Monday, July 15, 2019

‘Run against Ebola’ marathon date named


By Sulayman Bah Njawara Marathon with a ‘run against Ebola’ slogan date has beenAlagie Mbye Panneh named. The event held annuallyenters its 18th edition this year with December 27th 2014 to be the official start of things. The race , according to organisers, extends to a year period across North Bank region and is aimed at sensitising youths, students, Women CBOs about ebola’s signs, symptoms, and preventive measures including how to handle with care ebola infected corpses. The project targeting to involve “Alkalolu” and Chiefs of the region will take the shape of a massive campaign with athletes to lead the line. Since outbreak of the deadly virus, most information about the fatal endemic has been misconstrued in some areas triggering misinformation. This, the organising committee intends to clarify through power point, audio and video presentations.]]>

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