Friday, July 19, 2019



By Saikou Suwareh JABAI Commutters, passengers and taxi drivers at and around the LatrikundaRUBBISH  DUMP AT CARPARK ‘Bambo’ Car Park have expressed anger and concerns after the Kanifing Municipal Council’s failure to collect or clear the rubbish dumped at strategic junctions in the city after 6 days following the monthly cleansing exercise better known for ‘set-setal’. One Modou Mboob, a taxi driver said the rubbish has been there since Saturday when the cleansing exercise occurred. He said this is not the first time the council collects the rubbish placed there after the set-setal saying the dump has taken a sizable space of the tiny car park. The driver noted that authorizes told them that they would send collectors there on Monday, but up till Wednesday, no sign of such is seen at the place. He urges KMC to come to their aid and collect the rubbish as it is occupying space in the car park and smells badly. Kaddijatou Jallow, a passenger who was in her school uniform said, she is a frequent user of the park and that the rubbish has been there since Saturday. The student said this is very hazardous to the health of both the drivers and the passengers. She finally urged the responsible authorities to remove the rubbish for easy operation of the park. Some of the people around the car park were also interviewed and they all raised concerns and urgently called on the council to remove the rubbish that is causing much discomfort to the public. Efforts were made to speak to Fatoumatta Sillah, the Public Relations Officer of KMC, but she could not be available for interview at the time of going to press. The reporter will make further efforts to reach her.]]>

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