Saturday, July 20, 2019



Those who had recently had cause to go to the airport would have discovered that road blocks have disappeared thus making it possible to reach the terminal in a shorter time. This tends to give the impression that the present administration feels safe after just a month in office compared to the past administration which lasted for 22 years.

This confirms that the longer a government stays in office the more it is gripped by a greater sense of insecurity, the more it spends on security.

It is therefore hoped that the current government will give a shining example of how national security is enhanced by promoting freedom and national unity.

The government should take Foni as a flash point where more efforts should be made to promote national inclusion and unity. People arrested in connection to the Kanfenda incident are incarcerated without bail because of technicality. This is counter-productive and disruptive to the call for national unity.

The chief justice who is responsible for supervising the courts should investigate why adjournments are increasing while bail application is pending. The liberty of the accused persons is at stake. There should therefore be no delay in making bail application or granting bail. Any delay in doing so impacts negatively.

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