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Saayii Tollof Part 520 EPISODE 35 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baah’ Ak ‘ Raakaju’ ‘Niitu Be Lakale’)


The Demands
Niitu still cannot understand the change situation Baah has transformed to be insensitive to her he nakedly comprehend the callousness and cruelty of Niitu and her mother he sees them as persons beyond redemption;
“I’ll teach them the lesson of their life they are out for a rude shock.”

She came with a list of items amounting to D10, 000 and laid it before Baah;
“These are the urgent things I need as a pregnant woman and I need them now!”

“I have no money I’ve been sack because of my numerous lateness to work and less concentration; moreover, it is about your pregnancy I am not the father is what you’ve said go to Doc. as the father to take his responsibility.”

Maama Raakaju
“We are in your house and not Doc.’ you have to put food on the table whether you like it or not

“Rant as much you like do I care?”

“My partner needs a supplier I had you in mind especially that you are no longer under any pay roll she is from China try it and see whether it will work for you.”

“Yes my friend I’ll try and see whether it suits me henceforth I’ll be spendthrift  never again will I spend at others whims and caprices.” He said it aloud for Niitu and Maama to hear.

Niitu and Maama
The duo were very frustrated and shouted their heart out.
“We are in your house and you have to take care of us whether you like it or not. Niitu is still married to you and is your wife.”

“What am I doing? Didn’t I give her fish money for the month? What I cease to do is to lavish money freely as before you wreck my life and my job and I am no longer ready to do such a stupid thing I am waiting until my wife put to bed paternity test will be done to ensure whose child he is and then informed decision taken an innocent child should not suffer because of the mistakes of the parent. Now I have nothing to tell my wife you can stay if you like before then or you leave the choice is yours God has freed me from your shackles right in front of everybody.”

A Changed Situation
Niitu’ naughtiness no longer counts she is living apart with Baah Maama’ influence no longer counts she has lose her voice and influence in Baah’ family.

She called Doc. and asked him to rent a house for her mother and herself;
“Rent us a small apartment for my mom and myself now Baah ignores us in totu he does not greet and has anything to do with us the monthly fish money is put in envelope no direct communication we are living apart and I am very frustrated with it but what can I say or do?”

Doc. Mam
“I am very constrained I am suspended without pay my family has relocated because of the embarrassment I cause to my wife shame and disgrace put up with your husband until I can take care of you I promise you no marriage unless if my wife divorces me then I’ll have no choice if you put to bed and by paternity the child is mine I’ll accept him.”

He phones his friend;
“Come right to my house my friend has come.”

“I’ll be there in a jiffy.”

At Baah’ House
“Come right away Baah has gone out and doesn’t come until late in the night he no longer cares about me.”

Doc. Mam
He paid a visit to his girlfriend;
“I am here and is all yours.” They played romance and have fun but the unexpected happen.

The Surprise
Baah and Eteh arrived and caught the lovers red handed;

“What! In my own house playing romance?” He sprang at Doc. Mam;
“Shameless adulterers! How dare you come into my house to do adultery? Take her to your house and do as you wish with her I no longer care but do not rub it on my nose.

Doc. Mom
He ran for dear life;
“I’ll report myself before I commit homicide what rubbish is this done anywhere? These people are trying my patience.”

He turned and faced Niitu;
“I’ll pay you in your own coin, go to him and not bring him here if you want him alive.”
The firebrand Niitu with her mom became ashamed and speechless.

He was very bitter and has to address the duo;
“You are not fair to my friend; are you trying his patience? She has done the worst expecting your boyfriend’ child in your matrimonial home please don’t add insult to injury.”

Maama Raakaju
“Eteh you are only a friend not a blood family member mind your business period!”

“Maama Eteh is more welcome here than you, you are a poison to your daughter’ marriage life I don’t need you here cankerworm Eteh is my life more than a blood brother you and your daughter ruin my life and made me jobless and penniless  but my brother found me a job as I am talking to you.”

Maama Raakaju
“That is good news our allowance will soon be increase.’

He just hissed and ignored her.
To Be Cont.

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