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Saayii Tollof Part 524 EPISODE 35 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baah’ Ak ‘Raakaju’ ‘Niitu Be Lakale’)


“Maama let us shallow our vain pride and ask Baah for forgiveness his clean heart is his weakness he will forgive us and take me back Doc. Mam is not for me he is for someone else he told me frankly that if his wife takes him back he will go to her let me also do the same I faulted not Baah this Jomm of a woman has deceived him.”

Maama Raakaju
“Never! Never will I ask this former slave of us any favour he will surely come back to you running just give me a chance to consult MAAMA and ask her what to do our people say ‘Teng-Teng lum Raay-Raay Teng-Teng dopako’ however big the winnowing tray another bigger tray covers it. Just look and see ‘Black Assurance’ is my space I am ready to spend fortune to achieve my goal.”

“That’ my Maama over confident but I am afraid I fear is Jomm of a woman and Baah hates us now with a passion we have done evil concerning him and he’ll never forgive us.”

Maama Raakaju
“He is with Black Assurance.”

The Divorce
The Divorce process was straight forward the pictures and the recordings said it all Niitu was summoned and the Divorce Papers were signed on the basis of Adultery. A grace period of one year was granted until the baby is one year for Niitu to vacate the premises as for the issue it depends on the couple where his habitation will be to his best interest.
“I’ll not contest habitation whatever she decides is good by me.”

At the Beach Bar
The duo were buried into themselves nothing matters now but themselves

“Close your eyes.” He ordered.

“But why?”

“Just close your eyes.”

“Okay I have closed them.”

He place an engagement ring on her finger and asked;
“Would you marry me and be my life partner?”

“Yees! Yees! I would marry you and forever be your life partner.” He swept her off the floor and whirled around with her singing their favourite love song. The duo was on top of the world.

The Other Couple
By coincidence they also chose the same Beach Bar and Restaurant.

She was enraged and very angry with the merry duo she developed an attitude and was talking loud for the merry couple to hear but they were drown in kisses and romance she hissed and started to act funny.

Doc. Mam
“Your behavior is embarrassing me mind your business and let us do our thing. You are divorced now and you have no right to trespass.”

“How can I when my life is crumbling right in front of me? You are not mine, mine is over there how can I watch another woman frolicking with my man? We are divorce but I have his first son.”

Doc. Mam
“Lat us leave before we make a fool of ourselves over here it is going to be another scandal.”
He literally dragged her away and they hire a cab and left.

The Merry Duo
They refused to recognize them and this pained Niitu who always want to be on top of every competition.

MAAMA’ Shrine
MAAMA is a great Soothsayer in the Sub-regions people of all classes and categories visit her to get her famous charms claims on everything you name it for a lucrative job, marry to a successful spouse man/woman, also to make clients escape corruption charges, to discontinue sensitive cases and the most famous to destroy your enemies’ success imaginary, real, perceived or otherwise.

Maama Raakaju
She believed her claimed supernatural powers;
“MAAMA enabled us to enslave Baah even before he married you the divorce is nothing it is just on paper he’ll come back crawling back to you Jomm will run back to her family trust MAAMA gave me the confidence I use to intimidate my enemies.”

She greeted aloud and MAAMA came out acting funnily and talking in riddles;
“I know why you are here her marriage to Baah has broken?”

She pinched her Maama and whispered;
“How did she know?”

Maama Raakaju
“MAAMA is the wind if you are hooked in her web she sees you through and know everything about you.”

“Why are you here? You want baah back?”

Maama Raakaju

“Yes I want him back crawling he disgraced me and my daughter he divorced her and want to marry another woman.”

“But you were the first one to betray him you took him for granted and now nemesis, the law of khmer has visited you.”

Maama Raakaju
“Is there anything within your powers to do?”

She went back into the bush and stayed for a while then came out.
“Take this doll, let niitu put it under the mattress where she sleeps with her husband, but he should not sleep on the same bed with another woman if he does the juju will be rendered useless, am I understood?”

Maama Raakaju
“I heard you very well I’ll ensure it does not happen.”

The duo en route they strategized on how to make the juju work.

Maama Raakaju
“God’ willing Baah will love you and hate Jomm.”

“If that happens I’ll hold Baah with double hands. I’ll never allow him to slip away from me.”

At Baah’s Bedroom
Niitu came and stooped before him and begged for firgiveness;

“I messed up I don’t know what I was doing I’ll never do it again you are a good husband from now on I’ll serve you to eternity.”

he ignored her and continued talking to his woman she became desperate and jumped at the bed and struggled to lay between them Baah pulled her and threw her upon the floor.
“What sort of behaviour is this? You have lost your chance forever your black assurance will never work.”

she turned to Jomm and fought her this was too much for Baah who took out his trousers belt and beat her blue/black then pushed her outside and lock his bedroom.

She yelled and her mother came and joined in they cursed and hauled insults at Baah.

“Your grace period is one year just for the sake of junior after which the security will come and evict you out of my house out of my life!”
To be cont.

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