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Saayii Tollof Part 478 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – “Naek’ Mean)


He is furious ;
“How can my own youngest kid sister do this mean thing to me? How can she be engaged to Taaw Kawsu when she know he is Rafet’ elder brother? Didn’t she know that two siblings cannot marry into the same family by tradition? I’ll tell her to disengage with Taaw period there is no other solution.” He reasoned.

Maama Baah
She sat at the garden enjoying life and nature then Beew came to her and smiled then showed her diamond engagement ring;
“It is beautiful who gave it to you an engagement ring?”

“Mom it is love at first sight! I love him and I’ll die if I don’t marry him.”

Maama Baah
“Who is him? Do I know him?”

“Taaw Kawsu Rafet’ elder brother our love was love at first sight.”

He confronted Maama;
“Why have you admired Beew’ engagement ring from Taaw when you know I am already engaged to Rafet Taaw’ younger sibling?”

Maama Baah
“You see how it is betrayal do you not support your dad take a second wife both yourself and Beew attended and engaged in vanity? I was extremely hurt as you are now that’ how betrayal make you feel take it easy I’ll talk sense into your sister to give way and abandon her infatuation.”

“Blood will follow I’ll never give way for the love of my life.”

Maama Baah
She called Beew and talked sense into her;
“Let Taaw go you cannot marry him he is not and cannot be your husband his younger sister Rafet has been engaged to Buge long before you see Taaw and said you fell love at first sight you cannot have him two siblings cannot marry into the same direct family line.”

She refused to reason and felt emotionally charged;
“Let Buge disengage and not me I’ll marry Kawsu or kill myself!” She went into tantrums as Buge gave him a nasty slap.

The Lovers
They met at their rendez vous and Taaw noticed some finger marks at Beew’ soft light skin and he enquired;
“What! Why are those tiger claws on your face? Who did such a cruel act upon you? As for women their face is their price let me know the beast and deal with him.”

Through sobs she explained;
“Buge lynched me and said over his dead body would he allowed you to marry me and spoil his chance of marrying Rafet your sister would you allow that?” He nodded his head.
“As for me it is either you or I commit suicide.”

“No darling it has not come to that we will marry whether Buge like it or not we have plan B we will elope and marry abroad what do you say to that?”

“Perfect that’ why I love you, you never say no for an answer.” They hugged and kissed each other as they went to their Joint and have fun.

“Buge will never marry my sister he is a woman batterer obviously a wife batterer I shall frustrate all his efforts in that endeavor trust me. Buge has declared war and war he shall have.”

At Taaw’ Mansion
He is furious and he went to his dad Chief Almamy Shehu but his dad has travelled he then proceeded to his mom.

She went to report Taaw to her mom;
“Mom you better talk to Kawsu he is crossing my line he knows Buge has always engaged me to marry him and he went to propose his sister Beew who followed Buge to our place and the duo became hook in love at first sight can you imagine these two people want to put asunder what God has put together.
On a more constructive note my Alma Mata has offered a place to do my Doctorate Degree I am so excited mom after the wedding I’ll proceed before we settle down to have a family.”

He confronted his mom;
“A batterer cannot marry my sister period! Buge is a randy boy if you see his claws on my fiancée’ delicate face but I’ll so deal with him that he’ll never forget.”

Maama Sabelle
She cautioned Kawsu;
“Be careful and be cautioned Buge and Rafet were well ahead of you their friendship was when Rafet was in High School and they were well engaged before you, yours cannot stand the test of time two siblings cannot marry into the same family customs and tradition forbid it.”

Buge at Home
He is drinking to drown his sorrows Kawsu visited him;
“You are welcome have a seat.” Buge said.

“Thank you but I’ll stand why am I invited to your abode?”

“Thank you for honouring my invitation I only want you to understand that you have to give way to me I first engaged your sister before you engaged mine and as tradition and custom demands two siblings cannot marry into the same family.”

He got up and yelled at Buge;
“Before answering you let me state why did you slap the love of my life? How dare you? You are lucky that she ask me to forgive you if not I would have done the same but if you try it again I’ll not forgive you.
You are mad and ‘yahu’ never! I’ll never leave my heart for anyone not even you and if my parents become ‘yahu’ as you we’ll elope and marry outside the country I’ll not stay here and listen to your nonsense!” He left.

He laughed at him;
“You are a fool you’ll never marry my sister!”
To be Cont.

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