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Saayii Tollof Part 522 EPISODE 35 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baah’ Ak ‘Raakaju’ ‘Niitu Be Lakale’)


New Relationship
Jomm ensured that she start from a clean slate;
“I want everything to start anew I don’t want to have any trouble with your wife.”

“I understand noble lady you are right Niitu and her mother are trouble but it will soon be over she has put to bed and I am going to file for divorce because of adultery she herself admitted it and I have record it the Lord has fought for me the child is my son and I’ll adopt it and my relationship with her is over we are living apart and she knows it, it is her mother who is deliberately playing dumb but time will provide rude shock for her. Let us go to my abode and relax.” The friends went to Baah’ home.

The Duo
Enroute they discussed about their future life together;
“I’ll take my son from them and rear him to be a productive adult I’ll not allow those two monsters to influence my son and give him a wrong start in life.” He posited.

A reasonable lady;
“I am a professional nurse by occupation a baby needs his/her mother at this early stage of life at least for optimal breast feeding let Niitu’ mother babysit him and assist her daughter you have been feeding her all this while before severing the baby’ relationship with them.”

“Thank you sensible lady I’ll give them a grace period of one year and if they don’t vacant I’ll sell the house on their head.”

“Fair enough my gallant gentle man.” The duo kissed and laughed over it.

At Baah’ Home
Maama lost her control over Baah and the privilege he gave her this frustrated her all the more they live apart Baah greet her because of politeness but she refused to answer back.

He later narrated it to Eteh;
“I greet her for courtesy’ sake but she does not reciprocate but do I care the Lord has freed me from their devilish clutches.”

She told her daughter;
“I do not agree with the Specialist result Baah has bribed him he cannot father a child he is a Eunuch I’ll contest the result.”

“Maama hear yourself! Who will sponsor your contest? Not me I am a dependent whether I like it or not Baah’ benevolence takes care of my needs after everything evil I’ve done to him isn’t nemesis that has visited us? By extension you are my dependent and Baah’ also.”

She cursed and slapped her daughter;
“What’s wrong with you? Why are you getting soft with your estranged husband? I’ll ask Doc. Mam to sponsor and fight for his son.”

“Why did you slap me? What are you fighting for? Is Aunty Fiida not correct? You have wrecked my marriage what kind of mother are you? For your information Doc. Mam has been suspended from  work.”
She threw her shoes but she dogged them went to her room and shut it behind her Maama came and ordered her to open but she refused.
“I’ll not open for you confusionist.”

Maama Raakaju
She shed emotional tears and begged Niitu to open for her;
“Forgive me I apologized open and we discuss like mother and daughter I’ll henceforth behave myself.”

After some minutes she opened and cried over her mom’ shoulders.

Maama Raakaju
“Let us strategize to beat Baah in his game we should stop quarreling among ourselves.” She caressed her daughter who sobbed bitterly over her shoulder.
“I’ll not give Baah the child I intend to give him so much trouble that he’ll forget about the child.”

She warned her mother;
“It is a change situation Baah holds you in disdain and will not hesitate to throw you out of his house let him be and leave him alone. Is my candid advice.”

Maama Raakaju
“Something is wrong with you my daughter why are you getting soft towards Baah? Are you afraid of him now? As for me I am the Lioness who fears no one.”

“The situation has change Maama we mess up and have lost our chance of controlling Baah forever.”

Maama Raakaju
“No my daughter! No! Maama Ra never gives up while there is life there is hope I’ll visit MAAMA again She is in control now and forever!”

The Friends
They gossiped about Niitu;
“She is a stupid girl who allow her useless confusionist mother to confuse her all the more look at her now very wretched where is the Black Assurance? Baah is a wonderful partner he shouldered the excesses from her mother and her enough is enough.” Bad Boy posited.

“Look at who is talking? Where you not the ones who encouraged her? Where you not here when she insulted and cursed me? Are you good friends? What help have you given to curb her follies and excesses?”

Maama Raakaju
The baby cried bitterly and got Maama very worried;
“What’ wrong with the baby he is crying something is paining him what are we going to do? Call Doc. Mam to help us take him to the clinic he is running high temperature.”

She is desperate “Doc. Mam will not believe me he will think I am making tricks to hook him. What are we going to do?”

Maama Raakaju
“Bring cold water and let me do tepid sponging to bring down his temperature.”
They did it and it works.
“Come and breast feed him.” Niitu did as instructed and the baby went into slumber. The child is name after his father he is called Junior.
To Be Cont.

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