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Saayii Tolof- Part 161 EPISODE 12 (Difficult Marriages – Love and Friendship in Marriage)


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She is heavily pregnant with their second child and is now unable to do many activities Sandigi is thoughtful of his wife;
“We have to strategize I’m thinking of going to the city to try other opportunities as a Jack of all trade, what do you say?”
She paused and then said;    “Tomorrow will take care of itself, you are fine in the village, we need you here.”
“Yes honey you need me here as what? Pauper scratching from hand to mouth? What about the house upkeep, our daughter’s schooling, she is now 5 years old and she needs quality education, being pregnant with another child? Let me go in search of greener pastures and I’ll be coming every fortnight to come and check your situation, I’ll also be phoning every day, what about that sweetie?”
She thought hard as Ndigi tickled her armpit, laughing aloud she answered;
“Since it makes you happy its okay by me.” They hugged each other.

With Gerdel Gorra
Sandigi went to his friend to ask for help;
“My best pal can you help me go to the city in search of greener pastures at least to assist me with shelter to squat with you until I can find my way?” He pleaded.
He kept quiet for a while which confused Ndigi all the more, then he spoke;
“Look at you fool! Where is your ‘sakara’? Now I am your friend when you found yourself in difficulty? You stabbed my back when you know I fell for the girl and upon all that you kept mocking at me and it is now that you need my help; I’ll surprise, you I’ll help! After all what are friends for?”
“You’ll help?” He jumped and hugged him.

Playing Draught
Gerdel played draught with his friend Sorgi when Deg past them heavily pregnant Gore stopped and watched her past which made Sorgi reflected and asked;
“Why are you looking at her as such?” He asked with curiosity but Gerdel just said;
“Let’s play.”

He explained
“I’ve spoken to Gorra and he has promised to lodge me while I search for job and I am very grateful.”
Deg frown and is displeased.
“Are you not happy for me sweetie?”
“What do you want me to say when you are bent on going? Remember he is a serpent and is angry with you for taking his ‘God given wife’. Go in peace and let God be with you.”
They hugged and he left.

At the City
Gerdel lodged Ndigi and gave him food and shelter but many times he attempted to mug and strangulate him but restrained after he found out that he was not in deep sleep.

He decided to visit Baaba Sillaba and told him his problem;
“My so called best friend stabbed me at my back by marrying my fiancée and has hurt and humiliated me badly.”
“What do you want me do to him?”
“I want him dead through poisoning which will kill him only and not his wife and children.”
“Okay you can go and come again and bring D5000.”
“Money is not a problem but can you do it effectively?”
Baaba exploded at him;
“Do you doubt me? Get out of here before I change my mind!” He yelled as Gerdel rushed for his life.
“If that is done he will suffer and I inherit his family and get back my God given wife Degene!” He soliloquized.

Going to the Village
As he was about to go Gerdel met him at the door and gave him a bag of meat;
“This is a package for your family so that your wife can cook the Sunday Stew with it for you to enjoy, ‘good appetite’!”
“Thank you very much my wife will be delighted.”
“Greet your wife for me and your children.”
The bus dropped him at the bus stop and he has to take a motor bike to continue rest of the journey because the village is farthest in the interior. As the bike joggled the rocky, bumpy road the nylon bag fell upon the ground and got soaked in the sand, he picked it up and scolded the rider.
“What’s wrong with you do you want to kill me?”
He arrived and gave the bag to Deg who hugged and checked what was in the bag;
“What is this sweetie?” before he answered she put it into the bowl and exclaimed;
“What is this so filled up with sand?”
“Oh it was given to me by Gerdel for our Sunday Stew but the motor bike fell me down and almost fractured my leg.”
“But the sand is too much.” She washed it but still the sand was fully embedded into the flesh, she had to throw it away to the dogs.
“It’s okay my family cannot consume such meat. I’ll cook the kilo I’ve already bought.”

Case Closed
Deg and her bridesmaids rushed to revive Ndigi as she hurled insults at Gerdel.
“He is very sinister and wicked. I told Ndigi to be aware of him especially when he decided to go to the city and squatter with him. I don’t love you and will never marry you. It was mama whom he hoodwinked to get his way but I resisted but you were not there to reassure me that you’ll watch my back.”

 He exploded
“Look who is talking! I took you out of poverty into gentry despite your two kids and you are here being ungrateful! Go back to poverty and battering that’s what you deserve.”
“Did I ask you for help? Who told you I am not contented with what I have? He was the gullible one you fool but I was wiser than you; I’ve rejected far richer men not to talk about you; get out of my life, our life for good.”

    She hurled insults at him;
“He deceived me with slander and lies against Ndigi; I should have known better! He is a liar and a cheat.”
He awoke from his long slumber making himself an object of deceit and slander about his loving, noble and faithful wife.
“Gerdel told me many slanders, lies and deceit; he wanted me to batter and abandon my wife for him to inherit my family; he forced me to collect my bride price when he came behind my back to marry my jewel, what a great fool I have been!” He stooped down on his knees and begged his wife.
He became adamant;
“I do not regret my action, it is called ‘tit for tat’; you betrayed me by wedding my God given wife after everything I did for you pauper! Go to hell and rot there you made me cry and I’ve paid back even though my victory is short lived.”
The elders
  They were flabbergasted as they heaped blame upon the deceitful friend;
“Let us report the case to the District Tribunal and canon law be placed upon him.”
But before they could arrest him he ran out of the village and never to come back again because of shame and humiliation.

The Couple
 They picked their pieces together, placed their priorities, Ndigi won a lottery invested into a modern bakery, opened a modern restaurant in the city for Deg and also one in the village for Majula, rebuilt two duplets for Majula and them whenever they visit the village; their kids were enrolled in good schools because they want them lead progressive and productive lives.
Lesson: Marriage is not about money but love, friendship and character. When these elements are present the marriage is successful.


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