At the City
“What did she say when you ask her about the bush incident during her father’s wake keeping?” Gore asked.
“She neither accept nor deny it she just said let me not spoil her day by reminding her of that incident.”   “Didn’t I tell you? Here it is she cannot deny it then you should know it was true. Wake up and smell the coffee my dear friend and brother.” Gore posited.
Then he said in his mind;
“He is naïve but I’ll manipulate and control his life just see me do it!” Gore glee.

He tossed and turned in bed as sleep flew out of his body he reflected back to the village.

As he came from church he carried along his two kids Mam Butorr and Ndigi Junior and met Yaa Siigi a next door neighbour who commented;
‘Ehh! Where is Deg? Why are you carrying your two kids? Is she sick?’ She asked.
‘Mama Siigi! It is not a big deal why can’t I help my wife? She is left behind as Father Sengan wants to discuss with her as the chairperson of the village women’ garden project.’
She caught up and said;
   ‘You are a good husband nothing is wrong with it but our men here do not do it everything is left with the woman as well as the feeding of the family men have already abdicated their roles to women and still claim to be the head. You remind me of my late husband Abdoulie he use to cook for us when I was heavily pregnant or sick but his people call him ‘woman wrapper’ that I’ve caste spell upon him, he had travelled widely and had spent sometimes at Saudi Arabia and was inspired by how the middle/rich class Arabs take care of their wives he also as an only child was very close to his mother and did everything for her. Keep it up and don’t let gossips like me dissuade you.’ She held the children hands and left.

His nephew
   He met his nephew Njegan who also exclaimed;
‘What’s happening here, where is Tanta Deg? Why are you carrying two kids around the village like someone who has just lost his wife? You know the gossips now they will describe you as ‘woman wrapper’ someone under the control of his wife a weakling if that happens I’ll also be affected as you are my kinsman and an elder at that.’
‘What’s wrong with that my son? You are the young people yet to be married who should break the stereotyping what’s wrong with a man assisting his wife in time of difficulties or just to be part of your family’s life experience? Wake up and right the wrongs marriage does not spell out bondage for the wife it should be abundant love and friendship to create a conducive environment for the issues.’
   Njegan shook his head but is yet to be convinced. Then Ndigi went home.

Back to reality
   He is not happy as he went back to the stereotyping;
“Deg is taking me as a fool and abusing the relationship I have to show her the beast in me.” He concluded.

In the Morning
He woke and is reluctant to go to work;
“Am I even certain that Butorr and Junior are my kids?”
Gore got alerted;
“That is excellent you are now talking the kids are not as fair as you check their paternity.” Gore posited.

Upon reflection
Ndigi jumped from the bed and exclaimed;
“it’s a lie Gorra! It’s a lie! Don’t even go there they are my children they are not as fair as me but remember their mom is chocolate colour in complexion.”

“It’s okay! You can check on that later but you better ascertain the truth but now dress up and come for work.”

   He went back to work but cannot concentrate Gore scolded him and he rudely answered back then he stopped work and went back to the supervisor.

At the Supervisor’s Office
Ndigi asked for permission to take casual leave to attend to family problems;
“Boss kindly allow me few days’ casual leave to attend to some urgent family problems and work on Sundays to compensate the absent days.”

“My company cannot wait if you leave I’ll employ a replacement period! You cannot eat your cake and have it now you have a choice to keep your job or your family?

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