”
“That is too long, Ndongo does not have that time I think two weeks is okay.” The guests shook their head.
“Two months or no deal then forgot about it.” She rushed to her room.
Alhajj is furious;
“It’s a lie you’ll be married to Ndongo in two weeks’ time period!”
“Don’t force her I cannot marry without consent my time is up and I wish her well.” Then he turned to his father and said;
“It’s okay lets go.”
To be Cont.

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